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Lonely Cat Games X-Plore v1.30 S60v3 Fully Cracked

Lonely Cat Games X-Plore v1.30 S60v3 Fully Cracked
Finally ;)


  • View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view
  • Integrated text and image viewer.
  • View file details.
  • Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc).
  • Rename and delete files.
  • Create or edit text files.
  • Create folders.
  • Multi-selection.
  • Copy or move files and folders.
  • Send files via Bluetooth or infrared.
  • Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives.
  • Pack files to Zip archive.
  • View Word documents.
  • Hardware device info.
  • View processes and tasks.
  • Built-in program updater.
  • Viewing, saving files in messaging folders.
  • Hex viewer and editor.
  • Search files.
  • Folder hotkeys.
  • Simple audio player.
  • Simple video player.
Supported Devices
N91 8GB , Nokia 3250 , Nokia 5500 , Nokia 5700 , Nokia 6110 Navigator , Nokia 6120 , Nokia 6121 , Nokia 6290 , Nokia E50 , Nokia E51 , Nokia E60 , Nokia E61 , Nokia E61i , Nokia E62 , Nokia E65 , Nokia E70 , Nokia E90 , Nokia N71 , Nokia N73 , Nokia N75 , Nokia N76, Nokia N77 , Nokia N80 , Nokia N81 , Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82 , Nokia N91 , Nokia N92 , Nokia N93 , Nokia N93i , Nokia N95 8GB , Nokia N95

and all of the Series 60 v3 devices !!

This is the fully cracked version that works perfectly. It doesnt ask you for authentication, you can use this as full version.

Rapidshare.com link for "Lonely Cat Games X-Plore v1.30 Full Cracked"

rar pass : huseyin

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32 Comment(s)

  1. airwalk  

    100% CRACKED!!!!
    100% TESTED BY ME!!!!
    Thanks huseyin
    it really make me HAPPY
    thanks a lot!!!

  2. tariq  

    i am in found of this application but certificate error in my nokia n81 8GB.
    plz check it out

  3. airwalk  

    bro, i got a problem on this, after i installed it, after hours, i ityr to open it but, it always go back to the main screen, i cant be open anymore

  4. Anonymous  

    Very, very GOOD !!!
    Thanks huseyin !!!

    Mr.White says thanks.

  5. modi1wasking  

    good-and-we-need-LCG Jukebox2.41-cracked

  6. Slobodan  

    also certificate error on n82...!

  7. Anonymous  

    Certificate error on n85...!

  8. Anonymous  

    certificate error on 6120 & 5230..

  9. Anonymous  

    Thanks a lot,

    ♪~( (~d(.. _)b~) )~♫©

  10. Slobodan  

    its works,just uninstall older version of x plore and then install v1.30 and I think that phone must be hacked like my n82 v20!

  11. arijit  


  12. Anonymous  

    it doesnt open second time on e51

  13. Anonymous  


  14. Anonymous  

    Hiyah! Theres a problem, I installed it normally with my hacked N81 phone, and it works perfectly, but after sometime, when I Open it, It doesn't work anymore..

    The only thing I can do to make it work is to install again the uncracked version...

    ♪~( (~d(.. _)b~) )~♫©

  15. Sam'z Creation  

    after some days its stop working and i get return back to the menu where it is installed......plz upload again with the fixes.......tried to reinstall but didn't really worked.........

  16. Anonymous  

    doesn't open anymore :(

  17. Anonymous  

    does not work, keep away!!!

    stick with 1.22

  18. Anonymous  

    Hi i wan thx 4 u link but im un able to install this appl on my nokia n95 8gb i have X-plore 1.20 on my phone wild i have that i download Z-plore 1.30 from full-ngage-games.blogspot try to install it i got error message say update error! can u hellp me plz thx..

  19. Anonymous  


  20. Anonymous  

    thanks for all !!!!!!!!!!!! give me more game and application

  21. Anonymous  

    "It doesnt ask you for authentication"

    Well its asking me for a passphrase, i thought it was cracked

  22. Anonymous  

    It's not launching after 2-3 days using..

  23. Clarence Boddiker  

    doesn't work on n95 classic, even changed date to 18/04/2009 like date of file...

  24. Dario78  

    good my frend

  25. Anonymous  

    very very very thanks!!!

  26. Randa  

    another gangclub version?

  27. Anonymous  

    i tried it but i think it does not support v31 on my n95 8gb

  28. Anonymous  

    certification error...in my nokia 5700

  29. Anonymous  

    All available cr@cked versions you may find will stop working after about 15-20 times of using.
    I tried this from over 20 websites.

  30. Anonymous  

    I tried to install the X-plore to my fone and its certification is not right..Its for N95.

    Please check

  31. Anonymous  

    Certificate Error On the Nokia N86... sigh!! first HelloCarbide and now this.. :(

  32. Anonymous  

    hi, could u pls help me wit the download link of ur apps? pls. ive trying the links on here, but its not working.

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