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N-Gage Classic Games

#Alien Front


#Asphalt Urban GT

#Asphalt Urban GT 2

#Atari Masterpieces Vol. I

#Atari Masterpieces Vol. II


#Call of Duty



#Collin McRae Rally 2005

#Crash Nitro Kart

#Fifa 2004

#Fifa 2005


#High Seize

#King of Fighters EXTREME

#Mile High Pin Ball

#MLB Slam!

#Moto GP 2

#The ONE

#Operation Shadow


#Pathway to Glory

#Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands


#Pocket Kingdom : Own the World

#Puyo Pop

#Rayman 3

#Red Faction

#Requiem of Hell

#Rifts: Promise Of Power

#Sega Rally



#Super Monkey Ball

#System Rush

#The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey

#The Sims Bustin' Out

#Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

#Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm

#Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory™

#Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Team Stealth Action

#Tomb Raider

#Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

#Virtua Tennis

#Warhammer 40,000: Glory In Death

#Worms World Party

#WWE Aftershock

#Xanadu NEXT

#X-Men Legends

#X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse

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31 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    Maybe i'm being stupid but how exactly do u install the classic N-Gage games?

  2. Anonymous  

    i'm interested too?? is this so f**ked up, like u need to cpy all items to phone, that's taking much time.

  3. Anonymous  

    Ya how do you install the game if it is so big and your phone memories not enough

  4. Anonymous  

    just use a system explorer extract it to your system folder in you phone mmc

  5. Anonymous  

    Is there a way to play classic games on n95?

  6. Anonymous  

    well...i wanna know how to install these n-gage classic games to my N95,too.
    or,is it impossible?

    plz tell me;

  7. Anonymous  

    How can I install NGAGE Classic games on Nokia N73?

  8. Anonymous  

    Copying the files in the system folder on the mmc does not work on N73

  9. Anonymous  


  10. Anonymous  

    there is no new game?

  11. Tezukha no Blog  

    how can i get Blinstap instaler?

  12. Anonymous  

    all these links has not found error message

  13. Anonymous  

    pleaze tell me how to instal classic games on nokia n73 on n gage 2.0 pleazeeeeeeeeeeee make a tutorial ty

  14. Anonymous  

    the pages link for download game N-gage Classic NOT FOUND!!

  15. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    ooo, i just fixed it, now you can download

  16. Anonymous  

    how to install these games on N79?

  17. Anonymous  

    well, n-gage classic games just need to be copied on ur memory card, use a memory card reader, it will take lesser time..... i dont think n-gage classic games can run on n95 or n73!!!!

  18. Anonymous  

    how to install these games in n gage classic phone please tell me

  19. My Nenen  

    very nice

  20. Anonymous  

    pls how do u install n-gage 2.0 games on n-gage classic

  21. Anonymous  

    plz add n_gage qd icon software

  22. Anonymous  

    hey, u said that to install n-gage classic games we need to copy the game into memory card like "System\Apps\xxx" where xxx is game name.
    I have tried this procedure but what the output i get is "Installation is not successful, try installing from App Manager" -- So, what solution do u suggest
    Mine is N81, hacked with the tools you provided.
    Thank you

  23. Anonymous  

    do u have game 'flo skateboarding' ???

  24. Anonymous  

    when many games are unzip they there is a system foder how it ia running the game on my n 81

  25. Anonymous  

    pls tell in full how i intall classic game.what can i do with system folder in my n 81 pls help me

  26. Anonymous  

    ya,but can la ,
    hey some games cant download

  27. Anonymous  

    that right frend,games classic ngage cant suport,just aa N70 can..

  28. Anonymous  

    wht the hell cant u upload only n-gage file..

  29. Anonymous  

    Hay! how can i install this classic games?

  30. Anonymous  

    well, some stup*d people think this game for n-gage 2.0 lol please read carefully noob ;)
    thanks for the blog owner btw can i copy you url?

  31. Anonymous  

    can n gage classic games play in nokia e63?

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