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Lonely Cat Games SmartMovie v4.10 Cracked by GANGCLUB

Play your videos on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime, you need just a few steps

  • Convert any video file on your PC into a phone-friendly video file
  • Upload video into device/memory card
  • Play the video in SmartMovie Player installed on your mobile device
Smart Movie v1.40 Full



  • Standard AVI format, allowing you to preview converted files on your PC
  • Also plays MP4V, FLV and 3GP file formats
  • Player uses the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, utilizing the full screen size of the device
  • Rescaling of video to utilize the full screen area
  • Support for subtitles - allowing you to watch movies in different languages
  • Friendly PC converter - preview videos on PC, select parts you want to convert, change conversion quality
  • Converter supports DirectShow codecs, so you may use video codecs downloadable from the internet
  • Fast conversion; on a standard PC conversion is 5x faster than the video clip playback time.
    You'll convert entire movie in just a few minutes
  • Quality rescale algorithm in player, delivering best possible picture quality
  • Customizable video player (brightness, language, volume, and more)
  • User-friendly interface - watch movies, don't waste time configuring obscure settings

Intuitive PC converter

File browser with preview

Comfortable player

Lonely Cat Games SmartMovie v4.10 Cracked by GANGCLUB

Supported Devices
N91 8GB , Nokia 3250 , Nokia 5500 , Nokia 5700 , Nokia 6110 Navigator , Nokia 6120 , Nokia 6121 , Nokia 6290 , Nokia E50 , Nokia E51 , Nokia E60 , Nokia E61 , Nokia E61i , Nokia E62 , Nokia E65 , Nokia E70 , Nokia E90 , Nokia N71 , Nokia N73 , Nokia N75 , Nokia N76, Nokia N77 , Nokia N80 , Nokia N81 , Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82 , Nokia N91 , Nokia N92 , Nokia N93 , Nokia N93i , Nokia N95 8GB , Nokia N95

and all of the Series 60 v3 devices !!

Rapidshare.com link for "Lonely Cat Games SmartMovie v4.10 Cracked by GANGCLUB"

rar pass : huseyin

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32 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    regis code ..., please...
    imei: 356994019535883
    phone : n81

  2. Anonymous  

    hi i download all application but when i want to extract, it want a password ,what is this.pls help me

  3. Anonymous  

    from where i can download the the converter.....its not in the provided download....

  4. Anonymous  

    you can download the converter from lcg official website,..

  5. altaf  

    my serial 357933001594788

  6. manchi  

    how can i get the password for encrypted file

  7. manchi  

    how can i get password for encryted file plz help me

  8. Anonymous  

    Try with 37089

  9. varun  

    yes i like smart movie

  10. Anonymous  

    password is : huseyin

  11. Anonymous  

    It is a very useful website for multimedia mobile users.....

  12. Anonymous  

    How to Download this Smartmovie..... Pls Tell ..... OR Send the Cracked version Link to niyazadvt@gmail.com

  13. ravi  

    pls send smart movie full to ayyapparavikiran@gmail.com

  14. vishu  

    please sent smart movie for nokia s60 & s40 full. thanks

  15. Anonymous  

    Please gimme the code. IMEI:356994015176856

  16. Anonymous  

    Hi i downloaded the Samrtmovie player, but it needs a registration code. pls send me that.

    my serial number : 356961015867164
    E-mail : suraj.ranjika@gmail.com
    Thank you

  17. Sandeep  

    sir please give me unlock code for smartguard
    IMEI- 355718025990654
    Email ID- sandeep1461@rediffmail.com
    phone- Nokia N73

  18. Anonymous  

    Pliz, what is a key?

  19. RuataKawnpui  

    I Can use my code 40989 but unautrorized acces. The licence cannot be verified. Hoe to solve?

  20. Anonymous  

    hey how can we get the licence key? plz help

  21. Anonymous  

    What code xou need???? You only need code for converter, and this code you have from settings/unlock converter because is cracked and he give to you serial for converter!!!

  22. Anonymous  

    want to unlock coad plz send me
    mail id:JS3083103@yahoo.co.in

  23. naveen  

    Thanks for sharing,

  24. Anonymous  

    regis code ..., please...
    imei: 358357001561200
    phone : Nokia 6630

    please send me unlock/regis. code at my email


  25. Terema  

    my sl no. 359542013873201 plz can u tell me my license key

  26. Terema  

    my sl.no 35954201383201 plz can u tell me my licanse key.phn n95 8gb

  27. Anonymous  

    please please please…………… mere paas Nokia E51 hai, is main smart movie ka konsa versiion chalay ga, please meri madad karen, 03332612605, Shafqiue, Quetta…

  28. Anonymous  

    please please please…………… mere paas Nokia E51 hai, is main smart movie ka konsa versiion chalay ga, please meri madad karen, 03332612605, Shafqiue, Quetta…

  29. Anonymous  

    REGIST CODE PLEASE....351513044631403.. NOKIA E72..

  30. Anonymous  

    pls send me the licensce key for smart movie. . Mail it to raja_smartheart91@yahoo.com

  31. Theju  

    this is my imei 356855020168222 culd u pls send the unlock key sir..pls send it to my email id
    pls ..

  32. Theju  

    pls send my code sir..this is my imei 356855020168222 culd u pls send the unlock key sir..pls send it to my email id
    pls ..

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