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Asphalt Urban GT 3: Street Rules

  • Number of players: 1
  • N-Gage Arena: Rankings
Release Date02/04/2008

Burn up the asphalt and reign over underground racing!

Asphalt 3: Street Rules is rocketing right onto your mobile device! The third installment of the most famous mobile device racing game throws you right into the heart of the underground racing world. Take the wheel of your dream car or bike and make a name for yourself in this subculture where respect and money are won through drifts and pileups. Make your way through the world’s most famous cities at any speed and make a fortune showing off your aggressive driving style. Spare no expense in tuning your hot rod and improving its performance to transform it into the ultimate racing beast. Force your opponents off the road and avoid the police roadblocks to attract TV helicopters filming your exploits live! Plunge into the world of Asphalt 3: Street Rules and live out the most spectacular mobile racing experience!

Installation notes:
1. Download
2. Unpack
3. Connect your phone via USB
4. Install the Tools (download from the link below and follow the nfo if you haven't
5. Launch the downloaded game (*.exe)
6. The app will install your new, full version N-GAGE 2.0 game

*The zips/rars conatin an exe, this is the installer (further information: Installation notes)
*Some games supports multiplayer. This means you can play that game with friends via Internet or Bluetooth (It depends on the game).

Rapidshare.com link for Asphalt Urban GT 3 Street Rules cracked BiNPDA
rar pass = huseyin

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  1. Nokia N95 User  

    I have a Nokia N95, and I can't load any game into my phone. The Metro TRK port was not found when i tried to load the game into the phone. I downloaded the TRK and SacMan onto the phone already

  2. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    please read binpda.nfo and follow the instruction, it works, trust me, and this file has downloaded thousands of time. it works.

  3. Anonymous  

    Hi I already have the trial version how can i get only the activation code to make it full?


  4. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    delete the trial, download and install it, ;)

  5. apogee  

    Huseyin - I wanted to say "I Love You" :) Kif Halak Yachabibi :D Thanks alot for the 2.0 games, finally I got some N95 action going on! By the way - one question I noticed the games say DEMO - bu tthey aren't right?


  6. Sean  

    ive got a n95 when i downloaded this game the zip file .. its askes me for password saying that the file in encripted .... can u help me on this ?

  7. Cappa  

    Hi, i downloaded TRK installed games and they worked great, next day the games had TRIAL on the side of them but i could still play it, but not sure if its full now or not.. please help

  8. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    @apogee: thank you, im fine, im an Arab but i live in Turkey, so i forgot arabic. i cant reply in Arabic, but i can understand you ;)

    @sean: cant you see "pass = huseyin"

    @cappa: if you still can play, there is no problem, ??

  9. asif  

    I have firmware V20.0.056 on my n81 8gb. I tried installing the TRK but says already built in. What do i do?

  10. Sean  

    ah yea thats rite ! .. im so sorry for that ... im so blind .. thanks for ur time m8
    cheers :)

  11. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    @asif: you have to install s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx

  12. ilmma  

    is the TRK file compatible with FP2 nokia phone? (like the new nokia 5320, N78, N96)

  13. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i dont know but give it a try, dont forget to give us feedback

  14. ilmma  

    actually i'd love to try it if i can..
    unfortunately, i'm still searching for the best phone i want to buy with the cheapest price, and I found that 5320 is the best (with the brand new symbian 9.3, and it's said that it can install n-gage game too)...
    the n-gage official website said that the n-gage application for this phone is not available yet (they say "coming soon").
    But i'm worried if I can't install n-gage game from you because the diffrence of the version of symbian..
    oh I love your site, and I want to play those games of yours... :)
    hopefully all of your games collection is compatible with symbian 9.3, if it's not, let's hope binpda make it for us..

    thank u..
    ilmma, indonesia

  15. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    hmm, i will suggest you n81, n81 is the most compatible mobile phone with ngage 2.0 games. also it has got additional game buttonz.

  16. ilmma  

    Hi, i've bought 5320, it's a great phone and can play n-gage game with additional game button above the screen and a "forward" button..

    ok, this is my feedback..
    I cannot install both of the TRK files.. :(
    it's said "unable to install. component is built-in"

    can i still play n-gage without install the TRK and secman application?

    hope you can find the TRK for FP2..
    Thank you..

  17. Anonymous  

    thanks dude, u rock...by the way, can my n95 play the ngage classic games?

  18. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    no, you can only play ngage 2.0 games on n95

  19. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    is there a way to remove the trial button?/??

  20. Anonymous  

    why i can't download tool.rar

  21. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i have checked again adn tools.rar is downloadable. try again

  22. torres  

    I can't install the trk file s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx on my n81 8gb. It says the application is already built in. did i do something wrong? could you help me dude?

  23. arfan  

    what is sisx...??
    is it same with sis..??

  24. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    sisx is installer file for series 60v3 phones, but sis is for s60v1 and s60v2

  25. Compadray  

    hi i hav the n95 8gb and i was wondering if u can tell me a way of removing the trial sign on the right of every game. Anser asap thx

  26. Anonymous  

    hi I already download the tools for Asphalt game. If I will install the other games, what I must do??? Is I download the tools again for other games or use that tools???

  27. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    if you've downloaded and installed tools for once its enough.

  28. Compadray  

    ummm,how about u actually ANSWER my question????????????/ instead of answering a guys question who asked after me....

  29. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    if you can play the game fully functional its not problem i think.

  30. Anonymous  

    hey man, first of all i would like to say thank you for this. Awesome of u to share.

    just something: in n-gage, next to the games it says 'trial'. so is it trial or is it full? if its full y is the word still there.

    Thanks again!!

  31. Anonymous  

    Hi Bro..

    I Still cant installed app trk in 5320 and always said :

    "unable to install. component is built-in"

    App Trk ver S06_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx instead of S06_3_0...sisx

    Where can i get app trk for 5320? or App Trk S06_3_0(1)_2_8_6.sisx ?

    Thank bro....iam desperate about ngage with 5320!!!

  32. HELP!!  

    dude wtf,i have n95 8gb,and it used to work before,then i did this software update and it deleted all my ngage games that i had before,and i aslo formatted my mass memory. Now my firmware is 30.01 or somthing,and everytime i try to install the TRK app. it says component is built in.And YES i did try to install the s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx one,but it still doesnt work,and i tried to install it to my phone AND mass memory.so plzzzzzzzzzz help

  33. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    we have told that upgrading firmwave is causing that problem, but we dont know how to fix this problem yet, try to downgrade your firmware if you can.

  34. help!!  

    k thx ill try to find a way but wont tht mayb damage my phone? or actually how about u just tell me wat the App. TRK looks like u when u go into the application manager so maybe from there if i can uninstall it,the "component" wont be built in anymore since its uninstalled

  35. help!!  

    ooh never mind what i said.go to this link; http://www.nokiausa.com/A4410026 and read number 10,it says:
    Note: Software cannot be downgraded. Once you have upgraded your device, you will not be able to restore to the earlier version.it says this near the end of number 10,so i still cannot downgrade, so is there a way that the makers or TRK will make a new one that will work?

  36. jittin  

    cn ny 1 say me wats d password 2 open d downloaded rar file
    of asphalt 3:street rules

  37. Master F Puppet  

    The rar pass = huseyin

    Dude its there in the post read it man!.. below the download game link.

  38. ganesh  

    thank you very much- huseyin

  39. kogakz  

    i can't download asphalt 3 and dogz

    the rapidshare told me that "it contains illegal content"

    i want to download it

    please help me!!!

  40. Deneb  

    The rapidshare link for asphalt3 is blocked.Can you please upload the file againg.Thank you for all the games you have uploaded

  41. lokesh  

    hey m8 just got a prob here cos what happened is that i just brought the nokia n96 and cant install trk on it so plz can u help me i really need to play these games

  42. completely_frustrated!  

    hi, i have just purchased an n82, with firmware updated to version 30. when i try to install s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx, i get the error that this component is already installed. any sugestions??

  43. Anonymous  

    So i bought nokia n95 8gb before 2 days...In it i have installed both fifa and this asphalt(demos) but they are only installed i cant find them in the n-gage omg and my n-gage icon is blue :D the other i have seen is that when on the other n95 8 gb u start the n-gage u must watch a video i don't have these extras :D and there are no options like start game...i want to downlaod this game but i think that i must download the n-gage 2.0 ot smthing ?

  44. Anonymous  

    omg i need to come in turkey to make that thing to work o.O btw i am from bulgaria :D i've understand everything exept one where is that x-plore

  45. carlo  

    please help me...
    i had a problem,after doing all the procedures in installing the tool and the n-gage in my n81 8gb
    i cant open the n-gages games because it always says that it is corrupted...

  46. Anonymous  

    hi..i cant find c:/sys/bin
    my phone is n81
    help me pliss

  47. Anonymous  

    Is there any risk in connecting the N-Gage application online after installing the full version of the cracked games.

  48. QuietStorm  


    I've the N96 and the same probs as mentioned above...
    When I try to install s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx the phone says it's already installed.
    The N96 is S60 v3.2, with feature pack 2. Maybe that's the reason.

    Is there a solution in sigth?


  49. Anonymous  

    Can summone make a tutoria what we must do?? i dont understand nothing plz make one i got n95 and i dont know wich TRK to install and how...

  50. Anonymous  

    im sorry if i bother you..but i have one question in my mind...i downloaded star wars,but when i installed it on my 5320,i can only play the trial version...please tell me how to make it full version...

  51. Teejay  

    hi! i have a N81 8GB phone, and im not sure on how to download N-gage games in it, do i just download the game into my PC then copy it to my phone using the USB Cord?


  52. Anonymous  

    please help me...
    i had a problem,after inistaling all the procedures in "tool" folder and the n-gage 2 in my n81 8gb
    i cant open the n-gages games because it always back to the menu plz help

  53. Anonymous  

    please help me...
    i had a problem,after doing all the app and installing the tool and the n-gage in my n81 8gb
    when i open the n-gages games folder it wont open plz help

  54. 2-D  

    Hi, thanks 4 d game. Im looking foward 4 another N-Gage 2.0 games and im using Nokia 5320 express Music. 2D, Indonesia

  55. Anonymous  

    hi there.. i have downloaded and installed the game but when i try to install it it says "File is corrupted" help! what should i do about it.

  56. Anonymous  

    "File is Corrupt" what do i do?!?!?

  57. Anonymous  

    HEY....first of all AWESOME AWESOME WORK!!!
    secondly, i have the exe file.my phone is NOT connected to th PC. when i say extract the file to PC, it gives me an Ngage file. what am i exactly supposesd to do with this file...how do i get my phone (N73ME) to read it????

    do i have to install the file FROM the phone?

    DO i have to install the file while the phone is connected to the PC, FROM the PC.

    Or anyother way, which im not aware of....

    plz plz help me.....thanx thanx thanx a LOT!

  58. jatin  

    i got the TRK POrt solution if any one want it than mail me your email ID i send yyou the sollution

  59. Anonymous  

    its tellin corrupted file..plz help

  60. Anonymous  

    first of all once u upgrade the phone firmware u cannot downgrade it. secondly this game would not work in an N95 8GB as the TRK component is built in and there is not way u can try goin further in this installation process. instead i would suggest u guys to download some other games available out of n gage platform. try out www.imserba.com and search for games for ur specific phone. u can get better things and forget n gage. nd newayzz y dont these guys realise dat we arent goin to buy a stewpid game to play on our cell phone, for god's sake!!!!

  61. alexaer  

    Jatin can you help me with the TRK port please???

  62. N73 ME User  

    i've downloaded the game, had some problems wid the TOOLS part because of the latest firmware but solved it somehow, bit still cant understand how to actually INSTALL the game. U've uploaded a ZIP file, in it is a SYSTEM folder with further subfolder. What happened 2 d old times when all u had 2 do was run a .exe file :P?

  63. Anonymous  

    i try to install n-gage 2.0 on my memory card but it doesn't work.the file is corrupted.why???

  64. Apar  

    jatin.. pls help me with TRK port asap.. thanks..

  65. cool  

    plz help i have a N85.....trk doesnt install....it says certificate error....i tried changing the date....still no use...please help me......

  66. majed  

    i didnt got any problems during instalation and all the links are working :)

  67. Maroof  

    Hi i have nokia 5230 FP2. i have pre installed n-gage latest software but when i install trk it gives mr error that the component is builtin. if its builtin then where i can find trk application?

  68. HaCKaRT  

    Im using Nokia 5320 but i cant install TRK. I've already install SecMan. Still cannot install TRK and the games..

  69. Anonymous  

    hey, i want ask something
    why my 5320 XpressMusic can't install the TRK application? and all the game is corrupt

  70. Anonymous  

    hey huseyin i have nokia5320 and all the games that i 've download it are corrupted plz can u tell me how to fix that problem plzplz

  71. Maroof  

    Mr huseyin i think you are sleeping. Please man help me and tell me the crack for fp2 phones. Mine is nokia 5320.

  72. Anonymous  


  73. Zyklon  

    ok guys one big Question..I AM ABOUT TO BUY n 81 3....can it be hacked and can I play all the cracked NGAGE games posted here....

  74. Anonymous  

    hello first of all thanks for tha games and d for tha free downloads..well i got a problem n iwould like some help . i installed the s60_3_0_app_trk_2_7.sisx in my n73 (i searched in google and this was the correct trk for my phone)when i was installing sec man it took a long time whitout progress so i changed the baud rate value from default 57600 (after 3 times i tried by this way) to 38400 and it worked
    and then installed sec man and activated the root certificate but when i try to install N gage.sisx it says "cannot install. Device isnot compatible with n gage2 and also cheking the details part of the file i read version i.00 not 2.00 as its announced in the link im a little bit confused can smoebody help me please?

  75. Anonymous  

    Asphalt 4 is reliesed.Huseyin will you upload it please.

  76. Anup  

    where wil i find s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx????

  77. Zyklon  

    Here is a one time solution for all ure probs...

    People with "component already built in" error..
    Download :
    1.Apptrk 2.8.9 a n d
    2.Secman 1.1

    both available on nokia MOSH website....make sure it is THIS and ONLY this version....2.8.9 and 1.1 for apptrk and Secman respectively....
    i have a BRAND NEW N81...got it yesterday..updated firmware and all...BUT I STIL CRACKED IT!!!

  78. Nimesh  

    Huseyin can't hack nokia n82 V30.0.019 ......plzzzz help....hack it and give me the solution ......thank u....

  79. Vishal  

    i m not able to install N-gage 2.0. its written update error .... Tell me wat i do ... plz.

  80. aftershock  

    nimish and vishal...try my method..apptrk 2.8.9 and secman 1.1..uu need these versions and only these VERSIONS..as versions before this wont work...

  81. The Flash  

    I use N81 8 GB, I can't install the game because the TRK method doesn't work for my phone, how do I install it?

  82. n95-1 user  

    hi hüseyin, ı have a n95-1 version.frimware is v.12.013. but don't open the games.eror message is:memory full closed another problem!!whats my problem???

  83. The Flash  

    never mind, solved my problem

  84. Anonymous  

    i have N85 and i cant install both TRk files they both sayed certificate error !! and i downloaded another Trk File and it says Compnent is built IN ?? can u please tell me ? i cant install the trk file !! help please

  85. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    try to hack your mobile phone

  86. Anonymous  

    please guys help me !!!
    when i bought my nokia 5320 i didnt saw that it has a free activation code of asphalt urban 3!!!
    i saw it after 2 months and this code expires at 30/6/2009.i enter the code and i see in my screen the following error message "http timeout".
    my email is gohan26jim@yahoo.gr

  87. Anonymous  

    i cant download the trk port

  88. Anonymous  


    i have N81 & i have already installed n-gage 2.0 but when i m installing the game it says corrupt file.
    Please Help Me

    Umair Kazmi

  89. Anonymous  

    what is the password for unpacking the exe file

    please mail

  90. RIPPER  

    This works for N96 as long as you hack it. The way you hack it is completely different to N95.

  91. coco  

    i opened the binpida and it says corrupt or unrecognize. . i cant install it on my phone please teach me the details it seems really simple but its not. . oh ive already intalled the trk but it also says that not found. .

    hope to hear form you soon *^_^*

  92. coco  

    oh i forgot my phone is n95 8gb

  93. Anonymous  

    the binpda.nfo doesn't work it doesn't open

  94. Anonymous  

    Hey i deleted the private folder by mistake..before i used to have app trk ..now its lost when i reinstal at 50% it says unable to instal..my phone is hacked.

  95. mariam  

    this is one of the best games i have ever played on a mobile phone. thanks alot guys for sharing this and a special thanks to BinPDA for cracking this i can't wait for the asphalt 4 to get out

  96. Anonymous  

    i want the activation key plz

  97. Anonymous  

    sir, what's with that metroTRK?
    whenever i'm finished installing it's telling me dat the file was corrupted.. what shud i do?

  98. Anonymous  

    I have a Nokia E61

  99. Anonymous  

    Hey everbody, myself Sparsh from india

    I have bought n81(8GB) yesterday.Rapidshare link given here for tools.rar is not working. However if anybody is facing trk problem, I have the solution!!
    In google, type- download file s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_9.sisx and download it from mediafire and transfer it to phone( It works in v 20.0.056 firmware version of n81).After transferring go to application there you can find trk icon. open it and go to settings and there change the option from bluetooth to usb. That's it!! Now just connect phone having trk OPENED and transfer the game.Enjoy!!

  100. Anonymous  

    Hi I already have the trial version how can i get only the activation code to make it full?


    I have firmware V20.0.056 on my n81. I tried installing the TRK but says already built in. What do i do?

  101. babi  


  102. mohan  


  103. Anonymous  


  104. Anonymous  

    tools please

  105. Anonymous  


  106. Anonymous  

    hey i got a n81.i am not able to install the game to my phone...it says corrupted file.delete now?what do i do???pls help!!!!

  107. Unknown  

    for number 100
    use secman v1.1

    only this software your phone will be hack

  108. Anonymous  

    is any body hack v21.0.010 for n81

  109. João  

    hey, where do I download all the stuff that's necessary to install the game? like this TRK and SacMan

  110. Anonymous  

    i have a n95- 8gb, i have downloaded the n-gage 2.0 version. what to next? im confused. i wanna install n-gage games

  111. Anonymous  

    i have an Nokia N81 ..they say that version 21.0.010 is not hackable and it cannot install BinPda cracked games?? what will i do Huseyin??

  112. Anonymous  

    hi! i hv downloaded the game but even though i connect my phone to pc it says metro trk port not found? how do i run trk port on mobile? pls help!

  113. Anonymous  

    plseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me frm where do i find tools and binpda.nfo pls help

  114. Anonymous  

    its hot

  115. Anonymous  

    where should i download metro trk???

  116. Anonymous  

    ok i need some help! i have a nokia N91, and i have installed the n-gage app but an older version since the newer version or when my old version asks to update, it says that my phone cannot use n-gage... i can open the application (old version) from the "my own" folder but when i try and run asphalt it tells me that i have to update the n-gage... im really confused and pretty pissed off that it wont work! please help me! post a reply here or email me at bbaby.face@yahoo.com thx a looot an this site is great

  117. Anonymous  

    can somebody please let me know the full procedure to install this game on my N81. I an new here and dont have a clue how to proceed. i have downloaded the rar from rapidshare but what next. Also where can i find the tools.rar...
    please help.................................

  118. honey  

    oooooooooooooooooh yeah baby.
    thnx Huseyin.
    it worked on my N81.
    really thnx to you

  119. Anonymous  

    it says metro trk port not found wat do i do i cannot find the trk thing pls help

  120. Anonymous  

    Link is dead dude please upload again

  121. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    thanks for your report, i'll reupload it as soon as possible.

  122. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    i've reuploaded, now you can download

  123. Mademoiselle Fraise  

    Hi, I have an n85 and I tried installing the trk v 3.1 but it says certificate error.
    what steps do i need to take to get the ngage games working?

  124. Anonymous  

    i have n82,i`ve downloaded the n-gage application but it does not open the `exe`
    what do i do?

  125. Anonymous  

    attn: HUSEYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'm user for nokia n95, when i install The One,ashpalt3 to ngage games it say cannot install games ERROR-11, why HUSEYIN????? please help me!!!! and why link to Midnight Pool not found??? i need your help to check this problem.. i know you can do it with your profesionality .. i'm waiting your feedback.

  126. Anonymous  

    hi bro.........during installation in phone, asphalt 3d street rules shows "error 20".......
    pls help!!!

  127. royhan  

    plizzz help mee.. why i install it, always corrupt and recomendded to delete it... i try it 5 times. my handphone is n81

  128. royhan  

    plizzz... crack direct to ".ngage" files... not with ".exe"... in installation, my mobile cannot detection.....

  129. Anonymous  

    link is removed from rapidshare..please re-upload it.

  130. Anonymous  

    I have one question: I hacked my n82 and install all available binpda n-gage 2 games,and all working fine,but i can't install asphalt 3. When finishing installation one error ocurs and stop install progress. Can anybody help? I tried to download that file from few sites but always i get the same results. I want to play asphalt. PLS help
    Can i play asphalt on my bluetoot with oder phone?

  131. Anonymous  

    how to install this game on my nokia n82.......pls reply me my id is chandrus1983@yahoo.co.in

  132. chandru  

    how to install this game on my nokia n82........pls tell me all steps pls pls pls i beg u huseyin

  133. Anonymous  

    Asphalt3 activation code

  134. Anonymous  

    i am a n86 8mp user, i tried 2 install asphalt 3, but it suggests 2 delete it evrytym i try 2 install it... plz help...

  135. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    reuploading!!! sorry for delay,..

  136. chandru  

    hey huseyin pls tell me how to install i beg u pls pls........my id is

    you tell me here only(if you cant email)
    and tell me ur email id i'll contact u der only

    when u hav uploded these games u should tell people wen they ask how to install those games or else it will become complete waste b'coz people doesnt know how to install it......pls tell m new to n-gage....
    pls tell me

    thanks in advance..

  137. jebin  

    hey i hav a n95 8gb , but i can't put any game into my mobile , where i get from that metro trk port?? pls tel me the correct information.


    Assalamu alaikum

    1st good job by U everthing is working....
    i can install all the files u told for hacking my mobile..i installed all files as u told...

    when i see tat HACK.RAR file i will mark those two files inside it and copy it....
    then u told to paste it in "c:\sys\bin"
    but in my mobile it shows in capital letters as "SYS" and inside it there is no "BIN" FOLDER.....
    when i try to make a new folder and rename it as "bin" it says "CANNOT MAKE DIR"

    MY ID IS kasimabdullah.k@gmail.com



  139. Anonymous  

    i have a n95 i cant able to install the s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx application in my mobile if im intall the application (unable to install)like that one error come and it will closed. note:i already hack the mobile using Hellocarbide method so plz help me reply to me.

  140. rojak  

    cannot install its say error-1

    how ?

  141. Anonymous  

    @ rojak

    hi rojak

    email me at kasimabdullah.k@gmail.com

    i will tell u how to install it

  142. Anonymous  

    how about nokia n97? how to hack, how to install n-gage games?

  143. Damage  

    ummm, where is the link to the tools? i cant find it on this site, pls help

  144. Anonymous  

    how can i download this game? tanx

  145. Igat@WHATEVA  


    i hav a Nokia 5630 XM...

    i've tried 2 install the game, but an error occured...

    it says, "file corroupted"...

    also, i've tried 2 open the binpda.nfo, but again it says file corrupted...

    same as nokia n95 user...

    i can't load any game into my phone...

    no metro trk port was found...

  146. YuanLaozone  

    Hello Tahnks So Much Friemd U Can Download Games Form Your Blogspot

  147. hitesh  

    huseyin plz plz plz help me!!!!!
    i hav n81.
    when i m tryin 2 install APP TRK on my mobile "s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx"
    it says unable to install.conponent is built in..
    n when i m trying to find it on my device.. there is no sucess...so
    plz give me a solutoin...
    i have read all the binpda.nfo and follow all the instruction...
    but all the things stop on that installation...
    i'm begging u plz help me...

  148. Hamza  

    great i download almost games non of ur games from ur site works it says file corrupted and m mad nw i hav 10kbps downloadin speed wanted 2 play some game in mobile i download asphalt 3,tony hawks skate,the one bt non of these games worked tony hawk is sm bsk or sm file i frgt which is unable 2 open n this other 2 says corrupted

  149. Anonymous  

    what is trk port, how can I find it? thanks

  150. Anonymous  

    What's the password to extrat the game? I tried "pass = huseyin", "huseyin" and all the variants I could find on this page

  151. Anonymous  

    i have downloded the full version but I face a problem in extracting the file since it requires some password?

  152. Anonymous  

    i have downloaded the file but my phone does not accept it ?It says the file is corrupted

  153. Anonymous  

    i hacked my phone by helloX
    is right for nokia n-gage games
    i can't play full game
    what i do??????????

  154. Anonymous  

    what is a metro trk port?n how do i get the required trk port

  155. nokia user  

    no link to tools?-

  156. VibZ  

    i have tried everthing that is s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx

    tired installing but all they say is " unable to install , component build in "..

    wat do i do..?

  157. Anonymous  

    tq so much

  158. Anonymous  

    i cant download the asphalt game. what should i do??? im n.gage user.. i hope u could help me some how? tnx -dearly

  159. Anonymous  

    i am unable to download this game

  160. Anonymous  

    plz tell me how tu download from this site i cant find download button in this site

  161. Mohammad  

    I have a nokia 5700 and ive already hacked my phone.
    The problem is that i cannot install the n-gage game although i have the n-gage emulator.
    When am installing the above file from my pc, its is asking for MetroTRK. My mobile is connected to my pc and the sofware does not recognise it

  162. Anonymous  

    rar pass = huseyin
    u dl here (c'était marqué en haut mais bon)

  163. Anonymous  

    why is it on RAR file ? how am i going to install it ??

  164. Anonymous  

    hey zip file ask the passward pls help

  165. Anonymous  

    Hi guys im trying to install it... if any1 know the activation code pls post it

  166. bilal  

    hey im facing a problem. when i unzip files. i enter pass and later when i open that containing folder i get 2 folders in " apps and libs" i dont know how to install these kinda files and folders to my n81.

  167. bk  

    hey hiii.. i downloaded asphalt 3, it install from the comp to mobile( N81) then later when i install it in mobile it starts and then at the end i receive an error " ERROR 1"
    pls help !

  168. Anonymous  

    hey i found hack.rar and copied the files but the xplorer says cant copy on the directory pls help

  169. KIRODXX  

    @Hüseyin KELEŞ

    I cant download at rapidshare. SO what is the point of sharing at a useless rapidshare. Any mirror link. PLEASE. MEDIAFIRE ROCKS.

  170. Anonymous  

    if you got n95 or n95 8gb and get error - 1 then
    pls d/load patched version of asphalt 3, google:

    Asphalt3 fixed by BodyZ n gage

    also there is a asphalt 4 full version(cracked) on torrents sites, google as well. Works fine

  171. jack  

    this game rule....

  172. praveen  

    i have n79 is it necessary to hack the phone to install the game?

  173. Anonymous  

    i am download the game asphalt 3 , but extracting password is wrong

  174. aadiprit44  

    how can i download this game?

  175. Anonymous  

    Hi Is ther Any One Who Listen my problem i m using nokia 5630xp And All of My Ngage Games Are on Trail..Some oNe Can TeLl ME How Can i Register Them....this Is my Email ITs So Nice and PLesent If Some one Help Me To Come out frm this Problem shahid4u2009@yahoo.com

  176. Anonymous  

    Hi. Is there any cracked game/N-gage game for Nokia N97 s60v5. If there is please let me know. My email: jamil@allieditbd.com

  177. Anonymous  

    Hey.. i need some help man.. some games ive downloaded cme with 3 folders, "lib, apps and system(i think), anyways i hav no idea how to install these type of games.... PLEASE HELP!! Thnx.

  178. Kashef  

    Hüseyin KELEŞ.I cant install it on my n95 8gb. it says metro TRK not found.please help

  179. G.mustafataj  

    Asphalt 3: Street Rules is rocketing right onto your mobile device! The third installment of the most famous mobile device racing game throws you right into the heart of the underground racing world

  180. Muhammad Razzaq  

    this subculture where respect and money are won through drifts and pileups. Make your way through the world’s most famous cities at any speed and make a fortune

  181. simply_chad07  

    i already install the game. but when i start. its unable to start and error

  182. Anonymous  

    any mirror..!!??

  183. Anonymous  

    Hey Huseyin!
    When i try to install the game, after completing 90% it says - Unable to install game(Error-1)
    Plz HELLLLLLP........

  184. vinu  

    how can i download these games ?

  185. Anonymous  

    very nice

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