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351 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    hi team
    i hope you guys will help me i have a smart movie 3.41 cracked by binpda...installed in my NOKIA N95 8GB...and if i play a avi movie or a avi video clip the movie starts fine but suddenly it exit by saying programmed damaged.. and stopped working... can you guys get the good working snart movie plaver..,.

  2. Anonymous  

    do you guys have the cracked version of nokia maps.....:)

  3. Anonymous  

    I need Garmin navigation software.. It's more accurate than Nokia maps anyway..

  4. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    nokia maps v2 added

  5. Krauser  

    yo guys.. i have a lil bit promblem here..my nokia N77 cannot install n gage application it says the component is-buit.... some of component name AOA had on my N77 so the ngage application can't install it..so administor bolg master can you give mE the way to solve rhis probleM? pease..yO give mE the answeR thE Fast as Possible..............................................................................

  6. Anonymous  

    all i want is to have more n-gage games for my n81!...btw..im using n-gage 2.0

  7. maru24  

    ahm when will be cheats and hint for n-gage 2.0 be coming?

  8. friend for everyone  

    i need help in playing games on my 5320 thanks in advance

  9. Anonymous  

    hi guys i ve a lil bit problem here um my Nokia N77 can install trk app but cannot install n-gage app it says component is-built in..on..during the installation of n-gage app..not all of the component are installed..the installation stop until AOA component then the "component is-built in" out..please man help mE.. i..love ngage games..please solve..this mass..mmm did you have n-gage app sis installer without AOA component? The source of all this mass are my Nokia N77 has installed space impact light with AOA on Z phone memory so i cant delete it..

  10. Anonymous  

    i hope you could also crack yamake!

  11. Ryanzxc  

    I would like to request two applications for my Nokia N81(Not 8GB).I want a Nokia Dictionary(Try to find English-Chinese or all languages,give me the list and I'll choose) and a Nokia GPS too!Well I need to make sure that they are full version or cracked thank you!Happy New Year!!!

  12. Anonymous  

    You must definitly update the tools, so they're compatible with the latest firmware. I still can't play ANY game, because it's impossible for me to install the TRK application on my N81 8GB.

  13. Anonymous  

    I have nokia N81 bgb but which softwares can i use to watch films in .avi format? Please uploasd some of these progs

  14. moChi  

    I want full version of x-plore
    Can you get it for me ,please?

  15. Anonymous  

    Iam using N-Gage Version 1.01(1284), can u upload games that can running on that version.
    At your tools it doesnt work.

  16. pratik  

    hi there,
    I'm desperatly in search lonely cat games x-plore v1.30 for my N82,
    I also want some more applicatoins like , resco photo viewer v5.0, s60ticker v1.06 or higher , latest version of divx player, please all cracked .
    Thanx in advance !

  17. Samith  

    Can u please post LandscapePro 1.5 for N73 which is signed and tested. I've been searching 4 dis 4 many months! It would b a great help!

  18. moChi  

    Could you get me the full version of "F-Secure",please?


  19. ustrn  

    i have downloaded 5 n-gage game files today and all of the rar files are empty.. please help me. =(

  20. Anonymous  

    hey plz help me , cant understand the proper process to download n81 games from this site , what r the steps . plz help

  21. kunal  

    i have downloaded some games like one metal gear but they are not in format of ngage game installer but star wars was in installer form please help

  22. domz94  

    ..give us more n-gage 2.0 games!!!
    ..tnx huseyin!!!!!
    ...go binpda!

  23. Anonymous  

    can you please crack a antivirus like f-secure mobile or any other ones please

  24. Anonymous  

    i m using an Ngage classic and i love ngage games but i already finished all games and i am quite interested now with new releases but unfortunately the new ones are in Ngage 2.0 format w/c means its not compatible with my classic.Can you do something about it? please? like cracking the 2.0s to fit for my classic?please...i have a group of friends who have ngage and we would be grateful for your positive response. More power man!

  25. Anonymous  

    Can U upload "vsun 1.15 cracked" for my n81 8gb? Please...!!!

  26. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    # Garmin Mobile XT 5.0010

    # Kaspersky Mobile Security v8.022

    # Smart Movie v4.01

    # Vampent vSun v1.11

    Added as requested

  27. Anonymous  

    can you please crack symSMB so i can transfer files to my N95 8GB

  28. Gaurang  

    what are next games we can expect from nokia...im a big big fan of ngage and want to know that atleast for the next 2 years, nokia wont dissapoint me, when it comes to ngage games..im selling a newly bought phone to buy an NGAGE device..so mods...if u can tell me the kind and types of games coming soon..something like One and pathway to glory (1 and 2) is what pumps my adrenaline...

    u can also mail me on Gdivecha@gmail.com for the same!!

  29. Anonymous  

    Please post the following games in .n-gage format

    Requiem of Hell
    Rifts: Promise Of Power
    Tomb Raider
    WWE Aftershock
    The Sims Bustin' Out
    The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey
    Xanadu NEXT
    Warhammer 40,000: Glory In Death

  30. Anonymous  

    f-secure please cause kasperky has no key or get keys for kasperky

  31. Sandi S  

    1.22 tat You Listed Not work..
    Im Using n81.
    And aleardy Insstaled secMan.
    can u add A new x-plore That Has Been Cracked..?

  32. Anonymous  

    psiloc irremote

  33. Anonymous  

    Please, can you stop uploading your files on RapidShare.com because it's very annoying for free users to download multiple files at once, it takes around an hour or two to download successive files. So can you please change your upload site to ziddu.com or 4shared.com please !!!

  34. Anonymous  

    MyPhone 2.03 full version

  35. Anonymous  

    irremote with all advices

  36. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    irRemote is already exists, im postin MyPhone v2.03

  37. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    MyPhone v2.03 added

  38. Anonymous  

    accelerometer games

  39. Anonymous  

    hi team
    hope you guys can crack the announced n-gage games for 2009. can you please put it away from 2008 games. eg. n-gage 2.0 games 2009 n-gage 2.0 games 2008 n-gage classis games

  40. blindnytro  

    i hate the new mac look of this website..i much preferred the old Vista look....mods...any way u can revert to the old look

  41. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    we had some problems in "mindbreak" theme. (looks like vista) so we have installed this theme,.. if you can suggest some good themes maybe we can change our theme ;)

  42. blindnytro  

    thanx hussein..but i dont know...that theme was cool....i dont know where u get these themes..also...can i play the old N gage games on N81 and does it have accelerometer???

    thanx hussein once again.

  43. Anonymous  

    hey can u pls post asphalt 4 for n-gage games, cracked pls... thanks a lot in advanve huseyin...

  44. Anonymous  

    Fifa Street 3 For NOKIA N95 8GB

  45. kay  


    can you plaease up asphalt 4 for n-gage 2.0??

  46. Anonymous  

    we want 2009 new ngage games huseyin thnx bro...gimme ur maidid also plz n wat is ur ngage name?ma name shoeb n ngage name shoebbb..plz upload as quickly as possible yaar we r dying :(

  47. Anonymous  

    hi team
    can you crack asphalt 4 elite racing please

  48. Anonymous  



  49. Sandeep  

    when can we get full version asphalt 4

  50. cfc2050  

    Can u plz upload the blue nokia theme that used to be in n73, n81, 6300 etc.
    PS: the one thats in the SymTorrent v1.41 s60v3 first and second picture


  51. Anonymous  

    please, i need application for open .rar file in my n81.


  52. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    you can open .rar files in LCG x-Plore v1.22

  53. Anonymous  

    Please crack Asphalt 4 as soon as possible. Asphalt 3 was a total let down but this one looks awesome!

  54. Anonymous  

    Thank you so much for MyPhone 2.03

    Please post any Mail application for Nokia 5800

    Profimail ??

    any other better ?


  55. Anonymous  

    Office Suite for Nokia 5800

  56. Anonymous  

    please can you crack asphalt GT 4:Elite racing THX

  57. kay  

    Hüseyin Usta, hani nerde kaldi bizim asphalt 4 oyunumuz yaa=)??

    e hadii artik ama =)) sabah aksam bakiyom sayfaya gelmis mi diye=)))))

  58. aftershock  

    im posting this here because everyone will atleast once come here...
    1.APPTRK 2.8.9 A N D
    2.SECMAN 1.1

    plz see the version properly..2.8.9 for apptrk and 1.1 for SECMAN..u will get both on nokia mosh website....just install both, specially for the "UNABLE TO INSTALL!COMPONENT ALREADY BUILT IN" error!

  59. Tha Mikestro  

    How About SLINGPLAYER Mobile full version or keygen.. the trial is only 30days.. that sux..

  60. Anonymous  

    hey bro pls get the full version of asphalt 4 fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Anonymous  

    hi blog team nokia has released the nokia maps3.0 please kindly upload the cracked version

  62. Anonymous  

    Hey huseyin m a regular follower of this site n i hv downloaded all of ur ngage 2games with ease by d way i hv a N81 8gb but nw i m facin problems in downloading d softwares like Smartmovie n ms dic viewer
    like in smart movie aftr enterin d code m stuck wid d authentiation part i tried wat u said n also restartin d fone bt no use n wid dict it says error contact the provider pls help me out

  63. Frost  

    Hi, huseyin. Thx for the application you gave me as i've requested the other month (if u remember).
    I need another one. It's for extending the recording.
    Any application will do as long as it has a capability to extend voice recording.
    It's for nokia N70. Hope u can provide my request. Thx again man.

  64. n-gage ID:Victor95 (NGP: 9950)  

    can you please crack asphalt 4 elite racing and all the other announced games for N-gage and can you put a idioms for msdict. add me on n-gage please.


  65. Sameer  

    Asphalt 4 Elite Racing N-Gage 2 version
    Thanks in advance

  66. Anonymous  

    Can you post Asphalt 4 please?

  67. Anonymous  

    pdb file of a dictionary that can pronounce words please

  68. Anonymous  

    can i please have joikuspot premium

  69. Anonymous  

    i have a problem with n-gage2. when i try to update NGP i get something like this unable to update online profile

  70. Your Friendly Neighbour  

    hi can you post a good call recorder?

  71. Anonymous  

    hi i want new games in n-gage classic like real football 2009 and fifa 2009

  72. Anonymous  

    how i play n-gage2.0 games in my n-gage classic pleas tell me

  73. Melih  

    I just wanna find a way to hack my N85. pls help someone me:'(

    ve butun calısmaların icin cok sagol her ne kadar ben kullanamazsamda :)

  74. Anonymous  

    can i have an app to automatically change profiles. eg... i go to skool at 8:30. i cant bring a phone to skool. i need it to change profiles automatically from general to silent

  75. the guy that needed to auto change his profile  

    to be precise i need handy profiles please

  76. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    Handy Profiles v1.06 posted.

  77. Anonymous  

    please upload asphalt 4 for n gage 2.0

  78. Nguyen  

    Hello, can you please try to find and post the new game Asphalt 4 Elite Racing and The One for N-gage? Thank you very much, you are doing a great job for us

  79. Anonymous  

    hi there..i like to request 7 days salvation..the symbian gambe for my N82...i have the chinese version..please find english version but with full version.thank you..

  80. Anonymous  

    my n95 8gb freezes when i put my profile into available to play and it also tells me it is in 3G instead of wifi. and also i cant update my n-gage points.

  81. Anonymous  

    can i get something like offline maps because im not always i the range of my wifi

  82. siddharth  

    hello....the smart movie 4.0 version is not working dear..plz fix it..when i install loader it again asks me to connect to net....plz help

  83. Anonymous  

    is there a way to play n-gage classic games on N95 8gb

  84. Vikalp  


  85. Anonymous  

    why r u posting trials... comon post full asphalt 4

  86. Anonymous  


  87. Anonymous  

    hi i need Blaze Audio Voice Cloak for mydesktop can you guys upload Blaze Audio Voice Cloak with crack or keyegn

  88. Raedi  

    huseyin, i am req to adobe photoshop mobile for s60 3rd.

  89. Anonymous  

    Hey just wondering if you can get cracked Ebible for s60v3???? Or a similar format if poss?? Thanks.

  90. Anonymous  

    sorry but can i request for this game Assasin Creed for N95 8gb...
    if there is one for n-gage it would be even better thanks alot man..

  91. Anonymous  

    asphalt 4 any ideas when this will be ready

  92. Anonymous  

    hey please post asphalt 4 cracked.

  93. Anonymous  


  94. Anonymous  

    It's amazing when some people goes like " Crack it now, it's taking too long". Hold your horses kids. Don't take everything for granted. Try to be humble. They're doing a great job for all of us...For free. Think about that.

  95. Anonymous  

    I need tutorial for install ngage2 games.

  96. Anonymous  

    can you please hurry up and crack asphalt4

  97. Anonymous  

    n85 hackleme işlemininde HelloOX denilen yeni bir sistem geliştirilmiş ancak yuklemek icin sertifikalanması gerekiyor yada bn yapamadım emin degilim ama bu konuya deyinirsen cok sevinirim huseyin kardes:D

  98. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    burda hello carbide var, hello ox uda ekleriz, canın saolsun hocam ;)

  99. amynix  

    hey binpda plzzz crack asphalt 4 you r the only answer man we have lot of hopes 4m u

  100. Anonymous  

    salam huseyin
    can u plz post any chess full version for s60 v3??I never found any full version free...waiting for ur help bhai
    i appreciate ur work man...may allah bless u :)
    and wat abt ngage new games..binpda not gonna crack or wat man...plz let us kno..
    and ya plz upload some new themes as well...thanks a lot in advance..tc

  101. Anonymous  

    can you please crack asphalt4?
    im waiting for it

  102. Anonymous  

    hey hussain salam
    i hv got one question i got all ngage games frm u n hv been banned for ngage arena forum bcoz thry said i haven't bought frm them....
    so wats da solution??

  103. Anonymous  

    please huseyin can u tell BinPda to hurry up on cracking asphalt 4 elite racing

  104. Anonymous  

    Hello guys, could u test these cracked games for nokia 5320 coz some games are not working on it.I know u guys will figure it out(means what,s the problem)and come u with a solution.THANKs for work.

  105. Anonymous  

    yo sisters
    i have this n82 and i dont usually have a balance to try and call or send text to friends so my n82 became my gaming station for a few months already. i just wanna ask if i could possibly download a few racing games for free.

    thanks a lot.
    hey i'm adding your site in my bookmarks toolbar

  106. Anonymous  

    hi there i need
    asphalt 4 and cafe sudoku. ihave googling and i can't find it anywhere

  107. Anonymous  

    Hüseyin KELEŞ please crack asphalt 4

  108. Anonymous  

    hi,how can i lock(keypad lock) my n81 phone using password?

  109. Anonymous  

    crack asphalt 4 and cage solitaire

  110. Anonymous  

    Hi Huseyin !!
    I'm the guy that always nags about RapidShare !! Excuse me for always disrupting you, but u don't know how much it is frustrating not to be able to download those wonderful stuff you put in your blog. I gave u a much much much better alternative than RapidShare, and that is 4shared.com. PLEASE, respond to my message, and let me know what are you up to !! Thanks.

  111. Anonymous  

    hi bro thanx for all d n-gage games you provided to us but we want the asphalt 4 elite racing it is a great game to play like all asphalts please avail the game as soon as possible thanx

  112. FROST  

    I have a feeling people have abandoned this blog.

  113. Huseyin KELES  

    ok ;) i will upload the files to 4shared and rapidshare on the next posts. ;) you will have 2 alternative links.

  114. asim  

    i want a link where i can find all india maps for v1.2 and v2.0 please do the need ful

  115. aftershock  

    Hey Huseyin, its good to hear from you..buddy the new monopoly game is also out. when can we get cracks...also, can we crack it ourselves??that would take a lot of burden off your shoulders too. let me know if there's a way to make the trial versions full...lemme know thanx a lot man!

  116. Anonymous  

    monopoly came in ngage!!

  117. aftershock  


    there is Spore, Prince of Persia, SIMS 3 and many many more kick ass ones....

    plz plz plz crack the ones that are already out!

  118. renick  

    Hey huseyin, do you have winrar for mobiles? i have a nokia n95

  119. Hüseyin KELEŞ  


    i have already posted the free unrar application for mobile phones here

  120. Anonymous  

    man we cant play in da tournament in ngage :(
    and we can't reach in top 20 ngp coz we can't buy n binpda is not gonna crack!!...or ll take time......but i would like 2 see some cracked gamers in top 20 ngp and dat wud b a real shame for da buyers n ngage.......lol
    i wish i could but cant play da new games so no hope fr top 20 ngp! :((

    Huseyin nokia is mking new ngage games wid highest security....so any chance og gettin ne more cracked games by binpda or they gave up??

  121. Anonymous  

    don't giveup binpda...u r our last hope!!
    we all hangin wid our ngp!!
    can't go 2 da top 20 ngp :(

  122. Anonymous  

    hey huseyin take salam
    one more thing....zoozbeat is very useful n entertainin...it ll turn ur mob into a muzik studio...
    i got it but wid only 2 options unlocked
    can u get zoozbeat wid all options unlocked!!
    thnx in advance...its vry useful application.

  123. Anonymous  

    Hi Team

    Just wondering if the N79 will be compatible soon for the N-Gage games?

  124. Anonymous  

    hi, i have problem to get full cracked quickoffice 4.0. can you help me please? i can't install the 6.0v because i don't have any of the earlier version.

  125. Anonymous  

    hii every1 i hv fixed da proseries golf bugg..
    nw m sure it won't crash again trust me
    just all u need 2 do is to install symbian os pipe 1.00..its crashin coz u all hv symbian os pipe 1.01 or 1.02.......
    but 2 play golf u need symbian 1.00
    finally i fixed it wohooooooo
    also for systemrush if nebudy got file corruptep plz install Sr2.CRACKFIX.sis or repacked hs been released by binpda huseyin plz upload dese two...
    n feel free 2 add me on ur frnd list
    ma ngage name is shoebbb

  126. Anonymous  

    I also want to steal a lot of software!
    Please help me! I need X-Plore and Asphalt 4.

  127. Anonymous  

    i want to hack my nokia n95 8gb coz i have 30.0.18 software and i cant play cracked games...so i do step by step from ur post and when i want to instal drakkarious it says UPDATE ERROR pls help me...tnx anyway

  128. renick  

    Hey huseyin thanks for the unrar app from before, we have 2 emus now for nes and snes, Do you have by chance the vboy or vbag (game boy and gameboy advance) emulators cracked?

  129. Anonymous  

    Can you upload all fishlabs games somewhere?

  130. Steli  

    * a program to download rapidshare.com files for mobile.
    * a screen recorder for mobile.

  131. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i have posted Fishlabs - Deep Submarine, i will post more fishlabs games soon,..

  132. Anonymous  

    hi huseyin, fp2 phone like nokia 5320, n96 play some of the games like resident evil and one as demo, but asphalt 3 , creature of the deep as full... but fp1 phone like n95... all of the games no problem... can u find cracked games for fp2 phone when its out?


  133. Anonymous  

    Thanks Huseyin.

  134. Anonymous  

    man so many new ngage game arrived but wat binpda doin..??
    i guess dey r waitin fr some more 2 come n 2 hack all at a time...:)
    prince of persia came yesterday :)
    but no hope for us :((

  135. Anonymous  

    I have hacked the newest firmware 31.0.015 and I can't install app trk and play n gage 2.o games! I need tools.rar bur rapidshare deleted it! Help me please! What to do!? I have n95 8Gb

  136. Anonymous  

    this website is awsome for Ngage games..It helped alot with finding Ngage games to work on my N73ME.. but can u find a cricket game for ngage to work for...Dat would b the best... thnxx

  137. Anonymous  

    hi can you pls give instructions how to play multiplayer using n gage.im using n73

  138. pimplpoldek  

    can you upload half life, quake and doom for mobile phone. thanx

  139. n95 user  

    hey when i want to download tools from rapidshare it gives me a msg
    This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked. After the file has been blocked for 7 days it will automatically be deleted, if the block is not removed by RapidShare. For this reason, a download of this file is currently not possible.
    so i cant download it...
    pls fix this

  140. Anonymous  

    I can't download tools from ur site and can't install app trk on my nokia n95 8gb ver 31.0.015 hacked!Why

  141. Anonymous  

    can i download this? how?

  142. Anonymous  

    hi there... i was searching for this game Peggle for N95 8gb... i would reli treasure ur help in this... thanks...

  143. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    Peggle for s60v3 (for n95, etc..)
    Peggle for s60v5 (for n97, 5800 etc..)


  144. ROHIT  

    hi. this is rohit. i m using 5320. my imei no is---355740021727120. please send me the registration code for smart movie 4.1

  145. Anonymous  

    Can you post cracked of n gage 2.0 games : prince of persia, monopoly, asphalt 4, and need for speed undercover? Please BiNPDA & Huseyin... U r our last hope...

  146. rafi  

    prince of persia and asphalt 4

  147. Anonymous  

    5 new ngage games came in 2009 n still not cracked!!
    waitin 2 play need for speed undercover ngage

  148. Anonymous  

    u should open some forum for ngage games so that we can write there n help each othr 2 get 1000 ngp in a game and can add friends!!
    and can ask for help if we can't proceed in a particular part of a game..thnx

  149. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    yea, i was thinking for opening a forum for mobile phones. maybe 4 months later, because i have an important exam and studying for it. i have no time to make a forum at this time, but i will 4 months later i think

  150. Anonymous  

    nokia has released the new version of nokia maps 3.0 i request you to upload the nokia maps 3.0 with crack or keygen

  151. Anonymous  

    hey guys great work please crack latest vbagx and vboy from vampent site thanx

  152. dalban68  

    nfs undercover , real football , asphalt4 (cracked) plissssssssssss

  153. Anonymous  

    we all appreciate ur work man
    wish u all da best fr ur xzam
    thnx fr replyin
    ya no probs if u open it aftr 4 month
    but i think it should help lot of people like ngage arena forum..
    n also hopin fr some new cracked game 2 come
    shoebbb hre..tc

  154. Anonymous  


    The tools link has become invallid (error) Can you please upload a new link or mail me the zip file?

    Regards, W. de Jong (mail@wybrand.com)

  155. Anonymous  

    do u mind posting up a Windows Live Messenger software for mobile?? my model is n95 8gb... thanks and hope to hear from u soon

  156. vichu  

    please crack the latest n-gage games POP and NFS undercover

  157. Anonymous  

    hoe to hack my nokia n82 v31.0.0.16 because hellocarbid is not working in this version.so pls help me


  158. Anonymous  

    Huseyin can you upload that touchless control interface for n95 8gb?And your blog is great!!!It's the best blog ever!!!And did someone actually know why binpda has stop cracking n-gage games?

  159. Anonymous  

    hi team
    nokia rocks again with the all new latest nokia n95 8gb firmware
    none of the hacking tool is working with this nokia has closed everything please help us to hack the new firmware

  160. Anonymous  

    software to hide application for n81 please?

  161. moChi  

    can u cracked NetQin Antivirus?
    i want it so much

  162. Anonymous  

    plz help me to hack N95 8GB firmware version 31.0.015 . i can.t install all unsigned, i,ve tried all methods and it can't.. plz help me.. thanks..

  163. Anonymous  

    plz help me to hack N95 8GB firmware version . i can.t install all unsigned

  164. Anonymous  

    how to hack nokia n95 8gb firmware 31.0.015

  165. jayr  

    please tell me how to hack my nokia 5320 emusic!!!!pls!!

  166. Anonymous  

    donate enought ppl? :O
    i donate for you ;D on april !!!!
    you other ppl should donate too m,b a bit money ;>
    we all have a small bit for a donation ;O !!!
    i have a paypal acc :D i donate for you 10 euros or 15 ^^

    Im Nina_Freu

  167. lanankz  

    hi Huseyin.. mt name is Lanankz. i have a problem with my N95 8GB firmware version 31.0.015. i can't install all unsigned applications. can U help me to solve this problem? help me please Huseyin. thaks alot for Huseyin..

  168. Hüseyin KELEŞ  


    i have not received a donation from you, please dont lie here.

    and off course, i need some donation, doesnt matter how much you donated, but please donate

  169. Anonymous  

    Nina_Freu i dont Lie -.- and i say on april !!!!! not i donated allready ! i use the paypal acc of my boyfriend its mattias trink you see it on april at your bank :>!!

  170. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    oops, sorry for this situation, i was thought that you have said that you've donated on April 2008, its my fault, sorry,..

  171. Anonymous  

    hei do u have a gameboy emulator?

  172. Anonymous  

    hi team, can you help mw to get a full cracked versions of N-Gage games for my n82..? please..

  173. Ali  

    husseyin can u post any new full antvirus for n82????

  174. Anonymous  

    how to hack nokia n95 8gb 31.0.015

  175. Anonymous  

    Huseyin please help me.I cant install brothers in arms,when it starts after a wile it stops with error.Can you explaine me how to install it.

  176. aftershock  

    HI huseyin........

    I just wanted to know one thing...BinPDA is cracking every game under the sun, every software out, WHY THEN IS HE NOT cracking the N GAGE games (new ones, POP, NFS Undercover etc.)

    Plz plz reply, its ok if u dont know, then plz reply u dont know, but reply PLZ>...

  177. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    a visitor on this blog has commented that binpda will share the n-gage 2.0 games on easter holidays, but i dont know if its true

  178. Anonymous  

    Please crack Asphault 4 for n-gage 2.0 as soon as possible ;););) .

  179. Anonymous  

    i'm just wondering if i should update my software(current:V30.0.018).. will it affect the the n-gage games n n-gage 2.0 tat i've crack... pls advise.. thanks.. n not to forget my phone model is n95 8gb

  180. Hüseyin KELEŞ  


  181. Unknown  

    huseyin, i'm has updated my phone

    what happend with my phone?

    any wrong with me?

  182. vichu  

    hi guys

    hmm well nokia has released the latest firmware in the final quater of 2008 which is fullly secured nokia has closed the SDK capability which helped us to hack the older firmware with CapsOn

    in the latest firmware like for nokia n95 8gb 31.0.015/31.0.017/31.0.018 nokia closed the SDK capability....

    but the latest firmware can be hacked with "helloOX" and the "RoMpatcher"


  183. Anonymous  

    how to hack nokia E63??
    n can i play ngage game in nokia E63??

  184. Zeeshan  

    want an auto answer an cracked anti virus for nokia5320

  185. Asim  

    can you tell me how to sign a sis file, or post a topic in which u can sign files for us

  186. moChi  

    can u give me the cracked of the NEWEST version windows live mobile?

  187. Anonymous  

    pls make AUDIOBOOK M4B player for nokia n95
    or put core player with keygen

  188. Asim  

    i want a appliction signed plz do the needful and tell me how to get it signed

  189. Anonymous  


  190. Anonymous  

    worms world party came in ngage having online multiplayer option!!but how long we have 2 wait mate?

  191. Anonymous  

    we want zoozbeat and chess full game for s60 v3 plz upload dis two man...thnx in advance!!

  192. Anonymous  

    hi team,
    I am unable to run the keygen of smartmovie 4.01 on my PC. Could you please provide me with the unlock code ?
    My IMEI-355740021344009-Nokia 5320 Xpress Music

    Thanks a lot,

  193. moChi  

    this is ur unlock code


  194. Anonymous  

    hi i will try this game and wish work

  195. moChi  

    please huseyin,,
    i want the newest windows live mobile...

  196. Gjairmy  

    Hi Huseyin, appreciate all the hardwork you've done for us! Your link to download "Tools" to install n gage is broken, can you please fix that up for us? Finally, Are there any new/recommended antivirus apps that you would like to recommend? (as the Kasp 8.0 cert has expired and will not update its definitions). Thanks in advance! appreciate the hardwork!

  197. aftershock  

    ok uncles and aunites.....love me or hate for this but this is a fact.All those who have been whining about games POP and NFS undercover...heres the solution...there is the HD version of both the games..POP and NFS.....ok now comes the funny part....THEY ARE THE SAME AS NGAGE......ITS THE SAME BLOODY GAME..the only difference is that it isnt N GAGE!!! how does it matter...if u see any difference in the HD version(available on this site) and the N GAGE 2.0 version....plz plz lemme know!!!

  198. Anonymous  

    Hi team,
    I really Appreciate the hard work by you...i really like if you guys got wat this site was doing mainstream before...giving n-gage games,i know BinPDA aren't giving things out any more if you find someone else giving em pls post it..thanx tc

  199. Hüseyin KELEŞ  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  200. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    @moChi: i have searched for Windows Live Messenger, i have found but it has some problems so i am waitin for a version that works well,..

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