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N-Gage Games Cheats - Tips - Tricks

----N-Gage 2.0 Game Cheats - Tips - Tricks - Hints-------------
~~Coming Soon~~

----N-Gage Classic Game Cheats - Tips - Tricks - Hints--------

# Ashen
# Rayman 3
# Red Faction
# SonicN

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19 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    Hi Bro...

    I got problem with nokia 5320 xpress music that can be use for ngage games ver 2.0

    Although i got and installed the ngage application..but i cant installed the trk aplication on device. Do u can fix this problem? Please.

    I know that u had done with n81 so could you do so with 5320?

    thanks alot the answer..

    ian chandra from jakarta-indonesia.

  2. sean  

    in apshalt on the ngage 2. when you are on the lcation selet screen just type in 1379 and you will unlock everything :)

  3. Anonymous  

    Hi there...

    I just want to say thank to you coz i can play ngage games on my nokia but not all games like bounce boing voyage, i think still trial version coz if quit that games n on screen mentioned that you have to buy for full version. Anyway its okay???


  4. Anonymous  

    Hi bro...

    i'd installed already dirk dagger on to nokia but after started the game it was: exited with an error closed; kern - exec 3.

    well and then i deleted

    so thk anyway bro...could you fix please...



  5. Anonymous  

    Hi bro....

    on Ngage website there are new games ngage 2.0 like one and Café Solitaire 12-Pack...could you provide so i can download coz i cant do for hacking these games....


    i will wait


    Hi man....

    I got a problem when I want to install hello carbide, y browser and the other in the packs. He said " certificate error : contact the suplier". I use free premium when I download from rapid share. can you help me ???

    Frimadi Chandra, Sampit Indonesia

  7. Anonymous  

    just change the date in ur phone(--/--2006 or 2007 )

  8. Anonymous  

    Hi bro....i like those new games for ngage 2.0 but why still cant be cracked by binpda yet?.....

    Ian Chandra

  9. Anonymous  

    in asphalt urban gt3 in location select screen typr in 1397 all loctions will b unlocked

  10. Anonymous  

    hi.thanks for all helps,i play several games.But i had a question:
    I have forgotten the password i`ve made during creating a new player name.what should i do?

  11. Anonymous  

    trk application does not work in my mobile

  12. Karan  

    I have an n82 i can't install trk file it displays an error as "unable to install.Component is built-in".please help me

  13. Glyde62  

    I dont think you can install any Apps till they work out how to hack the phones with latest firmware, I can install any on my N81 atm :(

  14. Armany  

    my N96 can't install trk file, it display on the phon "unable to install.Component is built-in" when i want to install it
    somebody please help me, i wanna play the game.thanks

  15. ardi  

    hi there, i have n-gage 2.0 asphalt 3 street rules 3d cheats

    1,000,000$: In the screen where the Spot is selected 37913
    all Items give: In the screen where the Spot is selected in 1379 give
    play for 100% created: In the screen where the Spot is selected in 1397 give


  16. Anonymous  

    i got a problem if i download n-gage classic and i extrct here there no appear Install appiication

  17. Raedi  

    i think, n-gage classic just copy and paste.

  18. ian  

    excuse me can I ask something!!
    are n-gage 2.0 can be played in n-gage qd????
    thanks 4 the answer ^^

  19. Anonymous  

    can you tell me about the activation code for N Gage game, all i beg u send it 2 me Fallout_boy804@yah00.com

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