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Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep


DeveloperInfinite Dreams
PublisherNokia Publishing
Release Date02/04/2008

  • Number of players: 1
  • N-Gage Arena: Rankings
  • Bluetooth mode: None
Incredibly easy to pick up and nearly impossible to put down, Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep is a fishing game like no other. Cast your line and catch hundreds of fish, sea creatures, and unique items to store in your virtual live-well. The single-player career mode will challenge you with dozens of quests as you freely roam the expansive real-world fishing destinations! You'll have a blast catching the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, pirate treasure in the Caribbean, and gigantic Tuna in the Atlantic.

Installation notes:
1. Download
2. Unpack
3. Connect your phone via USB
4. Install the Tools (download from the link below and follow the nfo if you haven't
5. Launch the downloaded game (*.exe)
6. The app will install your new, full version N-GAGE 2.0 game

*The zips/rars conatin an exe, this is the installer (further information: Installation notes)
*Some games supports multiplayer. This means you can play that game with friends via Internet or Bluetooth (It depends on the game).

Rapidshare.com link for Hooked On : Creatures of the Deep

rar pass : huseyin

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56 Comment(s)

  1. The Dark Prince  

    Are these games full or demo?

  2. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    totally full ;)

  3. ochuisang  

    i'm newbie.. i using n81 now n i try 2 install using tools o BLZ Files by USB but it require run Metro TRK on my mobile... i dun know what metro TRK is... can anyone explain it.. thx...


    than'x brother for your game!

  5. kogakz  

    when i install the trk, it has almost finish install...

    but it always stop at the end, and it says unable to install

    why is that happen?

    can some1 help me,please...

  6. Anonymous  

    how can i install this game? I have instaled trk app and when i try to install this it says metro trk not found. I've been able to install One though

  7. Anonymous  

    y the file when i downloaded is corrupted one??anyone can send me this game (Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep")??i like this game but can't find it....send to my email..(sub_alan@hotmail.com)thanks..

  8. Anonymous  

    am gettin d error-file corruped... even though i downloaded it many times.. :( am usin n82... is this game compatible wid it...

  9. Anonymous  

    I'm using nokia 5320 and i can't install the file.
    The installer says the file is corrupt. Pls help

  10. razy  


    hat up to you bro..good job..

    my problem is that the game suddenly crash in the middle of game..eror message appear..kernel ex3 error sumthing..anyone know why is that happened..


  11. ZY  

    hi im using N-GAGE QD


  12. Anonymous  

    hy whn will be newest game cracked for 2009 like prince of persia and dark knight thx very much for free stuff

  13. Anonymous  

    yes we want the new games ppppppppppppppllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssseeee

  14. alvin  

    i need the *.n-gage file

  15. Anonymous  

    I just hacked nokia 5320 and when i played the game this error appeared kernel ex3 error
    can someone help me about this. Can email me at desmund_yew@hotmail.com

  16. teagear  

    can you give me an activation code for this game?
    please send it by e-mail at ara_retro@yahoo.co.id.
    thanks for you. . .

  17. Anonymous  

    hey dude

    thanks for the games

    good luck and keep up the good work

  18. Anonymous  

    can you give me an activation code for this game?

    please send it by e-mail at gogeta_1994@yahoo.com

  19. Anonymous  

    hey hw do i download this game "Hooked on creatures of da deep?....i lpayed da demo its AWESOME !!!.............lolz

  20. jayr  

    it is corrupted!!!!please upload a good one!!

  21. Anonymous  

    Can YOu Give me the activation code for creatures of the deep PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... plllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz my email id is saurabh845@yahoo.in

  22. Sudipta  

    Dear huseyin please crack asphalt 4. please please

  23. Anonymous  

    send me activation code please! for imad-snoop@hotmail.com

  24. Anonymous  

    Hey, if this works and the other games work (full version without paying, then i'm donating alot to you guys, at least $50 Australian dollars.
    I'll post again soon

  25. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    yea, lots of people told me that they will donate, but just a very few donations i have received, i hope you will donate

  26. Anonymous  

    Hey i've got a problem, after i downloaded it and unpacked with winrar, went thru the installer thing and it created the ngage installer file for hooked on, i put it in the n-gage folder and then opened n-gage, it said preparing installation and after a minute "fire corrupt, delete now?" - using a n95 8gb
    help me please, i'll donate if it works

  27. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    try to hack your phone and do the same things again

  28. Anonymous  

    What's wrong with metroTRK? can Huseyin help me?

  29. Earl  

    why does metrotrk not found appear everytime i begin to install the game? what does it mean? can anybody help me?? please!!

  30. sujan  

    i just love this game..
    guys,this game is best game ever..
    excellent graphics,sound and playbility.
    if u r loooking 4 a nice game
    download this one.
    thanks huseyin.
    u r doing an excellent job..
    u rock man!!!

  31. skullconstictor@yahoo.co.in  


  32. Anonymous  

    salam bro.....
    can you give me an activation code for this game?
    please send it by e-mail at amirul44@gmail.com thanks for you. . .

  33. amirul  

    Can YOu Give me the activation code for creatures of the deep PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... plllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz my email id is amirul44@gmail.com

  34. Kshitij  

    It's Askin For Some MetroTRK, Whats That????

  35. Anonymous  

    i m using a nokia 5320 phone can someone out there give me the activation code for hook on creature from the sea,and tiger woods pga tour 2004 thanks my mail is ( patrickyee_6060@yahoo.com

  36. helix2442  

    dude can you pls upload the files on mediafire so that there is no download time limit,because i love your games and i get like 2 games a day,i hate waiting on rapidshare,thanks man

  37. Anonymous  

    my 5320show me it is a trial and i cant access all
    option in the game . can u give any suggestion my id is xtech4582@gmail.com

  38. Anonymous  

    Kann mir jemand den Aktivierungscode schicken

  39. Anonymous  

    hey huseyin plz help me for metro TRK how to use it i m not able to find it plz help

  40. Anonymous  

    hey i'm using nokia 5320..
    been download some of the games here but all come out error:file is corrupted
    so wat am i going to do?
    i love the game u got here =D

    p.s. i've tried download the trial version at
    www.n-gage.com and it works!! somehow i cant play it here

  41. anup  

    how to download this game

  42. Anonymous  

    there are many new games on n-gage 2.0....guitar hero...the sims 3...hope u can cracked and upload it..

  43. kasra  

    thx i love this game but in the middle of playing it closes with a error (KERN-EXEC 3)
    what should i do? please help

  44. Anonymous  

    elow can you send me the installer of hook of creatures..
    this is my email


  45. Anonymous  

    Hi, I could'nt install this, i don't know where!
    can you send in my e-mail pleeeease?



  46. Anonymous  

    ThX bro..youre d best...works like a charm on n85 after a bit of hacking and playing with it...thX again :P

  47. Anonymous  

    Could You please send me an activation code for "Hooked on"? My e-mail - pipus@ukr.net
    Thanks in advance

  48. Anonymous  

    very cool game! can u send me an activation code please to @zohar1@saar.org.il?

  49. Anonymous  

    the zip files ask for password ...where i wil find password .pls help

  50. Anonymous  

    plzzzz give the activation code...thanksss

  51. Anonymous  

    the only game which worked properly in my phone..


    huseyin, what happen with ur other games...like bounce, star wars, boom blox...

    im so disappointed with u BiNPDA...

    u just try to obtain a money from ur link (linkbucks)

  52. Anonymous  

    can any1 tell me hw to download this game

  53. Anonymous  

    i'm using nokia 5320,can someone give me the activation code for creatures of the deep?please..my email is (jery_othman@yahoo.com)please..

  54. Anonymous  

    give me the activation code for this game,i'm using nokia 5320..my email is jery_othman@yahoo.com

  55. Anonymous  

    can anyone provide me with a working file of hooked on creatures of the deep. I accidently lost my file, now i want this game very badly. I have tried downloading the game but all files are corrupt. So anyone pls help me out on this and pls mail me the game on anshumangupta2004@yahoo.co.in along with the ways to make the game a full version.

  56. Anonymous  

    where iam clink to download

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