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Nokia Symbian OS Pre FP1 FP2 Mobile Phone List

Pre-FP1 devices

  • N75
  • N77
  • E61i
  • E65
  • N93i
  • N91 8GB
  • E62
  • E50
  • 5500
  • N93
  • N73
  • N80
  • N71
  • N92
  • E70
  • E60
  • E61
  • 3250

FP1 devices
  • 6124 classic
  • N82
  • N95
  • E51
  • N95 8GB
  • N81
  • N81 8GB
  • 6121 classic
  • 6120 classic
  • 5700 XpressMusic
  • 6110 Navigator
  • E90 Communicator
  • N76
  • 6290

FP2 devices
  • 5320
  • 6220
  • 6210
  • N78
  • N96

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44 Comment(s)

  1. Master F Puppet  

    Good work mate!! i was going to tell you to do that.. This should help the noobs!

  2. Anonymous  

    hi bro.

    i still can do what u said about how to install y browser hellcarbide aswell as caps on /off...

    well...in ngage classic those games very easy to use it so why u dont make it easy for us....like ngage clasic just pop in to mmc and its works very well...

    thank....still confusing....

    ian...nokia 5320

  3. Anonymous  

    wtf y wont the bindpa ppl just make a newer TRK instead of being lazy...

  4. Master F Puppet  

    dude's this method is far better than the AppTrk man.. Even if you upgrade your phone you'l still be able to install files if you hack your phone using hello carbide method..

  5. muabarak  

    Hi Guys...
    I have N95.. and i have downloaded Tools and NGage 2.0.Can some one help in installing these applicaions on my mobile.
    Can someone post the procedure/steps to follow to install tools(trk) and Ngage 2.0 on my mobile..
    Thanks in Advance.

  6. Anonymous  

    You forgot to add N85 to FP2 devices.

  7. Anonymous  

    This is not working in N85. After running HelloCarbide, it crashes. and C:\sys\bin not visible.

  8. Anonymous  

    aw cmon ONE and Cafe Solitair Pack are OUT!!! wen r u gna post themmm??

  9. Anonymous  

    i got a nokia 5320 n i can't get the app_trk to install in my device. it says app is built-in. need some help coz kinda desparate. thks guys

  10. Anonymous  

    I'm an N81 user and I just upgraded my firmware to v 21.0.008
    Problem is hellocarbide does not work with the new firmware. Any other ways to hack the phone?

  11. Anonymous  

    yeah i have same problem,Hello Carbine dont work,No sys/bin folder on my n81

  12. Shin  

    I have a nokia 5320 XM v 3.08
    now my prob is tht i was easily able to hack the phn..
    but wen i install star wars, i am able to play only the first level(training part)..wen the loading for the next level begins,i come back to the menu..over tht brothers in arms is not running at all and there is some problem in almost all games i've installed except asphalt and fifa 08 ,which run gr8.
    i don't know wats the problem but this seems to be happnin on all 5320s..pls hlp cus i really wanna play those games....

  13. Shin  

    Do you have any info on this???
    please reply to me soon!!

  14. Anonymous  

    yeah...also me...i have 5320 XpMus..when im installing ONE "file corrupted" in the middle of installation..also star wars..only the training part can be played..but A3,COTD,FIFA08,TETRIS,BLOCK BREAk..etc..GREAT!! except DOGS..even i installed DOGS when im playing it, it automatically exit because of an UNknown error..tnx also for the full games...

  15. memo  

    I've got Nokia N78. How can I install full n gage games. When I install app trk for FP 1 it write me error.Exist any app trk for FP 2?

  16. Anonymous  

    Hi all
    I've new nokia N96 and I don't know how to instill app trk, every time I instilled a massege cirtifcate error.
    plz help help

  17. theodoros  

    could you please say me why i cannot install games on n85 always says me a message the file is corrupt

  18. cool  

    wat about n85? which device it is?

  19. Anonymous  

    For all those using phones FP2 phones, including the N85 (which I am using myself), none of these cracked applications will work on your phones as Symbian OS 9.3 (i.e. FP2) has not been successfully hacked yet as far as I'm aware. Hüseyin, please can you confirm this? (Or better still, prove me wrong and show us how we can use these cracked files on our phones!)

  20. Anonymous  

    hi for all user ,i just want to ask regarding how to install n gage games sim 2 pet for my nokia 5320 .please guys i really want playing this games in my hew hp 5320.thank you .. This my email elicia_lc@yahoo.com

  21. Anonymous  

    for 5320?

  22. multifungsi  

    i can't make new dir in 'sys' , what must i do?

  23. Anonymous  

    can someone help me with my n85 ?/?
    i juz cant play full version games ......
    n none of the method here works on my phone

  24. Anonymous  

    I have the n91 4GB version does it work with this version or do i need the 8GB cuz ive been trying and havent gotten passed installing drakkarious (it keeps telling me expired certificate)


    I'm an N81 user and I just upgraded my firmware to v 21.0.010
    Problem is hellocarbide does not work with the new firmware. Any other ways to hack the phone?

  26. Divesh  

    Hi frnds i have n81 nd i tried a lot to hack my phone thru hello carbide but it dsnt work on it pls tell me other way.....

  27. Divesh  

    Hi guys i have n81 nd i tried 2 hack my phone thru hello carbide but it dsnt tell me the other way

  28. Anonymous  

    hi i upgraded my n81..i couldnt find hello carbide application after installing darkkarious am getting only two applications capson and capsoff ...plzzz help mee

  29. Anonymous  

    does this work on the n79? if so what version do i use.

  30. Anonymous  

    where is the downloding links 4 nokia 96??????

  31. Anonymous  

    Hi will this work on n97? Thx

  32. Anonymous  

    hey! what about n86 8MP?
    there is no n86 on the list!
    (sorry for bad english)

  33. NaveenY  

    After updating to latest Firmware of my Nokia N81 (V.21.0.010) hacking with Drakkarious is not working. Will anyone help how to hack it again. Burrrr lots of thanx. plerase help

  34. Anonymous  

    ok..i want ask sumthing..
    if i want use at n-gage QD..
    what can i select?

  35. Anonymous  

    hey there can u help me in hacking nokia e63 the hello carbide and caps off is just not working.plz help

  36. Anonymous  

    how if my phone is nokia 5630 ??
    is it working??

  37. Jerry  

    Please help me.
    My device is a Nokia N85 8Gb. Is it FP1, FP2 or pre-FP1 ?

  38. Anonymous  

    i have a 5730 music express.. i tired installing

    everything says " unable to install , COmponent already built in "..

    wat do i do..?

  39. Anonymous  

    5730 music express fP1 pr FP2 ??

  40. praveen  

    for n79 whic one to choose

  41. karthikramesh  

    hi im using nokia e63 its not working can sombody help me pls reply me on karthikramesh.tv9@gmail.com pls

  42. Anonymous  

    to which category does n79 belong too...
    plz help..
    thnx in ad...

  43. Anonymous  

    my nokia n79 c/sys/bin gone plez help me

  44. Anonymous  

    How to do in nokia c7.Pls help me thanks !

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