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Brothers In Arms

Release Date14/07/2008

To win a war, there'll be hell to pay.

With the bloodbath of D-Day, the onslaught of the Battle of the Bulge, and fighting under the merciless Tunisian sun, returning home will not be an easy task. June 1944: D-Day. Allied forces are closing in on German-occupied France. The 101st Airborne Division will be baptized in combat this night. Without support, they will engage in deadly close quarter combat against the Wehrmacht and elite Panzer units for days in the French countryside. December 1944: Battle of the Bulge. The 101st will stand fast and hold the lines during the Ardennes counterattack despite being severely outnumbered and short on equipment in front of battle-hardened German troops. May 1943: Tunis. Allied expeditionary forces converge on Tunis, ready to engage the infamous Afrika Korps in their own territory. The U.S. 1st Infantry Division prepares to join the fray yet again in the North African desert. If you survive and stop the advancing German armies, you and your brothers in arms will go down in history as heroes.

© 2008 Gameloft. All Rights Reserved. Published by Gameloft under license of Ubisoft Entertainment. Brothers In Arms is a trademark of Gearbox Software and is used under license. Gearbox Software and the Gearbox logo are registered trademarks of Gearbox Software, LLC in the US and/or other countries, all rights reserved. Ubisoft and the logo Ubisoft are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries. Gameloft and the Gameloft logo are trademarks of Gameloft in the US and/or other countries.

  • Number of players: 1
  • N-Gage Arena: Rankings

Installation notes:
1. Download
2. Unpack
3. Connect your phone via USB
4. Install the Tools (download from the link below and follow the nfo if you haven't
5. Launch the downloaded game (*.exe)
6. The app will install your new, full version N-GAGE 2.0 game

*The zips/rars conatin an exe, this is the installer (further information: Installation notes)
*Some games supports multiplayer. This means you can play that game with friends via Internet or Bluetooth (It depends on the game).

Rapidshare.com link for Brothers In Arms Full BiNPDA


rar pass : huseyin

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99 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    i installed it into my n95 8gb,and it worked perfectly,then i opend the ngage and found the game,then i pressed on it,and it said install into where,then wen its supposed to install it says error!....plz help

  2. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    have you installed trk app first?

  3. Anonymous  

    yea i installed the trk app,and i was able to install the other games,this one installs,but wen i open the ngage app. it does all the installation steps,then after i pick the memory card where i wanna install it,but then it says "file corrupted,delete now?"so can u plz repost this game again?

  4. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i dont think the file is corrupted. because lots of people has downloaded this game from this link but only you have problems with this game. please read the binpda.nfo file which located at the tools.rar and if your problem is not solved i will reupload this game just for you

  5. Master F Puppet  

    thanks for the game man.. It works..really good work.. These games are all cracked.. but i don't understand when i go inside Ngage game module on the side it shows trial but its a full version how is it possible?

  6. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    its not problem if you can play all the game ;) have fun

  7. Anonymous  

    yea thx now it works perfectly,and also all the games dont say trial anymore :S...they show a bar of how u progressed and watever,like the full games

  8. Anonymous  

    hi there.i have just got a nokia n95 8gb and i downloaded brothers in arms.i also downloaded tools and i read the binpda.nfo.but in the tools i cant find the TRK.whitch one is?i cant find it.can you help me?

  9. Anonymous  

    but this site is still nice

  10. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i'm uploading again, sorry for this.

  11. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    its up again

  12. Anonymous  

    sorry, but i don't think so... the game is still down as its tagged "Illegal". Damn i can't wait to play it...

  13. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i really do apologize for this, i'm uploading it again now... but know that it will be tagged "illegal" by rapidshare again. :S

  14. Anonymous  

    or you could put it into megaupload or other service... Yet, i really don't understand why the heck BiA is tagged Illegal when the other games don´t? that's strange... and luck, after all :)

  15. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    all of the g@meloft and e|ectronic @rts games are blocked by rapidshare. asphalt urban gt3 is also removed. i've tried several times to upload but rapidshare didnt let me. now i have crypted file and im tryin to upload again. its %54 now, i hope this will work.

  16. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    what a bad luck, when its %67 i have lost my internet connection :@ i'm uploadin again :|

  17. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    huuhhh, finally...

  18. Anonymous  

    Just wanted to Say THANK YOU so much. Best site eva for N-Games.. Cheers

  19. BtSk8Crew  

    The Link is broken

  20. fahrul  

    worked fine..
    the game just great..

    the label "trial" its annoyin me,,though still can play it perfectly..
    but after the firsts red loading bar,there is a screen showing "this is a trial"
    i pick "try game" and the game playing nicely..
    Is that ok??
    That is four part of installer for this game,can you tell me how to install it properly??

  21. ilmma  

    rapidshare said it's illegal... i can't download it

  22. Anonymous  

    hey i just wanna know if i cud getsome NFS n WWE games for my N81 8GB

  23. Shoaib  

    My all the friends are in problem,but no more, follow me in these steps ...
    1.Download N-gage Game on your Computer open the folder that is zip file.
    2.Install TRK file on your Mobile.
    3.Open TRK application on your Mobile,Go to Setting use USB connection and connect it. DON'T close TRK Application..
    4.Now on your Computer Open SecMan Binpda and install Secman it will be Installed on your Mobile..
    5.Open SecMan App... on your Mobile Press Options (Turn Plat.Security On)and Install Root Certificate....
    6.Install (9_n-gage)first on ur mobile and then (n-gage_autostart) these file are present in the Zip Folder in Computer.
    7.Now from your computer press (Brothers in Arms) file press next, Mark the both unmarked Places again Press next and install it..
    8.Now last step go to ur mobile Open N-gage APPLICATION it will be preparing to install game on mobile it will ask u where to install game on Phone Memory Or Memory Card, select Memory Card Or where you have space...Installation Finished thats it open the Game have a fun..
    it will show u trail BUT its full version.WOW.....
    IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY PROBLEM MY E-MAIL (freestyle_4u@hotmail.com)

  24. ganesh  

    thank u very much
    i love this game thanks again

  25. Sai  

    where could i find trk app

  26. Anonymous  

    what is the password to extract the file from rar format?

  27. Marcelo  

    i unzip the file with the password, then appears another zip file. When i unzip that a message tells me that i need brothers.part2.rar to continue! anyone had this problem?

  28. Saiful  

    before playing the games restore default first in the secman

  29. Anonymous  

    damn, when i start the game it said "kern-exec3" an error massage. is anyone had this problem too ?!

  30. Jayesh R G  

    I am unable to Detect the Com ports on my PC.When i marked the com port option to automatically mark but still the same problem.i am unable to detect the COM ports.So, i then tried to install the s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx & s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx 1 by 1 on my cell but the message on cell was that the cell has built in app.plz help me.

  31. Anonymous  

    process worked fine on n95 8gb - so what if it says trial on the game pic, its still the full game!
    Cheers bro!

  32. shah  

    i`m using nokia n78,have download already ngage 2.0,i have donwload this game but it`s says file corrupt,delete now?is the game not suitable with my n78?

  33. Anonymous  

    all of this game n-gage 2.0 just for nokia n-95?

    can it play for nokia n-81? i've tried all many ways to get the game but the ressult is Zero. thx..

    i insstall trk but Unable the install component is bult in

  34. Karan  

    hey has anyone had this problem....th files are extractd til brothers.part3.rar but th last part shows an error ? it says it cannot execute th operation n anothr point says mayb its th wrong password. HELP! i hav installd 5 othr games but had no probs.its just that this one is divided into parts so..

  35. Sami  

    Hey Bro do u have a .n-gage file instead of .exe installer version of this game?

  36. SHAIK  

    BRo juzz forget abt trk n secman tolz.....juzz install ngage application....and then transfer ur .exe game in ur ngage folder of ur cellphone..n open ngage application..follow steps and install,,and yipeeeeee!!!!!game workzzzz....bye.Shaik sameeruddin.

  37. Anonymous  

    I have N81 and i installed trk on phone and secman on pc but trk to secman sync dosent move a bit. HELP ME !!!!!!!!

  38. Karunesh  

    Hüseyin bro, i've followed every step to install the game but no positive result yet..it says [error 10147]
    plz help i've n81 8gb..thank u

  39. Anonymous  

    i have n95 and i installed latest firmware and i had followed the process that u requested to do for latest firmwares, other games do work perfectly but BIA isnt working, it says "file corrupt,delete now?" after installation is over.also the icon is faded and dont have the trial version tag or perhaps no tag.and it doesnt start either :|

  40. ArCh DeMoN  

    Hüseyin bro
    even i have ta same probz
    it gives [error 10147]
    i am using n81
    all ta other games got instaled perfectely.
    can u giv a solution?

  41. Ginanjar Mulyo Utomo  

    Is it work in N73... as it has problem with the RAM???

  42. Karunesh  

    ArCh DeMoN *****
    [error 10147] is bcoz u've installed symbian version of this game..
    so just delete the symbian version & install n-gage version..

  43. ArCh DeMoN  

    Karunesh DUDE THKZ MAN
    it worked well
    1 more tink
    can i log in 2 n-gage online.
    (with these cracked games)
    itz showin error in network connection. is it b'caz of my net connection or some tin else?

  44. Anonymous  

    its work with d other game but diz game is cannot be installed, it just running 'preparing installation' n then it stop n exit n gage app... plz help me, i want it vry badly..

  45. Anonymous  

    thanks husyen.plz come up with new N-gage games.post it on medifire. thanxxx

  46. Anonymous  

    How to install the game?Please someone tell me.

  47. Anonymous  

    about the game...
    this year is going to be one hell of a year!
    checkout the n-gage site...!
    all new games is which "coming soon" is realy great!
    i can't wait till it's cracked!

  48. Anonymous  

    Does N-gage QD support 2.0 games???

  49. Anonymous  

    rar error....
    i can't extract

  50. siddharth  

    game is not found.....plz fix..

  51. The Flash  

    the link is broken, please reupload

  52. Anonymous  

    i m unable to Install to APP TRK. msg "unable to install component is built in"
    plz help me.

  53. Anonymous  

    I already success in did install but when start game, option sound direct error (kern-exec 3)

    Help me please....

  54. Anonymous  

    for ever 1 who gets file corrupt while installing when it says it look on your folder you have just opened on your computer to install it it will have a new option to convert onto your computer do this then it will make a sis file in the folder then just install with nokia pc suit

  55. Evil slayer  

    hello there
    at first big thanx for all these cool games:)
    second i hacked my phone so i can play full n-gage games but when i install any full game it installs a demo(i know that cuz an "buy game" option Appears in the game main menu)besides my phone wont install the tools its says "install error" can u help me and tell me why?
    my phone is 5320 xm and its fw 3.08
    thanx in advance

  56. D'CrosZ  


    i was install the TRK but it say the TRK already installed in my phone...

    i'm using nokia 5320 XpressMusic

    can u help me???

    oh yeah 1 question again...

    can your n gage 2.0 install in my phone..
    coz i'm using N-gage was i'm download from n-gage.com

  57. RIPPER  

    There are 4 parts, which one do I download?
    Also I get this error kern-exec 3 on both this game and MGS.

  58. Anonymous  

    Please someone help me, i can't install this game,when it just start prepering the insstalation and then exiting with error.Help me.

  59. Anonymous  

    huseyin, can u post all the in .ngage files? like the one in FIFA 09 and Resident evil? i cant install AppTRK. i just installed Secman and those two are the only games i could install because of their format.

    thanks man.

    N95 8GB user

  60. Anonymous  

    using n85 try to install app trk but says component built in can't install.plz plz plz help email me on vish007_india@rediffmail.com
    trying over month plz help me.

  61. Anonymous  

    expired cetifacte

  62. Hardik  

    Thankyou VEry much

  63. Anonymous  

    whats the password to open the rar file??

  64. Anonymous  

    I really loved all the games and applications for my E51...

    Thnx a lot....

  65. Anonymous  

    This site is grt>>>...

    Though , games are a bit sluggish on my N 95..

    Especially this one,

    I think this is version downloaded for mobiles with smaller screens..

  66. Anonymous  

    THE tools.rar file on rapidshare.com is saying to be corrupted or not found so can yo please reupload the tools link as i am not bieng able to play any more n-gage games.can you please also tell me why the new n-gage games are not bieng cracked by BINPDA.CAN YOU PLEASE CRACK THE ASPHALT 4 N-GAGE 2.0 GAME. PLEASE SIR ANSWER AND PLEASE REUPLOAD THE TOOLS.RAR LINK

  67. Anonymous  

    there are 4 parts,,how to combine all this part?
    i tried to install the first part,,but it says i have to continue to install the 2nd part and so on,but it says insert a CD,,please help me,,thx

  68. Anonymous  

    link broken

  69. DC  

    the link is not working

  70. Deagle  

    Please reupload! :)

  71. Anonymous  

    the link does not exist!!

  72. Anonymous  

    i can't find the metrotrk....where is it?helpppp pls

  73. Anonymous  

    Re: Anonymous

    August 4, 2009 8:33 AM
    i can't find the metrotrk....where is it?helpppp pls

    You dont need to find it.
    Just click on .exe file, ignore all warnings about metrotrk and check both boxes in dialogue box.
    It will 'extract to PC'.
    You will then have the .sis file placed in the same folder as the .exe is.
    Transfer .sis file to mobile using Mass Storage.
    Now in phone open Xplore or similar and COPY .sis to E:/n-gage folder.
    Close Explore.
    Start N-gage application and new game will load automatically.

  74. Anonymous  

    reupload the file.

  75. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    reuploading!! sorry for delay,..

  76. Hüseyin KELEŞ  


  77. Anonymous  

    thnxxx dude for these awesome games its fine to install .ngage games but how to install .blz games plse help and keep d work up..........

  78. ilyas  

    when i connect mobile with runnig application of TRK in mobile and pc with secman mobile is going to restart frequently.please help me????

    if possible please mail me at

  79. ilyas  

    please help me????????
    i am using e63
    i installed trk app on my mobile.
    when i open secman im my pc with running app of trk in my mobile, than my mobile going to restart.
    please help me...........

  80. Anonymous  

    its up again

  81. Anonymous  

    its not problem if you can play all the game ;) have fun have you installed trk app first?

  82. jmc  

    hey guys do have a password for this game because this is a password protected

  83. karthik g  

    hi...to the owner...i've got n79 mobile...im not able to install any of ur ngage games..it says file corrupted when ever i try to install....i've got preinstalled ngage folder in my cell.......what should i do play the games...plz reply
    plz plz reply...
    thanks a lot

  84. Liquidmaster  

    hey Huseyin great work for freeing these great games and make it available for everyone to use
    i really respect that
    i got a question
    i got nokia E75 should i install the N-Gage 2.0?
    or its just for old mobile versions ?
    please hit back

  85. Anonymous  

    i tried on n79.it shows that corrupted file......help me pls

  86. Anonymous  





  87. Emmanuel  

    i can not install the app trk. . when i try to install it shows that the application is build in. :( but when i run the .exe* file is shows that trk port not found. i have my latest pc suite i also tried to install trk app using pc suite but it the problem is the same.. :(

  88. Anonymous  

    plz give me activation code for Brothers in arms..pls..send email to dark_venom11@humanoid.net..thx

  89. amar  

    i have n81,i sucessfully installed many games but now i am getting 'error-20' while installing one and space impact.plz husyein help me and thanks 4 all games

  90. amenafify  


  91. 0503846083  

    where is the tools plz

  92. Anonymous  

    I downloaded your game, installed it, but I can`t play them in full, just one first mission, after, game asking me to buy it :)

    My phone is 5320 XM Symbian 9.3 S60 v3, 5.16

  93. Anonymous  

    I can`t install TRK, when i try to install it, my phone tells me: This application is already integrated.What should I do?
    My phone is 5320XM Symbian 9.3 s60 v3; 5.16

  94. donxx  

    how to download

  95. Anonymous  

    Huseyin. Don't you have ngage 2.0 for N5320 XpressMusic?

  96. Anonymous  

    hello...what the password for this...

  97. Anonymous  

    What do I press that you can download the game

  98. Anonymous  

    guys pls i need help all my games says trials and brodas in arms is tellin me crrupted file delete nw.... Pls wat do i do

  99. dudi  

    ijin sedot gan

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