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Cafe Sudoku

Cafe Sudoku N-Gage 2.0 Game
DeveloperDigital Chocolate
PublisherDigital Chocolate
Release Date27/01/2009

  • Number of players: 1
Infinite puzzles and endless fun! Play the next generation of Sudoku with infinite puzzles for endless fun! Grab a quick game on the go, form Cafés with your friends and create your own character for everyone to see. The better you play, the more you can win prizes, character personalization options, and cool upgrades for your Café!

The Game is not Cracked by BiNPDA, so we all have to wait

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28 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    please make both games fast man.....................................

  2. Anonymous  

    nice job ...i am really proud of this site ...pls get all the game in binpda format...pls pls pls pls pls ........

  3. Anonymous  


  4. Anonymous  

    Is this the full game?

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Sam  

    That piece of shit BinPDA isnt doing n-gage games anymore i was subscribed to their site and they only send me messages about some shits like opera mini or piece of shits

  7. Ali  

    husseyin bro,do u have any information when both new games will be available? Previous games never took such a long time....
    Please reply....

  8. Anonymous  

    well sam i hope that binpda do not crack any games for you. some respect for binpda. if you want you can buy them

  9. omar  

    thnx ya maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  10. Anonymous  

    binpda is the best man..what a bloody hell you said somethg like that to binpda..show some respect to binpda..u only want to get it free..if you want so badly a piece of shit then crack it for urself..or u take it my shit sam..!!!

  11. Anonymous  


  12. Anonymous  

    please crack cafe sudoku fast....

  13. Marijan  

    Asu Ngapusi

  14. Raedi  

    kwwkkwkw.. crak to ndess...

    ojo sui sui..

  15. Anonymous  

    Thats gratitude Sam how many games has binpda cracked (27) and your twisting your face that he hasnt cracked the last 2 try buying them and dont be so greedy.
    Respect to binpda

  16. Ans Kazi  

    It doesn't matter whether the games r being cracked or not.V should look back at those games binpda cracked 4 us and v should b highly thank full to him 4 doing all his efforts.No one ever cracks anything 4 free.....THANKS BINPDA U R THE BEST....

  17. Anonymous  

    binpda please please cracked n-gage asphalt 4 monopoly and prince of persia i love you team nuff respect binpda number one from t&t love allways tina

  18. Anonymous  

    binpda are you having proplem cracking n-gage asphalt 4 sudoku and monopoly if you are i will wait untill you do i am not worried i now you crack all three and post it out respect love and fait to binpda fom mark new york

  19. Anonymous  

    binpda could you crack vboy 1.40 yes 1.40 and vsun 1.15 we love you from canada

  20. Anonymous  

    kommt da noch was ? Oo

  21. Anonymous  

    naja weiß jemand ob sie überhaupt von BINPDA gecrackt werden die vier neuen Spiele?

  22. Anonymous  

    may i know why Binpda can't crack most of the last released games

  23. Anonymous  


  24. Anonymous  

    can u plz get cafe sudoku for me...????

  25. Anonymous  

    how long we have to wait damn man???

  26. Anonymous  


  27. Carp Tackle  

    Can anyone crack vsun 1.15 as i have now been searching the net for ages and cannot get it to work. Please help from dave in the UK

  28. Anonymous  

    were can I finde TRK port???? pls

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