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"Unable to Install. Component is already built-in" Fix

We have found a way to fix this problem. In some Nokia firmware's we had a problem like "Unable to Install. Component is already built-in" we have told about it in the last posts on this blog. Metro TRK app

Now we have a solution for it. Here is the instruction and the downloads related it.

You need to install;
  • CapsOn
  • CapsOff
  • Hello Carbide
  • X-Plore (excluded)
All these files are located at this single rar file;
  • http://rapidshare.com/files/148874849/ngage20_patch.rar

Install Hello Carbide. Don’t open it yet.
Extract Caps On - Caps Off from zip
preFP1 CapsOn - Caps Off for SymbianOS 9.1 (Pre-FP1 Phones)
FP1 CapsOn - Caps Off for SymbianOS 9.2 (FP1 as well as FP2 Phones)
(if you dont know if your mobile phone is pre fp1, fp1 or fp2 look at this reference)

extract the contents of the archive to your phone but DO NOT OPEN!

Open x-plore, leave it open in the background.

Open Hello Carbide, select Options -> Menu1. You should get a message saying “done… Probably”. Select ‘Yes’.

Open xplore from the background. Navigate to where you extracted the Caps On - Caps Off files and copy the file CProfDriver_SISX.ldd to C:\sys\bin

Restart your phone and install Caps On and Caps Off.

Now you’ll have access to system directories, whenever you select the application “Caps Off”. To turn off system file access, open the application “Caps On”.

To install files without signing or using SignSis, use these files:

installserver.exe for Symbian OS 9.1 (Pre-FP1 Phones)
installserver.exe for Symbian OS 9.2 (FP1 as well as FP2 Phones)
installserver.exe for Nokia 3250, 5500, E50, E61 (Pre-FP1 Phones)

Make sure you have system directories. If not, open the “Caps Off” application.

Copy proper installserver.exe to C:\sys\bin

You’re done! Now you can install unsigned apps and apps with expired certificates without any signing nonsense. No more SymbianSigned, no more SignSis!

Special thanks to "Harry" and "Master F Puppet" ;)


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141 Comment(s)

  1. Master F Puppet  

    This the only solution left for the "Unable to install component" problem.. After installing the fix try installing the game. The first time when you try to start the game it will exit out with an error. Try starting it again and it will work

    Happy gaming!!

  2. Anonymous  

    Well I'm not getting this to work. For example pressing 0 in Y-browser doesnt do anything and also i dont have a location called c/sys/bin.
    A more detailed explanation would be a big help.
    BTW I have a N82.

  3. Anonymous  

    yea wat do we do then???

  4. Confused  

    ummm,wow. 1st of all,i installed all 4 of the things u said: Capsoff,CapsOn,hello cabride and Y-explorer. Then u said open the y explorer and press "0" ,and check the 4 boxes,i pressed "0" wen i entered the Y-Explorer,but nothing happend!! i re-installed it about 3 times,and kept on pressing "0" on my number pad,but nothing happens!! and also, u said to installserver.exe and CProfDriver_SISX.ldd to c:\sys\bin
    ,how am i supposed to do that???

  5. Anonymous  

    is n95 8gb a FP1 or FP2 phone??

  6. Anonymous  


    How can I access the sys/bin in the n82 v30??? My phone is not hacked...

  7. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    to see content of c:\sys\bin launch the CapsOff

  8. Sade  

    truly pathetic,ive done everything,then wen it gets to intalling the TRK,half way through the installation it stops then says unable to install :S:S:S:S:S wtf just happend

  9. Master F Puppet  

    Dont press 0 in Y-browser. Goto OPTIONS-> Edit-> Copy and just copy the files and paste it in sys/bin.. to see sys/"bin" click on the CapsOff.. You'l be able to see it. If you still don't see the "bin" folder.. try creating the folder using Y-browser Options-> File-> New Folder. This should work.

  10. Master F Puppet  

    for Poster5

    N95-8GB -> FP1

  11. Pen  

    Hey,i still dont understand anything,so can u give EXACT directions on how this works??

  12. Anonymous  

    Hi,when i went to the hello cabride thing,i pressed Menu 1 and only got 1 pop up,is that correct?

  13. Anonymous  

    FP1 devices:
    Nokia 6124 classic
    Nokia N82
    Nokia N95-3 NAM
    Nokia E51
    Nokia N95 8GB
    Nokia N81
    Nokia N81 8GB
    Nokia 6121 classic
    Nokia 6120 classic
    Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
    Nokia 6110 Navigator
    Nokia E90 Communicator
    Nokia N76
    Nokia 6290
    Nokia N95

  14. Anonymous  

    Well I launched CapsOff but I still can't see the c:\sys directory in Y-Browser. Also I tried creating the directory myself but it gives me an error "ErrNo: -46"

  15. Anonymous  

    i meant like,is the n95 8gb for the symbian 9.1 or 9.2??

  16. Anonymous  

    is there ANYONE who actually did this? and if there is ,plz tell the exact directions of how u made this work,and i still wana know if the n95 8gb is a symbian 9.1 or 9.2 phone,cuz wen i downloaded this pack,there r 2 folders that hav the capsOn and capsOff,one of the folders says symbian 9.1 and the second one says symbian 9.2,so wich 1 is for n95 8gb??

  17. sade  

    man i did exactly what you told me to do again,then once again,when i get to the installation of the TRK,it stops halfway for a while,then it says "unable to install",i even formatted my phone,and restored my phone settings with "*#7370#,and did it again,but then it still says unable to install half way through. please help? thx, and btw,when i go to Hello Carbide,you said say yes to all pop ups,but i only got one pop up,is that correct?

  18. Anonymous  

    i wrote the exact directions but the administrator had to take the credits for himself. and n95 8gb is 9.2 device. this method works perfect. harry

  19. Anonymous  

    got same prob..."unable to install" halfway thru installation, n only 1 pop up in hello carbide too...

    phone: n95 8gb

  20. maR1uz  


    if u did all and still cant install APP TRK...

    On your computer, open the ".exe" file for the game. Click next then check the box ngage application already installed. Then click next again till u reach the screen with a button "EXTRACT NGAGE APPLICATION To PC" click on the button.

    then close the window. find the ".ngage" file that has appeared (its in same directory as the .exe one)

    Copy it n paste it to your phone on your memory card in the folder "n-gage" (if n-gage folder doesnt exist, create it)

    Open the ngage application n install game.

    ~tested & works on n95 8gb(game: HK:COTD)~


    PS: n95 8gb is a 9.2symbian

    --if u like the game, buy it--

  21. Anonymous  

    YEA OMG,i remember i did tht b4,but now when i do it,i open the ngage app.,then it says installing for like a minute,then after that it says "file corrupted delete now?",i remember when i did it b4,i opend it from the file manager,and it installed perfectly,now when i open it from the file manager it says memory full,cant open, or somthing like that. :S,and BTW i hav n95 8gb,so i dont understand how it wont work

  22. Anonymous  

    Well done, but it's always necessary to install secman? Because trk works very well but I'm not able to install secman, the binpda application says "unknown device" What's happen? I've a N95 8GB.

  23. noob  

    hey im just wondering wether these games can access ngage arena?

  24. Master F Puppet  

    Guys please listen up! this method works. Do it patiently..

    While installing hello carbide there will be a lot of pop up msgs and you have to press "YES" on the right side key.. You have to note that..

    After installing hello carbide do this.. Try restarting the phone. Then install caps On and Caps off.. Run Caps Off and then copy the CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and installserver.exe and go to C/SYS.. If your able to open sys then ul see folders like bin, uninstall etc.. go to bin and paste the files. If u dont see the folders than create one and paste the files inside. If it still doesnt work try throwing your mobile on the wall!


  25. Ardie Anggadipura  

    Hallo all,

    Good news. I've done installing HelloCarbide.sisx, CapsOn and CapsOff, copying CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and installserver.exe to C:sys/bin.

    All worked nice...

    But the bad news is : When I turn on the CapsOff and trying to install TRK it's just 50% loading and bummm... it's canceled and cannot finish the installation.

    I try it again and it's happen again.

    Do you know what happen???

    And what should I do then?

    (I'm using n81 8GB)


  26. Anonymous  

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,wow u guys...i did EXACTLY wat u said,and the same thing happend,the god damn installation of the TRK stopped at half way!!!!!! i found out wat my phone is,which is n95 8gb,and it is the Fp2 thing or symbian 9.2,and there were NO mistakes,how about u tell those binpda guys to just make a newer trk tht always works?? and no way in hell im gonna throw my phone on the wall :P

  27. Karthikeyan  

    Is there any other way to install..

  28. Karthikeyan  

    Well I'm not getting this to work.
    A more detailed explanation would be a big help.
    Is there any other way to overcome....like refresh software or remove components..
    I have a N82.

  29. Anonymous  

    hello everyone..now it works fine on my n81 8gb...there something missing on the direction above... copy the CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and installserver.exe and paste it to C/SYS/bin....after that try ti install the ngage games...it will work trust me...

  30. Master F Puppet  

    You fools why do you need to install the AppTrk.. After installing all the stuff.. just go to the download game.. Extract it to pc.. Copy and paste it in n-gage folder of your memory card and install it through the n-gage module. Thats it

    Listen people.. You don't need to install Apptrk if your following this procedure..Just install Caps On, Caps Off, installserv and CProfDriver_SISX.ldd..After doing all this put run caps off and put t game .sis file into the damn n-gage folder.. Thtz it.. everything should work

  31. Anonymous  

    i have installed as instruction given above but when i try to instal game it shows error 5 and also i clicked on capsoff but my phone turns off.my phone is n81

  32. Anonymous  

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it funaly works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaa,thx master f puppet!,its about time!!!!:D

  33. arrum  


    I still can't see the C:/sys after launched Caps Off and there's only one pop up when i clicked Menu1..

    what should I do?

  34. Anonymous  

    btw for ppl who do the last procedure,where u extract the n-gage files to the pc and put them in the mem card,make sure u restart ur phone after installing all the games,cuz at first all the games tht i succesfully installed kept on saying error or somthing,then i restarted the phone and the games worked perfectly

  35. niks  

    hello!i neeraj request the owner of this site to tell me what password should i enter while installing all these files.when we firstly install hello carbide it demands encrypted password so i have no idea about it so plz reply on my comment as soon as possible.

    I hope i would definitely get a better solution.

  36. Laksh  

    i did all the steps but i was still unable to install the TRK app from the tools...its said "uable to install" halfway through the installation

  37. Master F Puppet  


    Read the above comments before posting that you have an error..


    Try hard formating your phone and then try the procedure. It should work..

    To all the people. If you guys find only one pop up during when accessing hello carbide.. Try re-installing it. Still the problems persists then you have to soft format or hard format your phone and do the process again.

  38. READ THIS!!,---Sade  

    wow u guys,ur so thick!!

    For ppl whos phone r listed in the Pre-FP1 devices,the caps off and on and the installserver and CProfDriver_SISX for those phones r in the folder Symbian 9.1 folder!;and ppl whos phone r listed in the FP1 list,the same stuff is in the symbain 9.2!!

    Now just install Caps on and CapsOff,and hello carbide and y-browser.But DO NOT open them yet.

    Now connect ur phone via data transfer,or use a memory card read,and connect it to ur pc.
    Then just copy and past "installserver" and "CProfDriver_SISX" to the root of ur mem card.

    NOW,when ur done putting the installserver and CProfDriver_SISX into the mem card, open y-browser and press the MENU button-the one thts maybe blue,and has a square and a circle with 2 lines connecting them

    After pressing the menu button,u shud end up at the main menu,NOW open hello carbide and press press the left selection key and press on Menu 1,and there is only ONE pop-up that should done...probably;and say YES.

    Now go to y-browser,and go to the disk where u copied the installserver and CProfDriver_SISX into,which is probably in disk E:,then mark and copy both of them into C:sys,bin. Restart ur phone.

    Now do what mar1uz said,look for his instructions in the comment he did over here.

    After extracting all the n-gage files,open caps off,and then copy the .n-gage files into ur mem card,in the mem card there shud be a folder called "n-gage" copy the file into there.

    Now open the N-gage app,and the first thing tht shud happen is that theres a box that says installing and a green bar under it showing the progress.

    If u put many games into the n-gage folder at once,when u open the n-gage app,its gna set up the installation of the games 1 by 1. after all the games r ready to be installed,open them and intall them fully

    Now if that doesnt work I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL WILL!!! or if it wont work,ur phone is screwed up! U CANT GET ANY MORE SPECIFIC.

    BTW i had the same problams as all of u like the trk stops half way,and when i open caps on and caps off my phone restarts,but i did wat i just told u and it works perfectly.


    I hope this will b a helpfull comment

  39. Anonymous  

    hey master puppet...i already installed all the games..and i played it all for about 1 wk from now...my problem is i can no longer open the ngage application..what i did is i uninstalled and reinstalled it..and i need to install again the games..it works fine but i need to play the game from the beginning...unlike using trk before..the saved games are still present even after uninstalling and reinstalling the ngage app and ngage games.....HOW CAN I PREVENT THE REOCCURENCE OF MY PROBLEM??in other site they said that maybe because the RAM is too low..i emptied the cache but still dont work..

  40. Anonymous  

    Why when I try to install HelloCarbide, my mobile antivirus says that it contains a virus? Anyone have same prob?

  41. Karthikeyan  

    after doin all the steps..still cant able to see c:/sys/bin..
    explain procedure...

  42. Anonymous  

    im experienceing the same thing...c:sys/bin cant be seen eventho i used capsoff. Btw can i uninstall the capsoff and on as well as hello carbide when it works ?

  43. sade  

    yea i had it,b4 u try to install the hello carbide,exit ur antivirus,and it actaully doesnt hav a virus

    and for karthikeyan,try formatting ur phone and do repeat the procedure

  44. annabel  

    I know you people are probably banging your head against a wall by now - but i would really appreciate some help.

    I can't get my phone to show c:sys using the Y-browser or x-plore

    i've installed HelloCarbide and have done the menu bit

    I;ve installed caps on and caps off - but nothing happens when i click either the icons - is anything meant to pop up?

    What am i doing wrong :(

  45. annabel  


    Ok ignore my previous post - i figured out what i was doing wrong and its now all working

  46. Anonymous  

    Hi there. Done exactly like Sade said... works a treat until it is installing the files. It comes up saying each one is corrupt. Ive tried downloading them elsewhere and doing it exactly same way but always coming up as corrupt. Anyone have an answer for this? N95 with latest firmware

  47. Sade  

    Yea i also had tht prob. at first,but then i opend caps off and tried again and it worked,so it shud word wit u 2 cuz i hav n95 8gb

  48. Anonymous  

    i have a problem when open hellocarbide its just one pop ups. please bring me a solution

  49. Anonymous  

    I cant see or create c:\sys\bin folder with y-browser and also xplore its just say cant create folder err -46, i open caps off but nothing happen, hello carbide also only have one pop ups.
    its all not work on my 6220 classic.
    please bring me a solotion

  50. Anonymous  

    i have finished everything doing but when i am going to install game its showing that file has been corupted.

  51. Anonymous  

    I used nokia 5320 And I also can not find the c\sys folder with X-plore and I also couldn't create a new one please Help

  52. Sade  

    holy crap r u guys stupid?? READ THE B4 COMMENTS B4 U POST A POINTLESS COMMENT!!

    ps. i dnt really think nokia 6220 can play ngage can it??

  53. Slavica  

    ummm.... file is corrupted...omg what to do???

  54. Abhinay  

    I cant see or create c:\sys\bin folder with y-browser and also y-browser it just says cant create folder err -46, i open caps off but nothing happens. What to do pls Help?
    i restored my phone memory evn but same problem. i hane N82. plz help?

  55. Anonymous  

    Oh hell now my phones not working!!! Arrrrrgghhhhhh

  56. Anonymous  

    before i explain my problem i just want to say that i have read every post here and still can't fix my problem.

    Ok now, i have a Nokia N96 with Symbian 9.3, when i install Hello Cabride and open it i go to Options, then Menu 1, then it just closes, no pop ups, no nothing, it simply closes. Of coure nothing i do makes the c\sys\bin visible so i can't copy the two files i need to copy to that folder.

    Is the problem maybe in the symbian 9.3?? I guess it probably is for the CapsOFF and CapsON, but why doesn't Hello Cabride work?

    Please help, I really want to play these games...

  57. Anonymous  

    done it on N95 .. working like a charm .. thanks guys

  58. Sade  

    haha i guess it mostly works on the N95 and N95 8gb,cuz most of the ppl who got it working hav the n95,including me :P,i hav no idea then

  59. RDilus  

    tnx mate ill will share this with anyone

  60. Anonymous  

    hi i got it done on my nokia81
    thnkz buddy u r so sweet @

  61. Anonymous  

    yo i want the Cafe Solitair pack,wen is it coming out on the binpda?

  62. Nguyen Khanh Hoang  

    I'm using Samsung G810 and hacked succesfully by using Hello Carbide (I copied installserver.exe & CProfDriver_SISX.ldd into C:\Sys\bin) and everything works very good. I can install any unsign apps from now on. But I can not use any program like Caps On/Off, Rompatcher or SecMan to turn off the security platform when need. Especially when we need to play N-Gage game, we must need these apps. SO VERY THANKS IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME ANY VERSION CAN WORK ON MY G810? THANKS A LOT!

  63. Anonymous  

    I have read the article as well as ALL the posts above. I have an N85. S60 Version 3 Update 2.

    It does not work. HelloCarbide OPtion--> Menu1 just closes without any message. CapsOff installed but X-Plore doesn't show C:\sys\bin

  64. Anonymous  

    ALL PPL EXPLAINING master of puppets etc. pls there seems to be one major problem... ppl cannot see "c:/sys/bin" file
    SO kindly throw some light on that rest of the procedure i have understood

  65. Jas  

    guys i id everythin u told....installed every thing...but when i try to install trk port...it stops in the middle guys please help...
    phone n81

  66. daniel  

    Hey guys. Okay, I was stuck with C:/sys/bin for awhile, but all you have to do is go to Menu > Tools > Configuration and turn on "Show system files/folders". Have fun!

  67. Anonymous  

    N96 .. same problem as others. followed all instructions to the letter. When open HelloCarbide, choose Menu1, it closes, no msg. Click on Capsoff, nothing happens. Can see .sys file but cannot copy to it (using x-plore)...


  68. pinguin nuakall  

    Thanks alot all 4 all that participate, it works really fine here on my n81

  69. Anonymous  

    hahaha almost went mental not being able to see the c/sys/bin on file n95 8gb
    what i did wrong was when i ran
    hello carbide i was pressing the left soft key for yes instead of the right one easy mistake to make considering yes is almost always the right soft key

  70. Anonymous  

    Anonymous said...

    N96 .. same problem as others. followed all instructions to the letter. When open HelloCarbide, choose Menu1, it closes, no msg. Click on Capsoff, nothing happens. Can see .sys file but cannot copy to it (using x-plore)...


    me too.. WHY THIS HAPPENED...??? HELP US...

  71. Anonymous  

    Hi, thank you for the help.
    I have the nokia N81 2 Gb, I did everything, now when I try to install the games it says: file is corrupted. Do you want to delete it now?

    I had turned on the Caps off before, so now I don't know what to do.

    Thanks for the help in advance,

  72. Anonymous  

    Works PERFECT on E51!!
    Just do EXACTLY what is told and
    FORGET Y-BROWSER, use X-plore.

  73. manz  

    when i was at x-plorer, i cant create folder bin on sis folder... why

  74. Swagata  

    Please help me. I use nokia 5320. it's a symbian 9.3 s60 3rd problem is that i can't edit the sys folder. i tried the hello carbide, went to x-plore, copy those files but can't paste at sys folder. even i can't open the folder. i also tried caps off but still i can't open the sys folder. what can i do ? i can only see the sys folder but nothing i can do.

  75. Kaveh Shahidi  

    NEED HELP! i upgraded my Nokia N81 8GB firmware today to V21.0.008 the newest firmware to date for N81. So typically i had the same problem like the rest of the guys on installing the TRK file. i installed the HelloCarbide and ofcourse before i had my X-plore application on, but what seems to be the problem is that when i go to HelloCarbide application my phone hangs for a couple of seconds and restarts, this is the same for capson and capsoff applications. what should i do? can anyone help me? Has Nokia done this on purpose for the new firmware??? has anyone upgraded their N81 to this firmware?

  76. Moahmmad  

    When open HelloCarbide, choose Menu1, it closes, no msg. Click on Capsoff, nothing happens. Can see .sys file but cannot copy to it (using x-plore)...

    please help help help

  77. Karthikeyan  

    Hey guys...
    did anyone get it done in Nokia N82..
    Tell me the procedure...
    please comfirm

  78. Anonymous  


    If you're phone's firmware has the latest version it is likely that you cannot hack your phone.
    Using the old ways will not work as the new firmware is more secure. We need newer versions of hellocarbide and capsoff. Better yet, a newer way to hack the phone

  79. 2nd INSTRUCTIONZ  


    Don't you all get confused by Master F Puppet!!!The ways shown by him at the main instructions will kill your time till the whole day!

    This is the easiest English and ways to get your N Gage Game installed perfectly:

    1.Install HelloCarbide,CapsOn,CapsOff(From either Symbian 9.1 or 9.2)and Y Browser all into your phone and don't open them yet.

    2.About the CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and installserver thing,you cannot install them,but instead,go to My Computer,open your phone(Your handphone name icon),Go to your memory card or just the phone itself,and when you saw all the phone folders(Meaning the root folder@folder that have videos images n gage and etc.)Copy those 2 files to here!Or simply example:My Computer\(your phone name)\(your memory card name) and phone\(Put those 2 files here)

    3.Lol...too long right?After all those 2 files are in the root folder of your memory card(or phone),You can disconnect from PC.Then open Y-Browser,find the disk that is the memory card of the phone(where u put the 2 files there)>>>To check,go in each,click resource,apps,and you'll see your applications in it and that means its the memory card.

    4.If you can,find your CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and installserver file in your phone using Y browser,mark em,copy em and go to C\sys\bin and paste em there.Then Restart your phone.

    5.Congratulations you have done the hardest part already...so now it'll be easy>>>

    Do as what marluz1 did,'extract n gage file to pc'.Copy paste those N-Gage files to your memory card's n gage folder!

    Go to applications>open CapsOff like any applications but double click it to make sure you have run it.Then open N Gage and let it list out all the games to be installed,After that click Any game to install it,then do the same to all other N Gage games and THATS IT!!!

    If you have error for first time running the games,RESTART AND RUN THE GAMES AGAIN.Other than that ENJOY or if it's not working>>Heres a backup plan....Listen carefully..........


  80. Karthikeyan  

    hey the problem in of copying or installing the file..
    the only problem is unable to find c:/sys/bin..

  81. Anonymous  

    i cant copy to c:/sys/bin after install hellocarbid, caps on, of. why?? (i use x-plore)
    where to install hellocarbid, caps on, of?? card or phone??
    in my phone hellocarbid, caps on, of, not work in mmry card, my phone is restart after i open that!

    n81 8gb

  82. Anonymous  

    I cant find C:sys/bin on my N78
    Can anyone help

  83. Ram  

    Well, I managed to find C:sys\bin and
    copied the two files into it.But my game is still trial version

  84. chro  

    Thanks for posting the guide :)

    But i'm not getting this to work either though i have solved some problems that other might found.

    If you can't see the C:\sys, try this using X-Plore: Menu > Tools > Configuration and turn on "Show system files/folders". This will definitely bring up C:\sys

    but my problem is, i can't see the 'bin' folder. I can't create 'bin' folder either because it gives an error :|

  85. MarkoSK  

    Hi..well i too have the same problem with N96...installed all as it was mentioned above...hellocarbidge just closes, when i try to turn on capsoff it does nothing, with x-plore i can see sys folder but not bin...if anyone has any info i would really appreciate it..tnx in front..

  86. Ram  

    Hey guys,I managed to find the c:\sys\bin folder by using Hello carbide and rom patcher from another source.I pasted the two files provided from this site in the folder.Now only older games like Asphalt3, System rush, Fifa08 etc works as full version games but not the newer games like One ,Star wars ,Fifa09 etc,which are still trial versions.What is the problem?

  87. Anonymous  

    It seems that hellocarbide will not work on phone with an updated firmware. the menu1 function is not working resulting the private file (c:\sys\bin)can't be unlocked. I would be very grateful if anyone have found a way to solve this problem.

  88. Anonymous  

    This patch does not work for latest(and better)n gage games like One ,Star wars etc.All it does is remove the pop-up saying that it is a trial version, at the beginning of the game.

  89. Anonymous  

    thank's man u are genius

  90. Anonymous  

    HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE after i follow the instruction correctly
    n i copied the game in my folder n-gage...

    i start install the game but the result UNABLE TO INSTALL GAME (Error-5) PLS SOME BODY HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  91. rifsa  

    worked fine with my n73 4.0839.42.0.1
    first try it failed (evrything installed succesfully, but didnt work), but in the second attempt i try installing with these 2 file: 9_n-gage.sisx (ngage.sisx replacement) , and n-gage_autostart.sisx (kinda pacth i think), it worked fine for me.

  92. Anonymous  

    not working in nokia n81

  93. Anonymous  

    Hey guys please i need help. I haver already hacked my phone, installed all the programs u suggested, but it still the same thing. please if anybody could give me a web adress with all the ngage 2.0 free games or anybody can give me the games i'll be very gratefully. Please i need ur help. My phone is Nokia N81

  94. Anonymous  

    THANKS! It all works perfectly for me (I have a N95 8Gb). Thank you so much!!!


  95. Karthikeyan  

    hey guys...
    anybody found the solution in case of updated firmware N82...
    have anyone tried working..
    let me know the procedure..

  96. Anonymous  

    hi i hav a problam,i cant even install ANYTHING.any sis. or sisx. ap[ i try to install to my n95 8gb says file is corrupt. i formatted my mass memory and did the *#7370# thing and its still the same!! any ideas?

  97. Haider  

    plzzzzzzz help me. i copied all the n-gage games 2 the n gage folder . when i try ti install any game it shows "data corrupt, delete now" what should i do

  98. Anonymous  

    im using N85. i have installed hello carbide, caps on, and caps off. but when im trying to open those, it wont open. and i still cant find C:\sys\bin

    please help. i really want to play these games..r

  99. me, mYseLf n tudeI  

    ==i know why it keeps hanging n restarting my phone after i run hellocarbide..the solution is to install them in phone memory..not memory card..

    but my problem is..when i run hello carbide..it only show one pop up..after i choose Menu1, it closes n do nothing.no 'probably done' message.

    n then i install other hello carbide version..it doesnt show 'probably done' also..but 'freeLogicalDevice' message appears.

    help me!i'm stuck in this like forever!

  100. Anonymous  

    ppl READ COMMENTS 38 OR 79. I read them both and they both worked perfectly for my N95 8GB. they r PERFECT instructions and READ THEM CAREFULLY

  101. Anonymous  

    i followed the comment 79's instructions but after i put the n-gage game into the n-gage file i installed it half way then they said file is coruppted

  102. Pimplpoldek  

    There is free browser like x-plore, y-browser. it is freeware too, so just use google and download it.

  103. Rahmat Halim  

    Hy bro..
    I will give u a challange to hack new FW 03.26 in 5320 XM phone
    if u can. u are the real master

    so please help me to hack this phone. i brows in many link and doesnt work...
    ok if u done with this. quick post.

    im waiting ur news post.
    thanks alot

  104. crazy-pop  

    hy master...
    i will give u a challenge to hack new fw 03.26 in 5320 XM phone...

    cause i brows in many link. and it doesn't work.
    so plis help me to hack this phone.
    if u done. u are real master. and i many-many tahks to u.

    ok. i'm wait ur new post comment
    good luck for u

  105. crazy-pop  

    hy bro...
    i will give u achallenge to hack 5320 XM with fw 03.26 include.

    in many forum thats FW can't be hack. if u can hack this. u are the best and u are the real master.

    i really hope...

    and many - many thanks for u

    im wait your news comment

  106. Anonymous  

    confirmed working n95 fw 30.0.15

    and for those that r having troubles install caps off / on restart phone and try again worked for me

  107. Anonymous  

    Works on N73 with the newest firmware

  108. Anonymous  

    Oh i understand all of these instruction and I can play crash bandicoot but ie got other problem...crash was something like .n-gage file but the others are .exe and i have no idea how to make them run...can someone find me a comment for this or make new comment? or email me at feketex@post.sk HELP PLS!

  109. vini  

    i instaled the games by this way some of the games were woring full version but some were nt working so i just formated my mobile now i have c/sys
    i am nt able to find c/sys/bin and not even to create this folder plz help me dear i will be very thank ful to u

  110. Fernando  

    can you make a sis file with installserver.exe inside. so, if we install the sis apps, the installserver.exe will automaticly placed on sys\bin.

  111. vinit631@gmail.com  

    can u plz explain this method dear

  112. ۞Dẩйgēř◊uş۞ ۞Dēvil ۞  

    hi please help!
    i've installed x plore nd hellocarbide on my n95 v31.0.017, but when i go to menu 1 then nothing happens and i cannot acess c\sys please help me on punk_rock_74@hotmail.com

  113. Nomiii  

    Dear Mr. puppet i really appriciated ur services. but dude i have still problem i cant intall the game nor App trk. i recently updated my N95 8GB mobile software from 20 to version 30 i tried it many time but result is zero. plz help me.

  114. Anonymous  

    Can any one tell me where else t get these files? the link is not workin could someone please email the files to me?


  115. Anonymous  

    n79 is fp1 or fp2 ????

  116. Anonymous  

    i am not getting my n79 in any of that list

  117. Anonymous  

    Can any one tell me that n79 is 9.1 or 9.2 and fp1 or fp2 ??

  118. CHAD2980  

    TO: Master F Puppet


    First I would like to appreciate the the help you are giving to all of us...

    I think i followed all of your instructions... but like ۞Dẩйgēř◊uş۞ ۞Dēvil ۞ (comment 112)... Im also having problems on Hello Carbide app because when I go to Option - Menu 1.. nothing happens it close without asking anything...

    and i also cant see the c:sys\bin in my Y-Browser...
    but i can see it in my PC...
    is is okay if I copy paste it using the PC and not in Y-browser?

    and when i extract cracked .ngage files on ngage folder in my memory... it prepares to install but an error saying file "corrupted... delete now?"

    I also soft format c.. but same thing happens...

    I will really appreciate having help from you....

    Thanks and more power..

  119. nayeem  

    how to istall e-ngage games?

  120. nayeem  

    how to istall ngage classic games?

  121. T  

    hallo bro i've tried to install "x-plore" in my mobile it says the certificate is expired can u send me any link to me so that o can down load x-plore pls

    my mail id is maha.info@gmail.com

  122. Anonymous  

    hello carbide doesn`t work to mw. i open carbide but when i press menu1 program turns off??? help

  123. Fouda  

    Yea, hello carbide doesn't work for me either (n81, 2gb)

    What happens is i open x-plore, go to standby and open applications, open Hello carbide and when i press "Menu1", it just closes

    When i return to x-plore, nothing changed; i enabled viewing hidden & system files (checked the 4 boxes) but C:/sys doesn't want to open either

    Any response will be appreciate. Oh, and thanks for the info :)

  124. Anonymous  

    what is the password???

  125. david  

    i can't access my sys folder

  126. Anonymous  


  127. Anonymous  


  128. Anonymous  


  129. Anonymous  

    these applications install but dont work except for the xplorer :-S dont know wat to do...sum 1 help me .

  130. Anonymous  

    brother am unable to follow your procedure..what do u mean by "xplore"..am using n96.u can please help me with ur number....my number is 9000069904....plz take some intrest plzzzzz!

  131. gigoni  

    I copied those files in specific folders,but I still can't install app trk,it comes to half in install progres and than it says ''unable to install'' my phine is n82,last firmaware,hacked...anyone got a solution???

  132. Anonymous  

    wat about for FP3 .? i have a music express 5730...

  133. Anonymous  


  134. Anonymous  

    Guys!!! One real honest advise!! I tried everything i can... All is waste!!!
    All hard work went for a toss. Just imagine the hard work these programmers do to make such a game.
    So let us pay a tribute to them & purchase the game. I am going to do this. Would request you all to do the same. Thanks.

  135. Anonymous  


  136. Anonymous  

    Open Hello Carbide, select Options -> Menu1. You should get a message saying “done… Probably”. Select ‘Yes’ i am not getting any type of msg am using n96

  137. Sunny111  

    i have hacked my 5730 Succesfully but

    every cracked game is trail ver only,tough some claim that they are full versions

    most of the games do not run saying error 1000004 or ker-exec 3

    pleae help me out

    I shall be very gratful to you

  138. Anonymous  

    there is no bin in C:\sys\

  139. Anonymous  

    loude ke baal.. for new firmware des tricks dont work!!! so just stfu n go die assholes

  140. Anonymous  

    my hello carbides shuts off when i press Menu1!! Please help?? my phone is Nokia 5630

  141. aruN  

    but am unable to open c:/sys


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