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Resident Evil Degeneration

Release Date18/12/2008

  • Number of players: 1
  • Bluetooth mode: None
The Full Cracked version Released by BinPDA
This game is for people 16 years and older.

Resident Evil: Degeneration is a 3rd-person shooting full-3D survival horror game. This game is based on the opening scene of the movie of the same title.

The game starts from the airport, which is swarming with hordes of zombies. To complete the mission, you will figure out puzzles, rescue survivors, and seek a way out from the airport. Explore all the rooms to figure out the puzzles. You will need the ability to make lightning-fast decisions in each and every fight to the death. Make the best use of your weapons, items, map and information from your party.

Seven years after the tragedy in Raccoon City. At an airport somewhere in the United States. An ordinary autumn afternoon. One zombie is unleashed into this peaceful scene to attack everyone. In the airport starting to fill up with the undead, the horrific disaster is about to repeat itself...

*Resident Evil is the world's best-known survival horror game series, with total sales of approximately 35 million units.

The full cracked version by binpda is released

Resident Evil Degeneration;
pass : huseyin
N-Gage 2.0 App;


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105 Comment(s)

  1. afan  

    Is this game for N gage 2.0 or N gage classic?

  2. Anonymous  

    It's N gage 2.0

  3. Anonymous  

    when it will be ready? or just make curiousity....

  4. daniel  

    It's for 2.0

    Here it is on the N-Gage site: http://www.n-gage.com/ngi/ngage/web/my/en/showroom/gamedetail.689.GameDetail.html

  5. sam  

    have u cracked it yet?? ive tried the trial and its great

  6. Heru Adi  

    I'm waiting craked from binpda....

  7. Anonymous  

    do have any cracked ngage games

  8. Anonymous  

    everthing is very good but what about crashbandicoot nitro kart?
    lütfen bilgi aliralmaz hemen onu´da koyuver kardes
    siten cok süper!!

  9. Anonymous  

    finally its cracked

  10. Anonymous  

    this game does not install same for crash nitri and metal gear?

  11. Anonymous  

    Wow...bro...thanks alot!!! Always the best.!!!!

    Ian Chandra

  12. maru24  

    my cell restarts when im connecting using the tool..why does it happen?

    im not connecting using the bluetooth
    im connecting using the usb..

    im using n95 8gb

  13. Anonymous  

    thanks BiNPDA.. this is a gr8 game but i'm facing some problems from downloading from Rapid Share .. could u plz upload this game and its tools (all of it) on other website .. such as megaupload or zshare or 4shared or filefactory or any other but not rapid share :P

    PLZ :)

  14. Anonymous  

    i dont know but since last 2 days my camera is not working.i have n81.it says camera:feature not supported as i try to run the camera application.pls could you help me with this????????plzzz

  15. mohit  

    i am not able to download this game
    my ngage software shows file is corrupted
    plz help me out yaar

  16. Anonymous  

    Hello.First i wanna thanx huseyin for these great games and for the tool they work great on my n95 8gb.
    Can anyone tell me pls how to install rezident evil and other games with.n-gage?
    The .exe ones worked great but i dont have any ideea how to put these on! please help me!

  17. Sunny  

    Wow this is one of the best games i've played on my mobile. Thanks

  18. Anonymous  

    how about resident evil degeneration for ngage v1.1?
    Fyi,My phone is n78..

  19. Anonymous  

    Wats d password for resident evil and metal gear solid.i have downloaded these files but to unpack these files wat is password

  20. Anonymous  

    can BinPDA crack kms 0.7
    kasper mobile

  21. Anonymous  

    why my mobile said that the file is corupted.. when i try to instal the resident evil degeneration.. can some one help me??

  22. Anonymous  

    whats the activation code for RE:Degeneration??

  23. Anonymous  

    i am unable to installl these games in ngage 2.and while installing the ngage 2 which was taken from this site,at the end of the installation it is giving an error":-15" like this.but i am able to open the ngage application.but wen installing game its telling that file corrupted.my mobile is NOKIA N82.pls help me out.Thanks In Advance.

  24. Anonymous  

    Hi guys... well just want to ask if somebody intalled the game and it be unlocked to play full game? becaue i installed in my nokia 5320 but still been a free trial version... =( please answer me... thanks and you are the best!!!!

  25. ustrn  

    I have a question.. why is it every rar file i download is empty. can someone help me...

  26. Anonymous  

    hey,i downloaded the re.d and the mgs but i need password for both,anyone got them or knows how to find them,plz help me out here,thanks!

  27. Anonymous  

    A great game. My only complain, is about Chapter 10 of the game, but overall its the best...

  28. yahoo acount  


  29. Anonymous  

    hurry up..i can't wait any longer...T.T

  30. fooz843  

    i hope it is true and works

  31. fooz843  


  32. Anonymous  

    can anybody say me how to instal this game on my n81 8gb it always show file corupted :(

  33. Anonymous  

    can some 1 tell me step by step from start how to install the game on my n95 8gigs

  34. Anonymous  

    i love it

  35. Anonymous  

    why is corrupted i use not usb instead memooricard reader but when i installed it its corrupted pls help

  36. tears  

    Works perfectly on my n95, you have to hack yr phone before you can play these games. the game icon shows that its a trail but in fact its not!

  37. Anonymous  

    wat is the password

  38. Anonymous  

    Wats d password for resident evil

  39. andreah  

    For corrupted files, be sure that your phone is hacked, to remove the trial, install the appropriate patch of your n-gage app, hope this helps, this is a requirement for these cracked games, try to research on how to do this...

  40. Anonymous  


  41. Kev669  

    New link please

  42. Vincent  

    It works for me.
    Nokia n82 v20.0.062 and n-gage v2

    Thank you

  43. Champ  

    how to download this???
    I mean there is no option to download...
    plz help

  44. Shrey  

    hey I'm a N85 user which already has a n-gage application so can you plz tell me whether these cracked games will work or not?

  45. Anonymous  

    what is the password

  46. andreah  

    Ladies and Gents,

    Pls. read people, the password is right there, just READ...

    anyway, most new phones like n85 doesn't play cracked games, that's what i've known so far... but i think there's some way or some process to do this (hack)...

  47. Anonymous  

    is N gage 2.0 available for n82?? o.o

  48. andreah  

    Yup, NGAGE 2.0 is also available on N82, i'm a N82 user ;)

  49. Ayham  

    please can i get the activation code

  50. Anonymous  

    where do i download the patch for my n95 so it doesnt say it´s corrupted?

  51. Anonymous  

    file corrupt

  52. Anonymous  

    downloaded the game and extracted the same to memory card using winrar but n-gage installer dosen't install it. 2nd try was coping the game to memory card but nothing happend. pls help. Thanks.

  53. Capsoul  

    Hi there...
    I've download almost all the n-gage 2.0 games n its great!!
    But,lot of them still trial,
    Can u crack it ? :
    Resident evil d
    asphalt 4
    only that i need
    oh yeah almost forgot
    ur Crash bandicoot doesn't work after Wumpa Cup, the game always freeze after that! plz help me :)

  54. Anonymous  

    The Activation Code for this game is...............................
    it's work...

  55. Anonymous  

    how to download this game...

    anyone plis tell me...

  56. Anonymous  

    Nokia 5320(HACKED), still a trial version!?!?Need HELP

  57. junim west  

    baixei o ngage que tava aki nesse saite mais ele nao quer estalar no meu cel oq eu faço ??
    me ajudem aee galera

  58. Anonymous  


  59. Anonymous  


  60. Anonymous  

    i don't see download link!!!!

  61. Anonymous  

    i installed it on to my n95 and n-gage said the file is corrupt, please help me, thanks

  62. Anonymous  

    thanx fo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0or the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Anonymous  

    oh yeah.. successful!! thanks binpdA

  64. Anonymous  

    i have a Nokia N95, and i cant play this games, because i dont know how to fix the problems that i have when im installing the games.

    Can anyone pls tell me how do we do to install these games???

    pls help me, because i almost broke my phone with stuff that i dont know how it works!!!!!

  65. CorruptCraig  

    Connect n95 via data transfer and put ngage file into the ngage folder. When you start the ngage application it'll install itself.

  66. gagan  

    is this game run in n70

  67. Anonymous  

    can someone PLEASE! tell me the activation code for RESI DEGENERATION!

  68. mabz  

    HELP! everytime i try install it, it says the file is corrupted

  69. Halil  

    soooo thanksss

  70. Anonymous  

    why is it corrupted?

  71. Anonymous  

    hey the tools have been removed by rapid share plz re upload

  72. Mimi  

    can u guys give me the activation code for resident evil degeneration please1000............

  73. Anonymous  

    The Activation Code for this game is...............................

  74. Anonymous  

    is it really full version????

  75. Anonymous  

    nice site to find games of mobiles

  76. Anonymous  

    file is corupt!!!please give the correct game!!!whitch is cracked!!!

  77. Anonymous  

    Could u guys plz post a new link for the Tools as it dosen't seem to work.
    By the way gr8 effort Binpda thnx

  78. Anonymous  

    can i get this free?

  79. ansh  

    Its 100% working but i wanna know that is this trial..??

  80. Anonymous  

    can it played in n-80?

  81. kuldeep  

    please send me the activation code

  82. Anonymous  

    hey its corrupted!

  83. Anonymous  

    link of tools is not working =/

  84. Anonymous  

    where is the download link??????????????????

  85. Anonymous  

    For those who are trying to install the kaspersky make sure you download the binpda security manager first and turn the plat security on.it will allow the game and the antivirus to install.Hi there.i really love the game resident evil. But please i cant find a free download link it's only asking me to pay for the game.and i've also been trying to download the quick office premiere v6.but i couldn't get a download link of version.it's only asking me to become a member of the site which is too difficult.please any way i can unlock the trial version of resident evil on my phone.i use a nokia 5320 .please help me out anybody.my email is bammyseunayo@yahoo.com


    HUSEYIN u really ROCK and THANKS A TON for BiNPDA................


    thanks HUSEYIN & BiNPDA....
    pls CRACK need for speed under cover $ Asphalt 4 : Elite Racing and all those games which are NOT CRACKED




  87. ''Gaucho''  

    the link of tools and the link of n gage isn't working, please, send a working link.

  88. Anonymous  

    How 2 Dwnlod All d games shown in Left Side !!!!!!!!!!
    2 dwnlod all hve i got registed ???
    guys i hve n82
    bt cnt find n gage games
    pls help me !!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Anonymous  

    to install the games v need a exe format but they all r in rar what should i do plz help

  90. Anonymous  

    can anyone please tell whats the procedure to install this game into my phone.

  91. GamarAzuaje  

    Sorry I have a question here, some of these 2.0 games will not work on the 1.1 NGage, I've been trying to download it, but it says 'file no found'. Is that the newest NGage from the official website? Will I be able to install games using the official version after hacking it?


  92. Anonymous  

    how can i download this? pleas help????

  93. Anonymous  

    Where do you download mrtro TRK???? Please help me. I beg you all. I have benn searching for it for days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. david aw  

    Using N97 and having N-Gage version 1.3. I can't seem to be able to play N-Gage 2.0 games and it keep prompting file corrupted. Is it because of the N-Gage version is different?

  95. Anonymous  

    how to install this games on my phone, i have installed the n-gage application, but now i dont know how to install this games. my mail is gandro@t-com.me so you can send me the answer.

  96. Anonymous  

    Why does the download links doesn't work?
    Help please,really need it badly...
    Thankyou in advance.

  97. kiran  

    all these files r deleted frm rapidshare:(

  98. Anonymous  

    nice game

  99. Abhiroop  

    All links are dead. Pls reupload.

  100. naved  

    links dead...please reupload thanks

  101. bouzid  


  102. biodun  

    pls help me with code

  103. Joi  

    where is the option to download the game???????

  104. Anonymous  

    Error: download not available
    in rapidshare
    plz help!!

  105. d.karthik  


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