Full Free N-Gage 2.0 Games s60v3 S60v5 Downloads

Free N-Gage 2.0 Games Full N-Gage Games Downloads BINPDA N-Gage Binpda Nokia n95 8gb n81 8gb n73 n80 n82 megaupload rapidshare.com/files full ngage 2.0 games full n-gage 2.0 games free ngage 2.0 games free n-gage 2.0 games .sis .sisx series 60 v3 s60v3 .ngage binpda activation code series60v3 applications series60v3 games series60v3 themes series60v5 cracked by BiNPDA

All N-Gage 2.0 Games

Here is the list of N-Gage 2.0 Games. All of them are Cracked by BiNPDA. These games are compatible with all of the Series 60 v3 devices such as;

N91 8GB , Nokia 3250 , Nokia 5500 , Nokia 5700 , Nokia 6110 Navigator , Nokia 6120 , Nokia 6121 , Nokia 6290 , Nokia E50 , Nokia E51 , Nokia E60 , Nokia E61 , Nokia E61i , Nokia E62 , Nokia E65 , Nokia E70 , Nokia E90 , Nokia N71 , Nokia N73 , Nokia N75 , Nokia N76 , Nokia N77 , Nokia N80 , Nokia N81 , Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82 , Nokia N91 , Nokia N92 , Nokia N93 , Nokia N93i , Nokia N95 8GB , Nokia N95

#Age of Empires III

#Asphalt Urban GT 3 : Street Rules

#Asphalt 4 : Elite Racing

#Block Breaker Deluxe

#Boom Blox

#Bounce Boing Voyage

#Brain Challenge

#Brothers In Arms

#Cafe Hold Em Poker

#Café Solitaire 12-Pack

#Cafe Sudoku

#Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

#Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol


#Fifa 2008

#Fifa 2009

#Hooked On : Creatures of the Deep

#Metal Gear Solid for Mobile

#Midnight Pool

#Mile High Pinball

#Monopoly Here & Now : The World Edition

#Need for Speed Undercover



#Prince of Persia

#Pro Series Golf

#Real Football 2009

#Reset Generation

#Resident Evil Degeneration

#Snakes Subsonic

#Space Impact Kappa Base

#Star Wars : The Force Unleashed

#System Rush : Evolution


#The Sims 2 Pets

#World Series of Poker Pro Challenge

#Worms World Party

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206 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    can i use all n-gage 2.0 games on my phone (n-gage classic)?

  2. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    no you cant ;)

    lok at


  3. ian  

    can i use n-gage 2.0 on my 6120 classic?

  4. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i donno bro. if it is s60v3 mobile phone you can, otherwise you cant

  5. Ali  

    can i intall n-gage 2 on n73???
    if yes how??

  6. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    of course you can, just follow the instruction

  7. zorDD  

    in system rush what can i do to rotate the device? when i try to rotate it say: "Error! No orientations supported? Any key-continue"

    my device is n82

  8. akki  

    I downloaded the games from your section. But what is the the password of these rar files. I need t. Its urgent.

  9. Anonymous  

    Huseyin kardesim can u change the download link for Fifa 08cause its expiered..

  10. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    all of the rar passwords are "huseyin"

    @emin kardeşim, tekrar baktım fifa 2008 link sağlam, yanlışın var

  11. Anonymous  

    are this demos or full games because all my games are test versions O.o

  12. Anonymous  

    can i play classic n-gage games on my nokia n81

  13. Anonymous  

    hello question can i play the cracked games online ?

  14. Anonymous  


    i have downloaded the game and its working also.. but it says trial on the side of the game.. can i know why is that? are the games trial versions only? reply

  15. Anonymous  

    The games are full but it does say trial.
    I played the star wars trial, then after installing the game from this site it allowed to carry on playing without the trial message coming up.

  16. HoDhOd93  

    I have Nokia N81 8GB
    I did all of the steps mentioned but after I downloaded the game when I try to start It It says " ( Game Name ) exited with an error " when I press more info It says " ( Game Name ) closed; KERN-EXEC 3 "
    what to do ?

  17. Anonymous  

    dude u rock nd thnx for tha gr8 free stuff ya provided
    hats off for ya dude

  18. Anonymous  

    hi i have n81-8gb. I ve recently format my entire phone and mass memory. Before that i had used the ngage games from this site without any problem and now when i try to install the "sec man" it gives an error on Select Metro TRK port to connect the phone to pc although my phone is connected via pc suite.
    can u plz sort this out?


  19. tebe_santama  

    Bro.. how to big size on my nokia n80?
    pleaseeee help!

  20. Anonymous  

    I have installed Midnight Pool onto my Nokia N95 8gb and it says the file is corrupt. Can you help?

    I have installed the latest version of n-gage onto my phone.

  21. koc  

    hey great work !!!!!!
    think u'll do same in future

    waiting for more games

    all d best and thanks a lot!!!!!

  22. Wreck  

    Could u e-mail me the n-gage 2.0 games plus the tool thingy to wreckkcerw@gmail.com? Cos' I can't download from rapidshare. I appreciate it if you do so.


  23. lost_e  

    hey man, just wondering if its possible to put the old ngage games on the 2.0?

    Cheers mate, excellent job with all these games. Keep it up.

  24. Petar Silni  


    First of all thanks for your effort on this site. I have tried everything to get the games to work, but no luck.

    I have a Nokia N85 and as it is still a new phone I can not find anyone with step-by-step for it.

    Any ideas?


  25. Wreck  

    Take your time bro.....I'll be waiting.

  26. koc  

    hey bro can we play online with tis cracked one?

  27. Stephen  

    When can i expect "THE ONE" game of Ngage over heree ? :) waiting....

  28. Anonymous  

    yeah wondering when the ngage 2.0 version of 'one' will be available in full version? its available in trial at ngage arena

  29. Anonymous  

    when you will upload the game "the one" ?

  30. Anonymous  

    Hey huseyin:
    first of all, i'd like to thank you so much for your page, it's AWESOME, i love n gage!
    Second, i have a favor to ask you:
    when is "ONE" going to be available? thanks a lot bud, i'll be waiting for it

  31. koc  

    hey bro when u goin to upload THE ONE?

    waiting for it!!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous  

    merhaba hüseyin ONE oyunu FULL mu gerçektn?

  33. koc  

    hey that was great bro !

    thanks 4 the one

    doin great job!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Anonymous  

    can the cracked games be played online??????????

  35. Anonymous  

    thank you very much for all you for ypue cracked N-GAGE game....and now FIFE 09 has launched please updadet the cracked version of FIFA 09..
    once again thank you for all your cracked updates

  36. Anonymous  

    N96 compatible?

  37. Anonymous  

    every game i try to install says "file is corrupt" what do i do???

  38. Anonymous  

    I have N95 8gb, and I do all of this:
    Download TOOLS
    Instal N-Gage 2.0,
    When I download any games from here, I can not instal game
    Have you any help fo me?

  39. Aboudie  

    To install a game, you must install the Tools and stuff, but when you want to install, you have to run TRK and SEC Man from your phone, make sure SEC Man is connected to the computer, and then you open the installation file from your computer, click next, and it will install. Depending on which game it is, it takes around 2-15mins. Asphalt is one of the biggest games and it takes around 15mins to install.

    Hope this helps :)


  40. Jay  

    All the games work fine,
    thanks a ton ..

  41. Jay  

    i hope you soon update with games like dirt dagger and boom blox ..

  42. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    dirk dagger is already posted, and the boom blox is even not out yet

  43. Anonymous  

    plz rply 2 dis ne1.......
    Fifa 09 isnt working on my n73ME rest all d games i've downloaded from here work perfectly.
    but dis doesnt start. I even restarted my phone many times but in vain!!!!
    PLZ REPLY!!!!!! I'll really appreciate...

  44. Anonymous  

    hello i search the game boom blox from steven spielberg
    i from germany and i find the site perfect. when give nfs undercover for ngage and metal gear solid???

  45. Anonymous  



    Just Info 4 u maybe u can upload the newest game ^_^


  46. Anonymous  

    dear huseyin..

    post nfs undercover when its coming out. thx.

  47. Anonymous  

    huseyin please post this games
    Metal Gear Solid Mobile (cra**ed)
    Resident Evil Deg.... (cra**ed)
    and BOOM BLOX (cra**ed)

    thanks (for the other games ,too)

  48. Anonymous  

    metal gear solid mobile 4 us all pleeease

  49. Anonymous  

    Hi Huseyin

    There is true "NFS Undercover" in the n-gage 2.0, I see in the wikipedia is correct, is that correct? when?

  50. Anonymous  

    My Nokia N82 have Symbian V30.0.019 This version dont support TRK application why?

  51. Anonymous  

    crack the n95 x ray scanner, it's great programme

  52. Anonymous  

    hi huseyin
    it is a new ngage game come.
    the name of the game are
    Crash Bandicot Nitro Kart 3D
    can you cra**ed it


  53. Anonymous  

    hi huseyin, when i install Brother In Arms, its say error(10174)

  54. Anonymous  

    Huseyin, you are great! You have saved me from boredom at school, work and at home! Thanks man, you rock!

  55. Musab  

    I have an n73,and I've downloaded and installed the Tools, but I can't seem to install the n-gage 2.0 app on my phone . Please tell me how ....
    Thanks in advance

  56. ngage freak  

    Man, u really are the best, Huseyin!!! Thank u for all your hard works...

  57. Anonymous  

    THANK YOU HUSEYIN for the 4 new games. but can you please X-PLORE1.30
    cra**ed uppen. I have a list for you (for 2009), this is really hard work for you and the BINPDA-TEAM.
    Here the list:
    Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
    DChoc Café™ Sudoku
    DChoc Café™ Hold’ Em Poker
    Million Dollar Poker
    MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition
    Need For Speed™ Undercover
    Prince of Persia
    Real Football 2009
    Spore™ Origins
    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®
    Tomb Raider: Underworld™
    The Sims™ 3
    Mega Monsters
    Dance Fabulous
    Und ein großes Danke jetzt noch in DEUTSCH-------German

  58. Anonymous  

    Can i install and play n gage games 2.0 in my nokia n73???

  59. kunti  

    huseyin, do you have the "trk" for symbian 3rd fp2? i cant install the one you uploaded to my phone.. thanks

  60. Anonymous  

    I have nokia n 81...it has preinstalled ngage...the blue coloured one...nw...i cannot crack it using Secman and Trk tool...it gives an untrusted certificate error....what shall i do to crack the phone...plz reply on ma email frankcassanova@gmail.com...i'll be eagerly waitin for ur response...k.

  61. Anonymous  

    hello huseyin i have heard its come a new n-gage game-- The name is:
    Grand Theft Auto 4 mobile(GTA4)
    when it come please post it.

  62. Anonymous  

    I am using nokia 5320 and i can't install any of these games. Can someone pls help

  63. Anonymous  

    hi i have a nokia n-95 and when i try to install n-gage games it always says"TRK port not found" what should i do

  64. Anonymous  

    Where to download the latest version of n-gage program?? BTW, i am using N95 8gb

  65. Anonymous  

    hi first for all thanks for your work and the games i have a N85 can i install the ngage games ???
    in the folder you have two sisx wich one is the correct for n85 this s60_3_0_app_trk_2_7.sisx or s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7
    i have trial games from ngage by nokia do i need to install this N-GAGE.sisx ???? thanks

  66. Anonymous  

    Huseyin TT. i have a problem. i have n81 8 gb. the system can't install the apptrk and of course, i can't instal the sec man. what i should do? please help

  67. deepak  

    i have n79. i have tried installing app_trk it says somponent in build....
    can u help me with it plzzzzzzzz...

  68. Anonymous  

    For N95 8GB I found this system working:

    Install Hello Carbide + tools (Secman) + the ngage 2.0 application from Huseyin's collection. Till now, older games for ngage wouldn't install on mine either.

    When all the above is done do the following. Connect your phones to the PC and choose Disk Drive, and not PC suite.

    Run the exe file and it should "extract" the *.ngage file into the same folder as where the exe file is.

    When the *.ngage file is there, you copy it and paste it into the "ngage" folder on your N95 hard disk. If you connected through disk drive, you'll see it in your explorer window where all your drives are for the PC. After copying all the files onto your mobile disk drive, close the explorer and disconnect the phone from the PC. !Very improtant note to say is that while the phone is connected in disk drive, your phone won't see the disk drive in file manager itself. It will only see it once you have disconnected your phone from the PC.

    If you've done all of this correctly, start ngage 2.0 (Huseyin's version) application on your mobile and you now will be able to finish the install of the ngage game that you've transfered to the ngage folder on your phone's disk drive. I have all games for 2.0 installed, All are working. Also online.

    Before writing with questions, read the post until you understand how and what has to be done. There is no point asking questions when the answers are written multiple times. It just clogs the blog. Thx.

    And to Huseyin: Great work! Thx.

    P.S. For other mobile users, the Disk Drive might be your MMC. Try it like that. Or just find your own ngage folder and do the same procedure as writen above.

  69. Anonymous  

    Hi again bro Huseyin..
    I'm sorry for interrupting u again but i've got a problem with my ngage installer tool that will be minimized if u help me.
    Some of your posted games, unlike the other games, dirk dagger and M.G.Solid can't be started with my device (5320 XM). It says KERN3.exec error or something..
    Note that i installed the ngage 2.0 installer software from the official one because the one of yours can't be installed on my device (device not compatible).
    Lots of appreciate for your guide.

    ALE - Indonesia

  70. mystrey  

    hello i we wana a adventure games like crash n sonic n super mario wen we will play this games in our n-gage mobiles n thanx mister huseyin

  71. mystrey  

    nice games thanx huseyin 4 this games
    n we wish to play a adventure games like tmnt n sonic n crash n super mario

  72. Anonymous  

    Hi alls;
    I have a big problem! i have installed n gage 2 and it was working really nice, but since a few days i dont know why, when i want to launch a game trough n gage, the ngage app display me that all the games are not in memory card... but all games are installed and i have play with , there is a few days , but now it doesnt work anymore....who can help me please???
    Thanks in advance and have a good day.
    manu from france

  73. jhon meyers  

    can you sent the game : the one, fifa 09, star wars : the force unleashed, Resident Evil Degeneration, Metal Gear Solid for Mobile, Café Solitaire 12-Pack, Boom Blox, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D in .exe file like there other game...???

  74. Anonymous  

    can i install in n78?

  75. Anonymous  

    hi huseyin ,app trk 2.7 doesnt work on my n81,and u said i have to use 3.1 but i cnat find that anywhere plz anyone help

    THNX huseyin for all of the games that i will install when i get trk 3.1

  76. vivek  

    i have nokia n85 i.....the n-gage games are not working on it showing file corrupted pls help me

  77. Anonymous  

    can i run the n-gage 2.0 games provided in this site in the n-gage 2.0 applications originally provided by nokia 5320? or i must use the n-gage 2.0 applications which provided in this site?

  78. Anonymous  

    Hy!I heard that a need for speed is cooming soon...but i understanded that it is underground not undercover..any way...can you crack the asphalt 4 pls???it will be very plesent of ouy:">thx

  79. Anonymous  

    this are the next gen n-gage games!!!the need for speed is the underground not the undercover look here

  80. Anonymous  

    same question here i got n-gage QD does 2.0 work on it?

  81. Anonymous  

    Plz put the cracked version of Asphalt 4: Elite Racing as soon as possible
    & thanks for other games and softwares.
    everything in you site is working 100% perfectly.

  82. Anonymous  

    Can someone tell difference between Gameloft HD games (eg: Asphalt 3 HD) and Gameloft N-Gage (eg Asphalt 3 N-Gage) or are they same thing?

  83. Anonymous  

    I want Asphalt 4 so badly!! Please crack it quickly like you have done it for Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid!!

  84. Shadow  

    when the new games ( games that come out in 2009 )
    will be cracked?
    I'm looking forward to it....

  85. Anonymous  

    can i pla n-gage classic game on N81?

  86. Anonymous  

    gameloft ngage are better, more levels ,cars

  87. Anonymous  

    Can you get the new Asphalt game, number 4?

  88. Anonymous  

    thnx for these games but i have a quastion:

    when are you going to upload

    Real Football 2009 ?

    please hurry and thnx again and please reply

  89. moChi  

    Please cracked "cafe sudoku" and "asphalt 4 elite racing"
    I really waiting for them

  90. Anonymous  

    when u guys will can hack the n96 firmware v12 so i can play n-gage games please :) thanks in

  91. amit rocks  

    hey man i have N81 but i m not able to run that TRK apps....its showing meassage i.e. components alearedy built in....wat to do plz help me out...
    can i play ever these game in my N81...plz i want to play that game with my N81 ...help me yar........
    my id is amit606@gmail.com

    i'll wait for ur reply...

  92. Anonymous  

    "one" is not working properly on my 5320 xpm.it does not show d multiplayer mode as it does in n73.also some of d games like "bounce boing..","boom blox","resident evil..",r not working in full version ,they r working only as trial.
    pls give me a solution.

  93. Manvir  

    hey amit the soln to ur problem is on this site only. im also using n81-8gb and i too got this error. so wat u ve to do is on the search option(at the top of this site), type in "component built in" and on da next page u ve ur soln.

  94. Anonymous  

    Hi Everyone, i'm new to this n-gage 2.0 and donno how to install the games from pc to phone, plz help me out guyz....thanks :)

  95. Anonymous  

    This is the BEST site ever, SERIOUSLY!!!

  96. Raedi  


  97. Dave  

    Hi there, thanks for all these games!!!
    Just wondering i can download trial versions from the ngage app then they become unlocked?
    And what new releases have you got coming?

  98. Anonymous  

    nice work,all games run well,thx

  99. Anonymous  



  100. Anonymous  



  101. Anonymous  

    Can I play n-gage classic games on n-gage 2.0 mobile??

  102. blindnytro  

    the guy with 5230 Xpress music, up, second post from this, get secman 1.1 and app trk 2.8.9 from Nokia MOSH website, and install these two softwares the way it is explained here.

    APPTRK : 2.8.9
    SECMAN : 1.1

    BOTH SHUD BE AAILABLE ON mOSH website in .sis format enjoy!

  103. Anonymous  

    When appear Asphalt 4 ?

  104. Raedi  

    you can't play n-gage classic on n-gage 2.. cz it's not support..

    for 5320, you must hack your phone before install game n-gage 2

  105. Anonymous  

    can i play ngage classic games on ngage 2.0 platform?

  106. Anonymous  

    nokia 5320 user, Can u play DART DAGGER on ur phone?PLZ reply

  107. Anonymous  

    Can I use these games with my nokia N85 ??

  108. Anonymous  

    how to play the previous n-gage 2.0 games(i.e. the .exe ones) when we have installed the alternatives to trk(i.e. hello carbide, caps on/off, etc.)??????????????

  109. Roberto  

    How can I install metroTKR on my n81, I tried and when it is installing a dialog box pops up that says "unable to install, component is built-in" how can I fix this ??

  110. AHMADJIE  

    thank's let's ngage for all games miss u

  111. Anonymous  

    Hi everyone,

    This is the Nokia 5320 guy......blindnytro thanks for you tips, but i'm stuck with this problem:How can I install metroTKR, when I tried installing a dialog box pops up that says "unable to install, component is built-in". Any suggestions???

  112. Dwiki  

    Why I cannot install in my N 85?

  113. Anonymous  

    i have a nokia n73 and the n-gage application can't even install on my phone...But i see other people sayin that the games are workin on their phone. the official ngage site says that d n-gage support for the n73 is not out yet.HELP ME PLEASEE

  114. Anonymous  

    ayaw gumana sakin ng N-gage classix 2.0 lang pag extract ko iba lumalabas npka dami

  115. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i cant understand you, please speak in English

  116. Anonymous  

    huseyin i hacked my n95 v31 and i install the game and it work well. my problem is the trial stamp is still there eventhough it is the full version. well there is really no problem its only because the trial stamp pisses me off^^. some forum say install the patch sis and i tried it but it only cause my ngage application to malfunction and it causes me to start alover again! does anyone of you tried to remove the trial stamp and end up working perfectly? if u have! can u give me the links? thaks in the future!

  117. Anonymous  

    I has install several game from bipnda but not all of them full version. my mobile phone of Nokia 5320, I really hoped very much from bipnda.

  118. HK  


  119. Raedi  

    for HK, you must hack your phone mobile
    with secman 1.1
    ok, try this, and you can install any game without a problem

  120. Anonymous  

    whch fifa games is d best

  121. Anonymous  

    Hüseyin does this work on latest N95-2 firmware?

  122. Anonymous  

    Has anyone tried this for a n82???Did the games work?

  123. AFK LOL  

    Can you tell me what to do step by step please send them to my e mail monk-007@hotmail.com

  124. Anonymous  

    thanks bro.. great work.!

  125. Anonymous  

    i can,t download the n-gage2.0 its said its removed

  126. n95 8gb  

    i need help ..... i can,t download n-gage 2.0 and tools it's said it's been removed in the server ....

  127. Anonymous  

    the tools has been removed by the server...the n-gage application can be downloaded at the n-gage site

  128. Anonymous  

    how can i get ngage application for my n73?? any idea??

  129. Unknown  

    guys. . u can install n-gage 2 application on your s60 3rd, like (n73, 3250, e55, n85, etc). u just find some program for it, like ( APPTRK : 2.8.9 AND SECMAN : 1.1). after it, u can search in google.com with keygen "n-gage 2 for n73" (for ex is n73).

    i think it enaugh. more detail, contact me in raedi_radifan@yahoo.com (via e-mail or YM)

  130. Mark slate  

    What about Worms World Party, does anyone knows when a cracked version will appear ?

  131. Anonymous  

    can i use it on my n78?

  132. Anonymous  

    @116 ye just try da patch n only wen u need 2 install new games u need 2 overwrite ur ngage application..thts it.It works 100%

    can u tell me hw did u hack ur firmware 31?

  133. Anonymous  

    hey i m usind N78 ...... which games work on dis ???
    - Dipesh

  134. Anonymous  

    how do you install them

  135. YayaNala  

    Hallo husyein, i'm so sory distrub u,
    i want to asking about my problem in my n81
    my game ngage,every i instal game from your blog always say your aplication.... is corupt,why it's happen ,can you ask solution?
    email me in for_alucard@yahoo.co.id

    thx 4 u help

    yanuar - indonesian

  136. Anonymous  

    how to install n-gage classic on n-gage 2.0

  137. BlackBRown co.  

    hi huseyin.. you told some of n-gage 2.0 games which you upload on ur site are cracked?? but resident evil, nfs undercover, one, boom blox there all just trial version... plz upload the full version..

  138. Anonymous  

    the link to the tools dowload section is broken
    or removed

  139. Anonymous  

    how to install n-gage classic games on n-gage 2.0

  140. Karan  

    hey man when i install the game by going to file manager it always says corrupted file!!!!!!!plzzzzz help me!!!!!!

  141. Anonymous  

    Hey, Age of Empires III is coming out. Please crack it soon. I'll wait this game

  142. Anonymous  

    Thanksss a lot, BiNPDA n huseyin for all the cracked games!!!
    I enjoyed it very much n all is full version!!
    Thankss again BiNPDA n huyesin!!

  143. Anonymous  

    HELP ME PLZ!!!!!
    i installed many ngage 2.0 games on my n95 8gb but not all games appear in the ngage app so i can't play them. in the application manager they appear as installed

  144. Anonymous  

    Thanks to Huseyin and Binpda team for their great works.All of the applications works great in my 5320.Just can u help me with the process of installing n-gage classic games with n-gage.Please upload the process.Thanks a lot again.Continue with your great work!!!!!!!!

  145. Anonymous  

    Huseyin....why i download the brother in arms in comes in 4 parts...and i cant extract the files...its say next volume is required when i extract the brothers.part1.rar.........help!!!

  146. Anonymous  

    HELP ME PLZ!!!!!
    i installed many ngage 2.0 games on my n95 8gb but not all games appear in the ngage app so i can't play them. in the application manager they appear as installed

    greetings FCHQ

  147. Anonymous  

    i cant play n-gage game after hack on my n5700.....why???

  148. poshgamer  

    holy smoke man. thank you so much.

  149. Anonymous  

    Hi.. i downloaded fifa09.. but i am not able to activate the locked features... any help.... doesn't ask for a key though

  150. Anonymous  

    can you provide password for dirk.dagger.rar

  151. Anonymous  

    how to download these games ????? :-( pls help me out
    Thanks in advance

  152. ansab  


  153. Anonymous  

    hey nice blog but try 2 get da recent n-gage games asap !!!

  154. Anonymous  

    hey man the link for tools is broken... how do i get them.. please help me... downloaded 4 games.. hacked my phone... still trail games... have a 5320XM.. don't ve the app trk's.. please help

  155. Anonymous  

    phone hacked... apptrk 2.8.9 done.. for 5320XM.. still trail games.... please.... help....

  156. Anonymous  

    hey can i put this games on e71????

  157. Anonymous  

    wut is the difference between ngage 2 & ngage classic???

    I tried to install space impact kappa base in my N 95 8 gb but every time i try to install the s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7 my mobile says unable to install after filling half of the installation progress bar. can any one tell me wut to do????:(:(:(:(

  158. Anonymous  

    can we play ngage classic games on ngage2.0????

  159. Anonymous  

    can i use n-gage 2.0 on my phone(nokia N79)?

  160. Anonymous  

    symbian OS 7/8 can only support n-gage classic

  161. yusep  

    permisi bisa minta tolong...
    di mana bisa donload game N GAGE QD
    makasih ya... sebelumnya...

  162. Farhad  

    Thanks for your good website
    1.All the Game is Cr**ked?
    2.I have a N81. Can i Install N-Gage classics on my phone?

    Thank you

  163. Stalker  

    i am getting this "update error" whenever i am trying to install ngage on my n73 ....... sum1 plz help

  164. Anonymous  

    hi i have a 5320xp i installed secman but it is not opening in my phone and i cant find c sys bin in my phone theres only sys i cant find bin inside sys file........so please help me..ny solution

  165. Anonymous  

    fifa 09 file is showing as crrupted

  166. Hassan  

    hi huseyin~ i am using n 81 2gb i installed n-gage app from nokia's site but i can't play the cra*ked version~

    what should I do?

  167. Anonymous  


    In my n82, camera feature is not working with both dirk dagger & metal gear solid.
    can anyone plz help.

    Thanks in advance.

  168. Anonymous  

    hi can someone pls reupload the TOOLS link? we cant even dl as the links are broken. the TOOLS link.

  169. Anonymous  

    Can someone help me with ''Metro TRK com port''? What is it and where to download it? My device is N95 8GB.PLS Help me.

  170. Anonymous  

    Sims 3 n many otha games ver launched lng tme bck !!
    ru sleepin or sumthin ?!?!

  171. 123killers  

    can my n73 play n-gage classic ?

  172. juakoo  

    hey, what do u thing about uploading the games to 4shared?
    its better than download a game each 15 minutes (Y)
    its a nice page, plz dont stop posting ^^

  173. Anonymous  

    hi admin..i can't hack my n85..i was follow your tutorial 'hack S60 v3 devices',but in xplore, folder 'sys' still can't open..thanks before

  174. Anonymous  

    do this work on n86???

  175. Anonymous  

    NEW GAMES NEEDED !!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Utsav Gambhir  


    broken link

  177. Anonymous  

    when i try to install n gage games it says file corrupted and asks me to delete it
    somebody pls help me

  178. Anonymous  

    Very good job
    Thanks a lot

    All games work fine on my n95 8Go except "One" (erreur -1 during install)

  179. Anonymous  

    i want to get the latest and free softwares and games for my nokia n95 which should be cracked please tell me

  180. Anonymous  

    you should post a pack with all games, so we can download all in one

  181. Anonymous  

    File is corrupted when install in Nokia5630 Express music, why?

  182. Hardik  

    I've Nokia N79
    i have tried App_trk but it's not working
    please Help for this
    i want full n-gage games on my n-79
    plz reply me on my mail
    my Email ID is : - hardik.24@gmail.com
    thakyou very much

  183. Anonymous  

    All working sweet on my n96, took a bit of trial & error to hack the 30.033 fw though.!

  184. Anonymous  

    the link for ngage2.0 and tools is broken..
    please help...

  185. KC  


  186. Anonymous  

    i want to instal n-gage on 6210 nav and he say UNABLE TO INSTALL way plz help

  187. Anonymous  

    thanks for the posts bro they are wonderfull
    but once i install asphalt 3 in my cell (n-82)
    it says error 01
    please help
    many times the game installer in the tools just cant find the trk port though it is working as per your instructions
    also i have cracked my phone the way u have said but the games dont get installed
    lastly can we play old ngage games on newer phones

  188. Anonymous  

    How about nokia 5320??how to get cracked n-gage games??

  189. all about  

    please update the ngage 20 game! i want Guitar Hero World touR!

  190. Andyer  

    Hi... Huseyin,
    The N-Gage Games file I Downloaded from here is not known to me .. Generally there is only one file of any N-Gage game that is "Nokia Installer File" but all the n-gage games here after extracting is giving two or three folder and inside that folders there are different types of files. so not possible to Install. I Had N81 (Hacked by Hellox2). Please Huseyin, Clear this things.. I wanna know how to install those alien files. Please Reply. Thanx

  191. Anonymous  

    Hey Huseyin i am new to this site...and when i download some of the games like 'redfactor' it is in a *.blz file. When i downloaded the blzapp, it aint installing on my fone which is a N95 not the 8GB.....Can u hlp me....i will very much appreciate it......thanks n the future.

    P.S. If u come up with something, can u e-mail it for me - ryan_patiram@yahoo.com - i am awaiting ur help tanks again.

  192. krishna gupta  

    hey buddy plz tell le how to intall theze games

    i hav n-gage2.0
    i hav hacked my phone via helloox

    plz tell

  193. shahg251  

    will they work for 5320??
    plz tell??

  194. Anonymous  

    guys could "the one" have a bluetooth conection via multiplayer with the classic ngage version??

  195. B.Eliza  

    Hey there Huseyin! We wonder are you still active in this blog, coz it feels like ur not here. so please update your blog, more games, softwares... dun worry coz we supporting you.

  196. Anonymous  

    how can i play ngage games on my nokia 6120 classic

  197. Akshay  

    can i use n-gage games on n 85

  198. Anonymous  

    hey, this site is really cool and so are u binpda
    thanks for all those mind boggling games......
    and i'm also lookin' forward to those that have'nt yet been cracked by u.....
    keep up the good work.....
    kudos to u brother..... :-)

  199. akki  

    unsubscribe me plzzz....

  200. hanafi  

    good job friend

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