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Worms World Party

Category: Action/Strategy
Players: 1-4 with Bluetooth or N-Gage Arena
Publisher: THQ Wireless
Developer: Paragon 5
Scheduled Release Date: Out now!

One of the world's wackiest, addictive, and enjoyable games hits the N-Gage in its most multiplayer online-focused form to date! Worms World Party features globally appealing humor, habit-forming multiplayer match-ups, and a myriad of game options to keep you coming back for more. Do you want to get your hands dirty in a quick firefight or exercise your generalship in a long, thought-out wormfest? We put control in your hands. Why? Because worms don't have hands, silly!
  • In this turn-based action strategy game, teams of humorously animated worms wage battles across weird, randomly generated landscapes
  • Single player modes include training missions to hone your creative attack and lightning-speed decision making skills in deathmatch and mission-based games
  • Unleash mutant worm-destroying sheep, fierce bazooka cannons, and ancient Kung Fu powers on unsuspecting worm opponents
  • Fight your way across several environments including snow-covered worlds and deep, dark forests. Perhaps the lure of the cheese landscape is calling you to battle, or you may just win the day and declare yourself king of the fruit bowl... it's all up to you to decide!
  • With the power of the customizer, you can name your worms, select unique weapon inventories, and, when the inevitable happens, pick out the tombstone for your worm's final resting place
  • Fully customizable game options that allow you, the player, the ability to choose the way you deal wormy mayhem to opponents, from drawn-out wars to quick and dirty skirmishes

N-Gage Exclusive Features

  • The more worms, the better: 2 people can go head-to-head against each other over a wireless Bluetooth connection, or have a 4-way battle in the N-Gage Arena
  • Because N-Gage Arena play is turn-based, the speed of your GPRS connection won't affect the quality of gameplay
  • Testyourself in tournaments, including "Worm King" elimination and "Survival of the Wormiest"
  • Matchmaking helps you find other gamers by skill level or time zone
  • There's more than one way to top the global rankings in the N-Gage Arena, from top scores to worst friendly-fire offender to most boring worm
>>>DOWNLOAD<<< style="font-weight: bold;">N-Gage Classic version, N-Gage 2.0 version of Worms World Party >HERE<

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17 Comment(s)

  1. music4life  

    wen is the worms world party for ngage 2.0 coming out???

  2. Anonymous  

    yea seriously when is it coming out?

  3. Elroy  

    how do you get this working? i copied the whole system map to c\system on my nokia n95-8gb with the x-plore explorer on my phone....

  4. Anonymous  

    i read 2 days ago on 3 websites that worms world party for ngage 2.0 is out.... when are you going to post it here?

  5. Timo  

    Hey guys..
    I got the Zip unpacked on my computer.. but I can't find a EXE file in de map dat was unpacked..
    how the hack do I install Worms on my N95 8GB?

  6. Anonymous  

    Great games!!! Enjoy it!!

  7. ultraslan  


  8. Anonymous  

    how do i install it? i already unzipped it now i just have a useless file??? HELLPP!

  9. Anonymous  

    i normally install these games well but the date and time keeps sayin its expired or not set right. whats a good date to set this game to install for for those who have done it successfully. ty :)

  10. Unknown  





    RADIFAN ^^


  11. mustafa  

    please give me an activation code for worms world party N gage.
    please man please i beg you.
    this is my email mchouman87@gmail.com

  12. mustafa  

    please help me man
    I searched every and each website to find worms world party N gage activation code.

    please help me with an activation code (mchouman87@gmail.com) thank you :)

  13. Assassin_Dragon  

    How to use it ? Any1 give me some instructions of installation of this plz ?

  14. Assassin_Dragon  

    some1 tells me how to use it plz ?

  15. Anonymous  

    someone help me with this game activation code please, i beg you (akg_destiny@yahoo.com)

  16. Jairo  

    activation code to worms and asphalt4, please, jaironm82@gmail.com

  17. Anonymous  

    some1 plz help me lol, iv'e hacked my n95 but dont knw hw 2 get n-gage games

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