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Prince of Persia N-Gage 2.0

Prince of Persia
Release DateComing Soon

  • Number of players: 1
The Prince is back in a new kind of adventure in full 3D where cooperation with the mysterious Elika will let you perform actions never before seen on a mobile device. Partnered with Elika, prepare for amazing acrobatics and fight gigantic monsters in 360° with a mix of magic and electrifying combat techniques! To save the world from a magical menace that has contaminated everything in its path, you must be ready for anything: ride a dragon, swing from precariously high ropes, and fight a multitude of enemies in gigantic 3D environments full of traps and secrets to discover.

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Supported Devices
N91 8GB , Nokia 3250 , Nokia 5500 , Nokia 5700 , Nokia 6110 Navigator , Nokia 6120 , Nokia 6121 , Nokia 6290 , Nokia E50 , Nokia E51 , Nokia E60 , Nokia E61 , Nokia E61i , Nokia E62 , Nokia E65 , Nokia E70 , Nokia E90 , Nokia N71 , Nokia N73 , Nokia N75 , Nokia N76, Nokia N77 , Nokia N80 , Nokia N81 , Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82 , Nokia N91 , Nokia N92 , Nokia N93 , Nokia N93i , Nokia N95 8GB , Nokia N95

and all of the Series 60 v3 devices !!

Rapidshare.com link for "Prince of Persia"
(Not cracked by BiNPDA yet)

But you can find the high quality .jar version of the Prince of Persia here.

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. Anonymous  

    not cracked :(

  3. Anonymous  

    i think binpda has die. come on men do it you

    are the only one can crack it please!!

    we`ll waiting for you. what else we can

    do right jaja

  4. Anonymous  

    please crack it... come on binpda... we can't wait any longer... we want to play this game... plase....

  5. Anonymous  

    I'm a little bit surprised Binpda hasn't cracked aspahlt4 yet. I wonder how long time he'll need to crack this one up? But on the other side, his doing it for free, so we're not in the position of whining and complaining. Hail Binpda! My cellie is full of goodies you've cracked, i'm infinite thankful.

  6. xpikon  

    and where is the link exactly ??

  7. Anonymous  

    BINPDA Crack this games please....

  8. Anonymous  

    when will they crack this?????????? i can't

    wait so long thats tooooo long for me ^^

  9. Unknown  

    please crack the games like prince of persia,monopoly and need 4 undercover

  10. Tanvir  

    plsssss com'on binpda crack it.U can only do it.i'm from bangladsh i can't buy this game.so do it for our sake.plsssssssssssssssssss

  11. Anonymous  

    if you want to ask binpda to crack again n-gage games for us try theys mail


    so start writting, the more we write the more are the chances to get cracket games again

  12. Anonymous  

    cool game

  13. Y-A  

    why did binDPA not crack it fast???

    can you tell me

    are they dead?

  14. Anonymous  

    CRACK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous  

    The BinPDA team are prepare to cr4ck this gamez at Easter hollyday's. It's the official information from BiNPDA crew !!
    The reason is NOKIA corp. abilities to take more profits from n-gage games sales. BiNPDA dont have any profits from gamez cr4cking.

    Be prepared for a long wait :)

  16. Anonymous  

    i m eagerly waitin for this game
    please binpda crack it as soon as possible
    my ngage device is full of games cracked by binpda
    i m thankful to u for all those games
    keep it up
    u r doin a wonderful job

  17. Anonymous  

    full game???

  18. Anonymous  


  19. roni punkrock  

    im waiting for this man...
    if this was a crack,please email to me...

  20. Anonymous  

    BiNPDA cracks programs for cells now and they'll dont crack games for n-gage cuz someone was complaining on "errors" in cracked games...... iam hope so they will crack it btw

  21. Anonymous  

    Like everybody else even BinPDA guys have their own private lives.They are not paid for cracking these n-gage games they are doing this on their own intrest as their hobby so be patient guys they will surely crack this one too..

  22. Anonymous  

    lrts start writing to them.Everyone pleae write to them and maybe they will start cracking.

  23. LeeZ  


  24. LeeZ  


  25. okey  

    ı lowe games you are butterfly my ngage device is full of games cracked by binpda
    i m thankful to u for all those games
    keep it up
    u r doin a wonderful job

  26. Unknown  

    i need this game

  27. Anonymous  

    tat's look cool man...
    FULL 3D gamE!!!!
    i like it so muchh...
    i'm looking forward gor the crack version..
    thx binpda...keep it up..

  28. Unknown  


  29. Anonymous  

    wen do ull think ull might crack dis game
    m lookin forward to it
    keep up da good work

  30. Anonymous  

    please crack diz game binpda...

  31. Anonymous  

    Please crack BİNPDA

  32. Unknown  


  33. Anonymous  

    why does binpda not crack it they crack all the games but now nothing -.- i'm very pissed off

  34. Anonymous  


  35. Anonymous  

    BINPDA please crack this game...

  36. Anonymous  

    crack d fuckin game arsholes

  37. Anonymous  


  38. Anonymous  


  39. F1rE_80y  

    Please crack the game already...... i really want it plss :((((

  40. Anonymous  

    i'm really like this seri

  41. Anonymous  

    Sorry, but before post gl prince of persia jar there was a link for the same game of prince of persia n-gage but in sis would you please post again that link becouse I accidentaly erased that game and I would like to have it again please and any way thank you

  42. Anonymous  

    when this game get cracked ??

  43. poun  

    please sir send it

  44. Anonymous  

    shet those who are in binpda this game has been release several months ago..still they did not cracked it...fuck you binpda!

  45. Anonymous  

    what the hell no games cracked

  46. Unknown  

    cant download why????

  47. Anonymous  

    Where is the download link buddy?

  48. Anonymous  


  49. Anonymous  

    Please Binpda Crack This game..!i really want to play this game on n-gage 2.0..!

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