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The One

The One N-Gage 2.0 Game Full
DeveloperDigital Legends
PublisherNokia Publishing
Release Date28/10/2008

  • Multiplayer Mode: Bluetooth
  • Number of players: 1-2
  • N-Gage Arena: Bluetooth Gaming, Game Extra, Rankings
  • Bluetooth mode: 2 players
Fight around the world to become the true ONE. You will be tested in incredible locations, against well-trained bosses with furious gangs who master different fighting techniques and styles. ONE breaks the boundaries of mobile gaming. Experience amazing 3D fighting with stunning motion-captured animations.

Installation Notes
  • Copy the .n-gage file to the ngage folder on your mobile phone.
  • Launch the N-Gage app and play the game.
Download The One N-Gage 2.0 Game

rar pass : huseyin

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111 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    Please can any one tell me the password of the rar file. I tried huseyin but it didn't work.
    it opens the file but shows error during extraction.

  2. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    the file has been download 165 times today, and only you told that password is incorrect, but i have checked again and password is correct, please try to type it by yourself "huseyin" without quotes

  3. BloggerX  

    hey, my phone says the file is error.
    can u repair?

  4. Anonymous  

    Hey dude, I have been waiting for u to release this..:-)

    Keep up the good work


  5. Master F Puppet  

    Damn i have been waiting for this game.. thanks huseyin.. good work my bro!!

  6. albe00110001  

    anyone can post a link with thr game???????????????'' tankssssssssss i can t find the site

  7. Anonymous  

    You are the BEST!!!!!

  8. Anonymous  

    awesome huseyin...a true topper!!!

  9. adeel.akram  

    Huseyin is the greatest.... No doubt

  10. Anonymous  

    can u send me the rar file password? thanx a lot

  11. ihya  

    thanks for the great game, god bless you huseyin

    matur suwun seng akeh..... heheheh

  12. gg051  

    i did the instuction to instal this game(one), but i still have trial on my 5320, how i can get the full version?
    some body please help me....

  13. jagan  

    Hey i am getting a message which says the file is corrupted and i am unable to install it in 5320

  14. Anonymous  

    I skimmed through hell lot of sites for months but atlas feeling lucky to find this site.....

    Simply gr8!!! Hat's Off huseyin

  15. triplxranger  

    hey, my phone says the file is error. it shows KERN-EXEC
    0.how can i repai it? plz tell me.iam using N81 8GB

  16. Anonymous  

    Hi Huseyin, kif halak wachi. - Why is this game directly .n-gage extension? (one.n-gage) why isn't it .exe self installer to TRK like all other games?

    Should I just install it like this through the PC Suite installer?


  17. 2-D  

    Hi, i cant install it on my 5320. Its say "File is corrupt". Please help me. Thanks b4. 2-D, B4L!

  18. Anonymous  

    hey bro... I use 5320 with the latest software ( 3.26 ),
    I want to ask to you,, you said that we have to make a new folder if we can't open the " sys " folder in the phone memory,the questions are :
    1. What name of the folder should I make ? because when I make a sys folder it says error-46
    2.After I make the folder, what I have to do ? make the bin folder or just copy the cprofdriver and installserver into the folder ?

    And the last, please give me the complete answer of the questions above...

    Sorry if I write some wrong words above, coz, english is not my language, I am a 13 years student,live in indonesia

  19. Anonymous  


  20. ihya'  

    hey brother. The game fifa 09 has been launched about 2 weeks ago. Have u supplyed us with it. I wonder you did it men

  21. Anonymous  

    This is just the trial version right? it has a buy option and the only gameplay mode available is the versus with no caracter selection available.. is this information correct or did someone get the full version? cheers

  22. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    please read this;


  23. Anonymous  

    I´m sorry, maybe i wasn´t too explicit on my problem. I know how to get the trial tag of. i have many other games that have the same trial tag but they are complete. In this case the game has i told before it´s not complete. the only gameplay mode available is the versus and i can´t even chose any player, its allways the same fighter. I have the aplication installed properly. this is really ood.. sory about the big text, if just someone have the same problem.. and thank you huseyin, you really are the one =). cheers

  24. Anonymous  

    why i can't install the game in my nokia N81.. file is corrupted.. i just follow the instruction i copied the file one.n-gage in my Memory card in folder n-gage, n i open the folder n-gage n start the installation but the file can't to install n must deleted because the file is corrupted.. help me plzzz

  25. Anonymous  

    Ammm . my nokia n81 says file is coruupt when doing preparation instaling ,

  26. Bram  

    Having trouble installing on my N79.
    I followed the steps to take, but during installation: 'File is corrupted' appears. Any advice for this? would appreciate it. Maybe downloading it again?
    Bram de Wit.

  27. luzid  

    I followed the steps to take, but during installation: 'File is corrupted' appears. Any advice for this? would appreciate it. Maybe downloading it again?mine n82

  28. v974  

    No problem during the installation
    1) install TRKon you Nokia
    2) connect to you PC and launch Secman.exe
    3) lauch secman on your nokia
    4) you can now install the games

    Thank U Man for your great job.

  29. Karunesh  

    huseyin bro thanx,
    this game is fabs and so are ur uploads.... u're da man

  30. Bram de Wit  

    Hi V974,
    Thanks for the post
    That works for PC's, but is there a solution for Macs too?
    Thank you,

  31. Anonymous  

    Hi i have N81 8GB, I tried installing this game twice but i am getting a message which says the file is corrupted, Please help i need this game badly....

  32. Anonymous  

    i try to unstall the trk but its always an error..it says built in??wats that??and the one game is corrupted.pls help

  33. Anonymous  

    Hi dude, just wanna ask u:
    1. There is only versus mode in my 5320. is this also happened on all phone models?
    2. Where is your address anyway? coz i wanna give u some presents for your amazing work till today ;)

    ALE - Indonesia

  34. Anonymous  

    hey did anyone here who got it working had the full version?? i installed it ryt just like the other games here..same thing as some anonymous said..the "buy game" option clearly tell its not the full..

    and guys, if the trk method is not working for you, why dont you try the DRAKKARIOUS method, its the one im using..you probably have fp2 phones thats why it gives back error message..try drakkarious, works for me, n5320 user by the way..

  35. Anonymous  

    can someone teach me how to copy .n-gage files into an n95? where is the ngage folder?

  36. Anonymous  

    thanks huseyin.keep up the good work :p you made alot of fans already around the network. !

  37. Anonymous  

    hey huseyin i just downloaded the file from the link uve posted above. but after openin the .rar file when i try to extract one.rar to my desktop it says winrar diagnostic message error and says wrong password...
    any help wud be really appreciated...

  38. Anonymous  

    the download site is reported as an attacked site plz post an alternative download link

  39. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    alternative link is added

  40. ibu  

    I have Nokia N95 8GB and I even installed Ngage in my mobile. Now I copied the game to my mobile. I cant install the game. It is saying that the file type is not supporting..rar files are not supporting in my mobile.tell me wat to do now???

  41. ogin  

    can I install it to 6210 Navigator

  42. Anonymous  

    hey huseyin when i want to install it on my nokia 5320 it says the file is corupted!!is there any solution for my problem????
    my e-mail is sharayha_92@hotmail.com
    i hope u answer me :)

  43. Anonymous  

    merhaba hüseyin bey
    kac kere denedim yinede oyunda bozukluk oldugunu söylüyor

  44. majed  

    hey hussain i installed the game corectly and it worked but the problem is that it is still a trail i can see the "buy the game"menu and only versus mode is avalible!!!
    is there any solution for this? btw i am using N5320 and i already instaled other games and working prfectly so thanx for every thing:)
    but plz answer me as soon as possible :)

  45. Anonymous  

    this game can only play bluetooth or can play on online ???

  46. Anonymous  

    How do u install the game n82

  47. Anonymous  

    do you think it will work on 3230?

  48. Anonymous  

    how can i downld...

  49. Ramasatyadev  

    i am unable to install this on my N82
    i did copy the file in the n-gage folder
    and then when i try to install it the n-gage software automatically shuts down and the same contimues everytime. the game doesnt start at all
    metal gear is running fine but resident evil, one etc arent. i face the same problem with every game. please help me out as soon as you can

  50. Anonymous  

    its not able to install in my N85 it says file corrupted

  51. Sourabh  

    Does N-Gage games work in N91 8GB???????Pls tell.
    I tried it in my N91 8GB But it didn't worked>

  52. Anonymous  

    çalışsa şaşardım zaten
    the file corrupted..

  53. Anonymous  

    'File corrupted' I have a N96

  54. Anonymous  

    Works... if you don't upgrade your firmware to v30, otherwise you'll be getting 'corrupted file' error.

  55. Anonymous  

    Don't worry, it works now. You have to hack your N96 (which I have)

  56. RIPPER  

    Is this the full game? On the menu at the top it says 'Buy Game' and you can only play a 'versus' match.

  57. Anonymous  

    hey this game is showing corrupted on my n 81

  58. HK  

    great site..........

  59. HK  


  60. Anonymous  

    how can i play it by bluetooth?

  61. Anonymous  

    im tryin to put this game on to my nokia n95 8gb. firstly what files do i put in the phone? is it the whole of "the one" folder... and also where do i put it on my phone? can anyone give a proper step by step besides "copy the file on to your phone" cos dat dnt help for ppl like me (rookies)

  62. Karunesh  

    huseyin bro i've downloaded this game on my n81 it works good, but when i follow the same procedure on my frens n95 it says file corrupted,do i need trk apps for this..plz help..

  63. Anonymous  

    why the game is trial
    how do i fix it ?

  64. Anonymous  

    This game work great on my n95 8gb.Resident evil however still works as as trial.Any way that this could be resolved.link meh!exclusiveinters@hotmail.com Keep up the good work Bro.Much thanks all the way from Trinidad and Tobago

  65. Anonymous  

    hey huseyin this game will work on e75 0r not??plzz reply

  66. Anonymous  

    downloaded the one game but cant get it to work on n96 need help plz thx

  67. Anonymous  

    what is the password??

  68. Anonymous  

    the game vry good but it trial... plzzz gv me activ code or crack..
    plzz mail shark_hitz@yahoo.com

  69. Anonymous  

    thanx dude

  70. Anonymous  

    Why is it that every game on here i dont have to open TRK app it goes straight to the nokia app installer am i still getting the full game? and for some reason i get unable to install (error-1)msg on this game, please help

  71. sodkillah  

    dude mine says file is corrupted what to do?
    help pls...

  72. Anonymous  

    The password is : huseyin

  73. Anonymous  

    my n96is hacked but the game is corrupted , Unable to install game error - 1

  74. Anonymous  

    June 9, 2009 10:53 PM

    my n96is hacked but the game is corrupted , Unable to install game error - 1

    the same happens by me.
    if i want to install the game, ngage installs the game until the green line is full and then the -1 error comes :( pls help us

  75. Anonymous  

    hey...this file is corrupted..

  76. Ankur  

    Simply the best site man

  77. Anonymous  

    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina... I can play all of your great games... Huseyin, you are the man...the best man...
    But, I have a little prob, with this one - "ONE". A problem is in "error -1" when I try to install it, just same as comment no. 73 and 74. Can anyone help here... tnx anyway...

  78. royhan  

    why all game cracked is corrupt in n-gage

  79. myusuf  

    its not work!!
    data is corupt

  80. Anonymous  

    error-1 on n82

  81. Anonymous  

    My rar file is empty. Why?

  82. Anonymous  

    the game is not work i hope it work feen crack real foot ball w pantomem

  83. Anonymous  

    This isn't a full version!!

  84. Anonymous  

    not working it says file corrupted

  85. Anonymous  

    after installing the game it shows error-1,unable to install

    by the way great site sexy one...

  86. Anonymous  

    how can i install the game on my n85???
    its says file corrupted....plz....cn u help me???
    i really want to play this game.....plz....

  87. gdiakonitakis  

    it looks like i am the only one who cant play this on his N95...
    it say everytime i try to install it: error-1
    that means something with FPP1 and so on....
    have some on a N95 too, but without this problem????

  88. Anonymous  

    hey i got same error 'file corrupted' when i start application after copying.... so plzzz help me out......

  89. Sujyoth  

    dusn work on n86

  90. Sujyoth  

    i tried many times but still aftr installing the fon says " file corrupt ".i tried using secman also,but secman installs fine,but dusn launch.it gives me a message saying it will tak sum time and den it dus nothing

  91. dinesh  

    it install but in last shows unable to install game ERROR-1 i want it help me

  92. Subho  

    Rapidshare is not allowing to download the file it is saying no more download slot available for free user

  93. wolf  

    When will Fp2 version of these games will be launched??
    on my n85 it only works as demo


  94. Anonymous  

    when the fp2 versions of these games will be launched?so that they can work with n85,n86 as full version.these binPDA cracked games arent compatible with fp2

  95. Anonymous  

    Dude all your games work perfectly and i am really grateful for that. There is one problem though. Whenever i try to install ONE or Asphalt 3 i get a message 'Unable to install game. error-1. Please tell me what to do. I really want to play ONE. Please give me a solution

  96. Anonymous  

    cant install one, i get n error message saying "unable to install game [error-1]. what should i do?

  97. Anonymous  

    how come everytime i download the games here and transfer it to my phone. when i install the game...and then they put " File has corrupted" Can u guys help me with this ??

  98. Anonymous  

    i have hacked my n95 8gb but when i install particularly this game at the last point of installation it give system -1 error plz help

  99. Mewan  

    Hi i tried installing this game on my 5730xm...but it works as a trial...any way to solve this problem..and on some other games i get "istall error (eroor1)..what does this mean...any way to bypass

  100. Anonymous  

    Hey in n95 says " The File is Corrupt Delete? "

  101. majid  

    it wont instal,it says error 01..why..?

  102. Anonymous  

    where can i get the metroTRK? it says metroTRK not found run metroTRK in mobile phone

  103. Anonymous  


    huseyin, when the installation is complete, why it says "Unable to install game (Error -1)"

    im using n78 (firmware 21.002), helloox2, and i got a problem too with my bounce (im stuck in lev 2....loading error)

  104. Anonymous  

    plz..answer the error 01 problem

  105. Anonymous  

    When installing i get this error unable to install game Error-1 plz help i really want this game

  106. Anonymous  

    good games

  107. Anonymous  

    i m trying to download games, but again and again a ads on warning msg is coming.i have allowed evryting like enable pop up, ads on ,etc .but i m unable to dounload .what should i do

  108. s  

    Hey Huseyin pls provide me ngage 2.0. The ngage web site is now ovi store and i cant download ngage from there. I am using N79 32.001 hacked by helloOX 2.11. thank you
    Contact me at:- sdey.dey@gmail.com

  109. Saurav  

    Huseyin pls help me out.., whenever i am installing this game i do get a msg error 1 and installation stops. What should i do..??

  110. ssaleszoy  

    this is new for me, so i have no idea,

  111. poul panteno  

    i cant create n gage account it always says"unable to create your account"please help me. . . . .

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