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Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

PublisherVivendi Games Mobile
Release Date22/12/2008

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D BinPDA
The console driving/racing experience brought to your mobile device! Speed your way through 12 exciting tracks as one of the leading characters in the Crash Bandicoot saga. Race and battle against your zany opponents and turn them to dust with 8 devastating weapons. Enjoy console drifting sensations and unique 3D features: spectacular skids, dizzying jumps and special shortcuts. A mobile karting experience that rivals handheld gameplay & graphics. Have you got what it takes to race, battle… and have fun?

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D
pass : huseyin
N-Gage 2.0 App;

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  1. Anonymous  

    i've been waiting for the game. and my thanks to everyone who helped us, especially (BiNPDA) and the website.. but i'm facing some problem from downloading from Rapid Share .. could u plz upload this game and its tools (all of it) on other website .. such as megaupload or zshare or 4shared or filefactory or any other but not rapid share?

    sorry for my ENGLISH :P

  2. Anonymous  

    Please,can someone tell me which n-gage classic games I can play on my nokia n95 8gb!? Is it possible anyway?

  3. Anonymous  

    when i try to install this game (crash bandicoot)on my n95 8gb it show me an error 11802 or something like that (I dont remember the number of error)plzzz if you can install the game perfectly tell my how.I was installed the TRK and secman perfectly,and all the other games will installed perfectly also.sorry for my english and thank you

  4. Anonymous  

    tested on n73 and works fine.

    do you have binpda tools installed?

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Anonymous  

    I've just downloaded Crash Banicoot.. but it's an N-gage file.. the other games i downloaded were .exe files.. I know how those work..but how do I install n-gage files on my N95 8GB??

  7. ogin  

    Sir, I just downloaded your N-Gage installer in Nokia 6210 Navigator and it said that the device is not compatible... If you check the official N-Gage site, the device is supported... please renew your link for all games or just make an article for the tools... thanks...

  8. Anonymous  

    as OGIN said above..it happens also to me when im installing the ngage 2.0 for my 5320 xpressmusic phone..maybe u shuld make a new ngage 2.0 app..pls sir..i already also installed the hello carbide and xplore..pls have a fast reply..tnx...

  9. Anonymous  

    hmmnn... it works on my 5320 xm ...
    try download the n-gage2.0 application from the official website...

  10. morteza  

    very good

  11. Anonymous  

    doesn't work with n81 8gb my root cert. is installed but when i try to install it says in can't error code 10147 please help

  12. Ragerock  

    "doesn't work with n81 8gb my root cert. is installed but when i try to install it says in can't error code 10147 please help"

    same to me, can't install, same error.
    Could you plese reupload the file???

  13. Anonymous  

    thx for your rockingg games. . ..
    you really help us all with your very good jobs. . .

  14. Anonymous  

    does this work in fp2 phones, 9.3?
    like 5320 xm?

  15. Anonymous  

    plz can u sort out the problem for thr n95 8gig
    its comes up with an error

  16. Anonymous  

    when i try to install on my nokia n79 it say file is corrupted why?

  17. Anonymous  

    perfect, thanks

  18. Anonymous  

    If the error is -10147, then exit the N-Gage app, uninstall the SIS/SISX version of Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D and then install the N-Gage version of the game. It should appear as greyed-out in the N-Gage menu. Just click on it and it should start installing.

  19. Anonymous  

    i still cant install it on n95 8gb
    can you help me please?

  20. Anonymous  

    can anyone pls explain in detail how to install the n-gage games on nokia n73 me. pls in detail, i have no idea regarding anything how to install. some r talking abt tools some r bringing n-gage installer topics..

    pls anyone spare sometime in sorting out this problem. i would be grafeful to u ppl. thank you

  21. Anonymous  

    Here is directions how to instal this game on N95 8GB:
    1. intall these tools http://cc64ca8b.linkgalleries.net
    2. if you have brand new nokia istall this http://10ad6a00.qvvo.com
    3. unrar file kaza you downloaded from this page http://cdf32e8b.realfiles.net
    pass : huseyin
    4. connect phone with PC and choose Data transfer
    5. file "Crash Nitro Kart.n-gage" just copy to directory "n-gage" into your nokia (if you dont have it, make it)

  22. Anonymous  

    Can anyone pls tell me how to install trk on n95. i try to install the tools i downloaded but it says that it is already built in! can anyone help pls!!!

  23. Anonymous  

    how do i dl it? is really free? please inform me thanksss.

  24. Anonymous  

    is there some kind of a program or patch that removes "TRIAL" mark in N-GAGE app.?

    P.S. Thanks for cr***ing these games, they're amazing!

  25. ALI  

    This games work fine on my N73 mobile.This website rockss

  26. Anonymous  

    is this game multiplayer?? or a single player??

  27. Anonymous  

    how to download??????

  28. Anonymous  

    hi could u please upload a webpage from which i can install a metro TRK comport.


  29. Anonymous  

    Hi, could you post new link to n gage 2.0 app. I'll try 2 download this one but it's seams that is erased..?? Thank you

  30. Anonymous  

    anyone, can u give me the activation code of crash bandicoot 3D ?
    i wanna play it in my N79 .. >.<
    pls help me ..
    thx .

  31. Anonymous  

    thanks but could you use another sharing site? just dont use RapisShare...

  32. Anonymous  

    i love you binpda team

  33. Anonymous  

    i rock and this is crap it doesnt work!

  34. Anonymous  

    wew,the tools cannot be downloaded
    can someone tell me how?

  35. um hamad  

    acivation code

  36. Anonymous  


  37. Anonymous  

    please tools link ,this one posted is down!

  38. Anonymous  


    It hangs just after the first race on the cup mode on my N85... Any ideas?

  39. Anonymous  

    where is the tools????????????????????

  40. Anonymous  

    is this game cracked?

  41. kcjoyce_30  

    ..hi guys...i would lyk 2 download dis game 2 my Nokia N81...can sumbody plz help me how 2 donwload it..?

  42. Anonymous  

    cooll web

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