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Need For Speed Undercover - N-Gage 2.0

Need For Speed Undercover N-Gage 2.0 Game
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date17/03/2009

  • Number of players: 1
Rule the Streets in Need for Speed™ Undercover. Hit the gas to race against ruthless gangs running an international crime ring. But watch your back. The thugz aren’t your only enemies. Win races to gain street cred and fill your garage with killer cars, like the Porsche 911. Reach the finish line first in circuit races. Bust up the city in bounty challenges. Show your skillz for a shot at gang leaders. Choose between Career or Quick Race mode. Brakes are optional in Need for Speed™ Undercover.

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Supported Devices
N91 8GB , Nokia 3250 , Nokia 5500 , Nokia 5700 , Nokia 6110 Navigator , Nokia 6120 , Nokia 6121 , Nokia 6290 , Nokia E50 , Nokia E51 , Nokia E60 , Nokia E61 , Nokia E61i , Nokia E62 , Nokia E65 , Nokia E70 , Nokia E90 , Nokia N71 , Nokia N73 , Nokia N75 , Nokia N76, Nokia N77 , Nokia N80 , Nokia N81 , Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82 , Nokia N91 , Nokia N92 , Nokia N93 , Nokia N93i , Nokia N95 8GB , Nokia N95

and all of the Series 60 v3 devices !!

Need For Speed Undercover is not Cracked By BiNPDA yet, so we all have to wait for Full Version, but you can download and install the trial version.

Also you can find .sis version of Need for Speed Undercover Mobile here.

Rapidshare.com Link;

rar pass : huseyin

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26 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    Please can you update the N-Gage Tools link!!!!!

    Thnx loads bro!

  2. Anonymous  

    Hi BiNPDA, i have a question, since i installed the app that you gave us to remove the trial word from the games in the n-gage 2.0 application, i became unnable to install any other game, do you have any idea why is this ?

    Many thanks in advance !!!

    by Mr.White...

  3. Anonymous  

    plis post version craked :-)

  4. Anonymous  

    I think binpda stopped cracking ngage 2
    Maybe it's a good thing, so nokia can test if they actually sell more games when nobody can play it for free.
    Also this could be good for us, since better games for our phones might be developped if people actually pay to play games
    Offcourse games need to be worth my money, releasing remakes off old games don't deserve my money, but a game like ONE could make me change my mind.

  5. Anonymous  

    boring......why dont buy?

  6. Anonymous  

    why doesn't binpda crack n-gage 2.0 games anymore???:((

  7. noobster  

    where can i download the n-gage 2.0 application?

  8. Anonymous  

    Support n-gage and buy games. This game suck so don't buy this one :P

  9. Anonymous  

    BiNPDA just can't crack n-gage 2.0 games because nokia got smarter :(

  10. Anonymous  

    if you want to ask binpda to crack again n-gage games for us try theyr mail


  11. Anonymous  

    STEP 1 - Insert any original N-gage game into the hand-held system and connect it to the pc via USB or card reader.

    *STEP 2 - Load up Winhex version 10 or higher as previous versions won't recognise the n-gage as a memory device (freeware version avalible but needs registering )

    *STEP 3 - Go to Tools >> Disc Tools >> Clone Disc, and select your n-gage as the source file and create a new file for your destination. Tick 'copy entire source disc file' and click ok.

    *STEP 4 - Once done remove your n-gage and swap the original game for a blank MMC and reconnect it to the pc.

    *STEP 5 - Once again go to Clone Disc (look above on how to get there) but this time select the file you created as the source and the blank MMC in your n-gage as the destination and click ok. if you get an error saying 'invalid input' put a 0 in the "start sector box"

    *STEP 6 - When finished you will have an exact copy of your original game. your pc wont recognise the files untill you disconnect and reconnect the n-gage to the pc again. Now you can copy the files to your pc's hard drive.

    *STEP 7 - When that is done zip or rar the files and upload them to rapidshare or megaupload

  12. siddharth  

    wake up binpda......

  13. Anonymous  

    binpda june madaret crack it

  14. Anonymous  

    wats the difference between n-gage and the sis version

  15. Anonymous  

    hey can anyone tell me how to install games frm this site...plzzz help...

  16. Anonymous  

    i need full version games for free

  17. Anonymous  

    merie bououp pour ce site

  18. arjun  

    whats the password for these game?????????????

  19. Anonymous  


    "rar pass : huseyin"

  20. Amalravi21  

    dude How can i install fifa2009 in my N95?help me plz..

  21. Amalravi21  

    Help me pls..how can dowload nd install ngage games frm this site.?am using n95.throgh which media u wil rply?

  22. K.  

    this link don't work

  23. Anonymous  

    Its good

  24. Anonymous  


  25. ERMAND  

    right this link doesnt work

  26. Anonymous  

    how to download from this site???

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