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Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
Release Date20/01/2009

  • Multiplayer Mode: Bluetooth
  • Number of players: 1-2
  • Bluetooth mode: 2 players
Face the world’s richest drivers in high-speed races through traffic or take on your friends in the exclusive multiplayer mode! Experience amazing 3D graphics and a unique feeling of speed. Choose from 28 licensed dream cars and bikes from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Bugatti, and zoom through the streets of Monte Carlo, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Dubai, and Beverly Hills to make your mark. Check your rides in your own garage and spend millions on fine tuning them. Take on the police in each city as they try to stop you with roadblocks and helicopters in order to seize your expensive toy. Can you become the ultimate VIP of urban racing?

Watch the Video!!

Game is not cracked by BinPDA yet, so download trial;
rar pass : huseyin

note : you can download this trial directly from n-gage site.

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155 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    its trial......ooooooo i want full....

  2. Anonymous  

    can't wait,hope it works on my n73 me as the others have.

  3. Anonymous  

    ouh cant wait to crack :) all asphalts are gr8! and this site too

  4. eythimios  

    thanks you very much

  5. Anonymous  

    its trial ?

  6. Dejo  

    Asphalt 3 is better than this game,poor update....

  7. Anonymous  

    thakns brow

  8. Sandeep  

    its trial i want full as soon

  9. Anonymous  

    please full version because we want play

  10. Anonymous  

    when we will avail the cracked version of this!

  11. Anonymous  

    in my words,asphalts 1 & 2 are the best 2 being my favorite.so many cars and customizations.don't know where gameloft is going with this but i think that these asphalts get worse.

  12. Sam  


  13. Shaun  

    Is it just me or has a few of the recent ngage releases been exactly the same as their sisx downloads?

  14. Anonymous  

    hey i cant wai8 until the full version come :)
    i played the trial version and i like it....
    so when the crack will be ready ?!!!??

  15. harry  

    hey dude which firmware do you have on your n73 so you can play ngage games?

  16. Anonymous  

    please crack this one too :D

    thanks from sweden

  17. Ishmeet  

    plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss cracki asap!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous  

    can't wait please crack it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous  

    the version i'm usin is v.0812.4.2.1 ant it runs the repack of ngage very well.

  20. Sahil  

    hey dude thats a lovely game to play like all asphalts please avail the full version as soon as possible thank bro

  21. Anonymous  

    Come on Asphalt 4,crack it.

  22. Anonymous  

    aaaaaaa, can't wait for the crack version

  23. Anonymous  

    binpda you are very late

  24. Behdad  

    I WANT FULL TOO !!!!!!

  25. Anonymous  

    be patient......

  26. Ali  

    How much more time it will take....
    Make it fast man....
    Thanx for everything in this website.
    God bless u

  27. Anonymous  


  28. Anonymous  

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee new games. i played the trial but u can only play for 1min :( cant w8 4 new n-gage games (Worms world party, freebies? mega monsters need for speed i think + more)

  29. Anonymous  

    Come on,please someone crack that game!!!Cafe sudoko is out too,and they don't even cracked asphalt.

  30. Anonymous  

    C.R.A.C.K. I.T.

  31. Sachin  

    Completed the Java version But eagerly waiting for this game.Please crack it A.S.A.P.

  32. Asif Ali Zardari  

    Dont you think its too late now???

  33. Anonymous  

    Please help!
    the game is not starting on my n73.
    thanks in advance

  34. Anonymous  

    I thing they are way tooooooooooo late.

  35. Anonymous  

    hey lavde dude please pls pls avail the full version

  36. Anonymous  

    I am wait for some time now :(...

  37. Anonymous  

    can't be crack??
    so strong asphalt 4

  38. Anonymous  

    did u know that it's working on n73

  39. Anonymous  

    21 days today (3 weeks) I realy lose my interest in this game ... GO BiNPDA

  40. Anonymous  

    I am waiting for some time now :(...

  41. dk206  


    you are the kind of dicks which we don't need in this community
    he will crack it in his own time
    so stfu moron

  42. Anonymous  

    WTF!! 2 weeks and still no crack?? HELLOOOOOOOOO!!

  43. Anonymous  

    lets crack it

  44. Anonymous  

    why is the game asphalt4 highlighted and the full version is not ready

  45. Anonymous  



    MOVE IT !!

  46. Anonymous  

    I think BinPDA is on a long vacation.

  47. Anonymous  

    Please men cracked asphalt

  48. Anonymous  

    Good News:

    BiNPDA will crack this game in just one century..

    Source: My Grama !!

  49. Anonymous  

    We've waiting ONE WHOLE MONTH, BiNPDA ..

    do u want me 2 crack it by myself, huh?!

    My group is called "GAGE2PDA" , have u heard about it?

    If not, you gonna hear about it when we will crack these games for these people,

    cheerz BiNPDA,

  50. Anonymous  

    Be patient folks.Theese guys will not charge you for anything, so show som goddamn respect, will ya? Or buy the legal version for a change....

  51. ORA  

    OH Hello! BinPDA wakeup man! Crack IT. We all want it man!

  52. Anonymous  


    its very funny

    u all kept waiting 4 binpda 2 crack it ...

    i've the full version, cuz i've bought it..

    trust me, its worthless 2 wait until binpda do their hacking!

    and nobody knows when they will..

    so, BUY IT.!!

  53. rinku  


  54. Anonymous  

    Can't you people wait a little longer?
    BiNPDA has been cracking all these games for you for a long time. And just because he took more time you start complaining like babies?

    I personally want to thank him for every damn software my mobile is loaded with.

    Keep going BiNPDA. Never lose hope.

  55. hotshot  

    thanks dude for your comment
    and please if you don't want to respect these guys
    just take the old boring way and
    buy the game.

  56. Anonymous  

    respect 4 ever BINPDA !!!
    90% of my phone's software is cracked by you.
    keep going... it worth 2 wait

  57. Anonymous  

    Anyone has activation code for N95 ??? plse post it here

  58. Anonymous  

    Any idea when this is doing to be out ???

    huys ny advance calender software for N95 for free

    plse give me website to download


  59. Anonymous  

    on site is written that all these games are cracked... and this one is also in the list... so wat?

  60. Anonymous  

    I think it just takes 1 more week before this game is cracked !

    Respect 2 BinPDA!

  61. kucai  

    relaxs bro..
    why all people so damn complaining.
    just crack or by your own if u want right now.
    respect to BINPDA..
    all my software and game are cracked by u..

    may god bless u all the team..


  62. Anonymous  

    you wouldn't go into a shop and demand that they stock up onsomething there givin away rrp £10 so stop demanding they crack it 4 u hes cracked every game to date be greatful and if ur such a smart ass nd can crack it ur self dont demand binpda to do it do it ur self u tit.

  63. Anonymous  


  64. Anonymous  

    how longer you think we need to wait ? =]

  65. Anonymous  

    how do we know whether BiNPDA is just chillin and testing us to see if were thankful for all that he has done!!!!!

    ty BiNPDA!!!

  66. Anonymous  

    i guess nokia and game developers have got an upper hand over hackers now..

  67. Anonymous  

    if who oledi dl the crack 1 asphalt4..pls tell me in msn~~~baby_kate3@hotmail.com...

  68. Anonymous  

    BiBPDA has been cracking the hell out of almost all kinds of software for us. Also...If C4eva cracked the uncrackable XBOX360. Don't tell me that he can't. BECAUSE HE CAN.

  69. Anonymous  

    where's the full?

  70. Anonymous  

    why biNPDA not cracking n gage games ?
    does any one know when they going to begin crack those games ????

  71. Anonymous  

    i don't blame BiNPDA if they didn't crack this game or any other software .. cuz most of you dont worth it ..

    u have 2 show ENOUGH RESPECT 4 BiNPDA .. so they do these good stuff for u ..

    BiNPDA .. Take as long as u want .. don't care about wut these fools are saying .. cuz u have been cracking many softwares for all of us .. and 95% of my N81 8GB software belongs 2 u ..



    Murad Al-Balushi, sa7er 3man

  72. Tha MikeStro  

    i second that.. just wait people you owe binpda alot and its free.. its not like they're charging you and you cant wait to but the game.. like that new resident evil 5 i cant wait to come out on march 13th 2009..lol.. just wait people and if you cant wait then buy the game then!!!! sincerely mike..

  73. Anonymous  

    patiently waiting for binpda's cracked ngage version >_<

  74. Anonymous  

    crack this mutha fuka. binpda, gameloft is no match for you

  75. Anonymous  

    wot you fools crying bout, y dont you just look for the sisx file of the game on the internet. By the way #3 is better.

  76. Anonymous  

    Maybe binpda just can't crack thisgame.

  77. Anonymous  

    yeah i agree. Or Either he has been caught for piracy !!

  78. Ginanjar Mulyo Utomo  

    Hey. I'm Ginanjar who wanted to add your blog in my blog called The Ogin's Project Internet Corner.
    The URL is www.oginscorner.co.cc.
    Why don't you make a domain for it. Your old domain won't be erased...

  79. Anonymous  

    no sign from team binpda anywhere.
    i just wonder if they are dead or busted for piracy.
    it is not like them to stay this long without craking some chikenshit game like this.

  80. Anonymous  

    Is there any way for connecting with binpda?I wonder whatsup,why are they still staying without cracking thisgame?Maybe they just can't.And maybe wee need some other groop!

  81. Anonymous  

    wtf,,the graphic is very2 bad!!!!!!GameLoft????whats wrong with ur team???????

  82. Jithin  

    How can install this ngage 2.0 games in nokia n818gb please tell me?

  83. MiKe  

    What's with BinPDA? Are they dead? :|it Like someine saud,it's not like them to stay this long without craking a stupid game.

  84. Anonymous  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  85. Anonymous  

    when will it be cracked???

  86. Anonymous  

    Maybe binpda don't crack this games,becouse they are avaiable for s60v3,and they don't want to waist their time.

  87. Anonymous  

    why can't everyone just sit back and wait?
    stop badmouthing about binPDA.he has cracked many of our application for FREE!! FOR FREE.!!
    so please show some respect to binPDA, if you can't show any respect, then stop using binPDA's cracked application

  88. Anonymous  

    seems like they dont g.a.f. :) buy it from show room if u want iti just want prince and nfs n ill buy them if ill have too. (go go go binpda)

  89. Anonymous  

    why doesn't binpda crack n-gage 2.0 games no longer???:((:((we want to play the new games...plz binpda plz...don't leave us!!!

  90. Anonymous  

    binpda... crack it fast man!!!!!

  91. Anonymous  

    isn't there any other team that can crack these games?

  92. Anonymous  

    if you want to send a mesage to binpda this is not the place. Here is theyr mail so try to write nice to them among with the "please" to crack n-gage games for us again


  93. naved  

    i had crack version of asphalt 4 and 3 but its in sisx format

  94. Anonymous  

    When will BinPda crack Asphalt 4 and Prince of persia.Any Idea

  95. Anonymous  

    hi guys!! i want to tell ya that binpda has stopped to crack ngage 2.0 games :(:(

  96. Anonymous  

    binpda is buddy fellow because is to late

  97. Anonymous  

    STEP 1 - Insert any original N-gage game into the hand-held system and connect it to the pc via USB or card reader.

    *STEP 2 - Load up Winhex version 10 or higher as previous versions won't recognise the n-gage as a memory device (freeware version avalible but needs registering )

    *STEP 3 - Go to Tools >> Disc Tools >> Clone Disc, and select your n-gage as the source file and create a new file for your destination. Tick 'copy entire source disc file' and click ok.

    *STEP 4 - Once done remove your n-gage and swap the original game for a blank MMC and reconnect it to the pc.

    *STEP 5 - Once again go to Clone Disc (look above on how to get there) but this time select the file you created as the source and the blank MMC in your n-gage as the destination and click ok. if you get an error saying 'invalid input' put a 0 in the "start sector box"

    *STEP 6 - When finished you will have an exact copy of your original game. your pc wont recognise the files untill you disconnect and reconnect the n-gage to the pc again. Now you can copy the files to your pc's hard drive.

    *STEP 7 - When that is done zip or rar the files and upload them to rapidshare or megaupload

  98. Anonymous  

    Please crack it

  99. Anonymous  

    Wow is this the way to crack n-gage games?If it is please someone crack the games,maybe you HUSEYIN,and i am sure you will crack this games on time.Please huseyin just try crack them.

  100. Anonymous  


  101. Anonymous  

    why binpda didn't crack it?? :o

  102. Anonymous  

    i tried that and can't do anything. be more explicit. example on the n-gage game that you cracked which can help us to crack others.
    ps: can you put a link to the programs you use for cracking???

  103. Jay  

    You cant crack it cus the idiot who posted that 'cracking method' cant tell the difference between the original n-gage and the n-gage 2.0 the method he posted was the technique used for cracking 1st gen n-gage games. (notice the use of MMC cards) Whereas, on the n-gage 2.0 platform, cracking games gets ALOT more complicated, since the games are locked to your phone's IMEI.

  104. Anonymous  

    this is a GR8 website
    thank you

  105. Anonymous  

    Why do we even have to hack our phone if we can crack N-Gage 2.0 easily.
    The security platform of s60v3 phones are complicated enough. Same as the softwares created for it.
    So let's just wait for the gifted minds to find their way in. As they most of the time have

  106. Anonymous  

    how to install n-gage classic games in N81?
    can someone help me?

  107. Jay  

    You cant install n-gage classic games on an n81, or any other phone running s60 v3 for thaf matter. The s60 v3 platform is incompatible with applications written for s60 v1 and s60 v2. Basically, its not backwards compatible.

  108. aman  

    dar its a bizz file..doesnt install my n81..pls help me

  109. Anonymous  

    please BINPDA

  110. Faizan  

    I LOVE YOU BiNPDA.the best thing about you guys are that your cracking from ages and you are Masters in cracking all kinda security.and bestest is that you guys never ask 4 a single penny:).your the only crackers on which we {next gen.} are depending on so please please please keep up the good work and crack this Quality piece.ThANkZ x UNLIMITED !!!

  111. Anonymous  

    If you dont like binpda or you cant wait for them to crack it, why dont you go and buy it idiots

  112. DEin vbater  

    fuck binpda they are soooo slowwwwwww!

  113. Anonymous  

    Dein you have to be like that with all in your life... be patient... have you asked: is binpda ok? he can feeling bad for any problem in his life maybe not, but you have to accept it, binpda is a superheroe for all the people that love the game =)... NOTE: From Venezuela man... you are the BEST!!! Danacog777

  114. micky  

    gimana cara downloadnya..........???

  115. Anonymous  

    BinPDA is GREATEST.....but this game isn´t crack long time..please CRACK!

  116. Anonymous  

    hopefully BINPDA will crack the game.The rights of cracking n-gage games is in your hands.it is not fair to not crack for us because we are not genius juz like you thks.or you can pm me on yeesheng_dickson@hotmail.com

  117. sandeep  


  118. nik  

    wat has happened to u binpda plzzz crack this game u have the idea and brain to crack it

  119. Anonymous  

    Cat mai dureaza pana cracuiti si voi asphalt 4 ca e prea frumos :-s

  120. gatixz  

    Shut up you idiots... imagine you in the place of Binpda!!!! He is doing great job, and he is one of the best and expierienced crackers from around the world. And if you don`t understand that he don`t have to crack this, he just do it cause he wants to share his work, then get the hell out of your house and go buy it you motherf*****s idiots..
    P.S.Binpda i hope that you`re OK. i really appreciate your work.. ur da best!!!!!!!!!

    Gatis, from Latvia!

  121. Anonymous  

    i have craked it f41@hotmail.co.uk

  122. Anonymous  

    thnk u

  123. artaniss  

    if you have it cracked upload it and share the link

  124. Amy  

    lol XD It cracks me up whenevr I read the comments here. Jeez. You people get so worked up.

  125. cutrock  

    wadouhh...entah BiNPDA menghilang kemana bro,kita tak akan pernah dapatkan cracked softw. dari dia.yess!...we will never get softw.cracked by BinPdA anymore...where's he gone bro??

  126. Anonymous  

    Please crack...everyone..Pls...Send my email....flipkooo@azet.sk
    Thank you very much....

  127. Anonymous  

    How to download this game?

  128. Anonymous  

    not able to download

  129. Anonymous  

    Hey Folks !!!!
    Team BinPDA has retired and stopped cracking games , we dont crack ngage anymore.....
    however if u want the full version .... just buy it coz we always bought the game before cracking coz we discourage software piracy.... as it is a hardworrk of days and even year s
    so fols discourage piracy and buy your copies....
    thnx 4 appreceating our work.....
    cheers buddis
    Team BinPDA(Sr software analysist )

  130. Anonymous  

    that last post is a hoax,
    > we discourage software piracy< he says, lol well wot about all the other games on here that have been cracked and still available.
    BinPDA has obviously got more important things to do!

  131. Anonymous  



    Thanks a ton ^^

  132. Anonymous  


    can you upload your cracked asphalt and share the link by comment?

  133. Anonymous  

    how to download it

  134. Anonymous  

    hey frnds please help me....tell me how to download this game...plz guyz help me

  135. Anonymous  

    cannot extract...

  136. dhrba  


  137. Anonymous  

    come on... why did u stop ur work???

  138. Online Casinos  

    Woohoo! Another racing game to try out! I'm so excited to play this game. Racing games is like my life. hahaha... I really enjoy playing race games even if don't know how to drive a car. ;)

  139. Anonymous  

    Don't you guys get it??? binpda's can't crack any more n-gage games. nokia's making those games more harder to crack. binpda is running scared. they're just sore losers.

  140. Anonymous  

    Please send cr@ck to ani_m1860@yahoo.com

  141. Anonymous  

    Please send cr@ck to ani_m1860@yahoo.com

  142. Anonymous  


  143. Anonymous  

    Well guys n-gage 2.0 is dead,again!Nokia will go with the ovi store and n-gage will close.

  144. Anonymous  


  145. Anonymous  


  146. Abrar Hussain  

    I Hate This problem! my phone installs the game fine but when i try to run the game it says that cant find it on the device error-12 or something.
    Please help what should i do?

  147. Anonymous  


  148. Anonymous  

    some ppl posted here are asshole. binpda cracked so much for us and for free but still u ppl are angry cuz he didnt crack asphalt 4. fuck u ppl. btw he have cracked this game but i wont tell u ppl the link to the cracked game.

  149. Anonymous  

    what's wrong with BinPDA this game should be cracked by now ????!!!!!!

  150. Anonymous  

    the game cannot be downloaded this moment

  151. Anonymous  

    It's Trial Or Full Version,,,??
    Help ME Please. . .
    shere Full Version PLease. . .
    Tanks Zidni - LONDON

  152. Anonymous  

    maadarchod website

  153. Anonymous  

    what you need to do is transfer the games from your external device or folder into the ngage folder on your internal memory on your phone then as you open the files and install them onto your external memory. the internal memory will free u as you install the games. when you try and install the games they have to installed from your internal memory else you will only get errors.

  154. Anonymous  


  155. Anonymous  

    превед, как игра, работает?

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