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Metal Gear Solid Mobile

DeveloperIdeaworks3D Ltd.
PublisherKonami Digital Entertainment
Release DateComing Soon

  • Number of players: 1
  • N-Gage Arena: Rankings
Full Cracked Version by BinPDA Added !!!
Arm your mobile device with the tactical action and espionage of METAL GEAR SOLID.

METAL GEAR SOLID MOBILE features dramatic 3D art displays and camera work that greatly surpasses the quality standard of today's mobile games. Players will face the extreme tension of solitary infiltration in this version of the tactical espionage action game.

Rapidshare.com link for "
Metal Gear Solid for Mobile" Full Cracked version by BinPDA is out!!!
pass : huseyin

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82 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    I'm looking forward to this game ^^

  2. Anonymous  

    DOnt takes so long....

  3. Anonymous  

    do you know when will the gme be available?

  4. Anonymous  

    Why didn't BiNPDA crack MGS & Boom Blox????

  5. rawkstar2008  

    y takin so long...plz crack MGS n boom blox

  6. Anonymous  

    I believe it is because the developers have changed the way they release their trials. The trials used to be full games with a softwar lock and BiNPDA used to unlock the files. That is why we would have a 12MB trial version and it would be the same 12MB full version. If you notice, MGS and Bloxx are only 2MB Trial. In no way are the WHOLE games 2MB, especially MGS. The same goes with Resident Evil: Degeneration. I downloaded it and it is 2MB. I think the Devs/Nokia have gotten smart=Dont release the whole game as a trial and depend on broken software locks. Now is BiNDPA unlocks the 2MB trials, they will still only have a 2MB Trials worth of game.

    Just my opinion....

  7. Anonymous  

    umm no retard its just tht the games kinda just came out and MGS is kinda a big game so itll take a while to finish

  8. Anonymous  

    you look that? the game is still coming soon!! so.. the game is not fully release yet... (i think....)

  9. Unknown  


  10. Anonymous  

    binpda team please crack it please.....:( make this kid happ with metal gear solid and resident evil degenetarion

  11. Anonymous  

    Name calling is not needed. It did not take them long to release the BiNPDA version of One and the other N-Gage games. Also, we don't know how big of a game MGS is. The biggest game so far for N-Gage is Pro Series Golf, it's a wopping 61 MB!!! By your logic of size versus time, it should have taken them forever to crack that game...... We all just need to be patient and wait, and not name call, argue, insult and all that. We all look bad in the end by doing that kind of stuff.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

  12. Anonymous  

    WHY BINPDA TEAM IS STILL SLEEPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous  

    yes all the games r out! i got them from another site,and for some odd reason MGS and Resident evil and boom blox r all around 3 mb :S

  14. Unknown  

    thanks for cracking these wonderful games
    thanks one again

  15. Anonymous  

    THX for this game BinPDA! ! !

  16. Anonymous  

    binpda...u r the best...
    thanx for cracking games for us n makes our life easy...

  17. Anonymous  

    thank you binpda,,,,,,,,,

  18. Anonymous  

    thanks BiNPDA.. this is a gr8 game but i'm facing some problems from downloading from Rapid Share .. could u plz upload this game and its tools (all of it) on other website .. such as megaupload or zshare or 4shared or filefactory or any other but not rapid share :P

    PLZ :)

  19. Anonymous  

    yes...im downloading now....first time

  20. Anonymous  

    hey thanx for cracking these games ...... u truly are the best ... serious

  21. psykarun  

    thanx again..

  22. darkangel_riq  

    Cool thanx a lot.
    Game works perfectly on my N81

  23. Anonymous  

    hey please can you guys tell me how to reload weapons in metal gear solid..... please..in the game the octane tells that reloading M9 is chunky i tried all possibles but i cannot reload i m still stuck up in the 1st stage from the day i downloaded the game :( help me please...

  24. Anonymous  

    if you have n73 and you're out of memory(probably) the application freezes at menu. Then only way is to kill it through task manager.

    Also once in a while game crashes while entering levels at loading time.

    Otherwise game works.

  25. Anonymous  

    wats the activation code for this game??????????????

  26. Anonymous  

    Darkangel_rig i have n 81 too but i cant install that games.Can u tell me how u can install this games step by step tq

  27. Anonymous  

    will this game work on nokia N70?

  28. Anonymous  

    How hell this work?

  29. Anonymous  

    your cracked games are inffected

  30. Anonymous  

    always when i want to install it there comes " File is not supported"
    what should I do?

  31. Anonymous  

    If I install the game with Noki PC Suite it says follow the steps on your mobile phone screen.
    But if i want to install the game in ngage, ngage crashs an turn off.
    Could you help me please?

    Sorry if my english is not god, im german

  32. Anonymous  

    BinPDA you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous  

    welche firmware hast du denn drauf?

    thx to the upper it works perfectly!!!!

  34. Anonymous  

    not working for n79 or any other 0s9.3 :/

  35. Anonymous  

    for now (i say, FOR NOW or UNTIL NOW...), there are phones that cannot be hacked, especially those with new updated firmware and also new generation of phones (like n79, n85, etc.), that's why some of you cannot install these games and havin' problems with them...

  36. Anonymous  

    wats the password to open the rar file?????

  37. Anonymous  

    it works

  38. Anonymous  

    hey can nokia 5320 xpress music play this game if can how?

  39. Anonymous  

    how can i install it in my n81 8gb if the game is not .exe?

  40. Anonymous  

    can u people please please upload this game in any other website... rapidshare and megaupload sucks... I am not at all able to download any of the games from rapidshare... plz help me ... PLEASEE......

  41. Vincent  

    It works for me. Nokia N82 v20.0.062 and with N-gage 2

  42. Anonymous  

    i see this game is good

  43. Anonymous  

    can't load in my 5320XM
    file corrupted

  44. Anonymous  

    I have already install in my 5320XM
    but went i play the game
    its say " data corrupted "
    any sugesstion for me??

  45. Anonymous  

    how do i download the game evey time i hit the link it takes me to another prog page

  46. Anonymous  

    help me,,how wat the activation code,,

  47. Anonymous  

    How do u install the game for nokia 5320 its saying data crrupted please help thaxz hellllllllllllllllllpppppp

  48. Anonymous  

    Thnx 2 Mr.WindowsVista in YM bcoz 2 her i know that website im Demonz-Brave-Heart- mr.windowvista my Ym account is delted,,sorry if i cant say bye 2 u

  49. Anonymous  

    anybody has activation for tis game?? unfortunely my hp N79 cant play tis game cz it say the file is corrupted.. pls help me..

  50. Anonymous  

    anybody know the activatoin code for MGS??


  51. Anonymous  

    hello im new to all this technoloy but i need some help unpacking the files. i have winzip and im able to unpack the files and extract them into the n-gage folder on my n95 8gb. However i put the file into the n-gage folder, go onto the n-gage on my phone and it comes up with "processing installation" or something. then it says the file is corrupt. i dont know what exactly i need to put where and what files to put from my pc that have been unpacked onto my phone. please help me! with this metal gear solid game i dont know what link to use above to download. there seems to be 3. my n-gage is also updated. anyone help me out?

  52. Anonymous  

    it does not seem to work on my n95 8gb...i updated my phone software recently...and it is now rm-320..v31.0.015..update date was 07-11-08...please help..please..i cant even hack with car bride and xplore either...nothin seems to hack my phone..what is the reason?...i'm charles here.....

  53. Anonymous  

    not workin for N79 =/

  54. Anonymous  

    This file is blocked in Rshare :-(

  55. Unknown  

    that's good :)

  56. yasir  

    will this game work on windows mobile 6.0 professional

  57. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    no, it wont, its for symbian s60v3

  58. Anonymous  

    what is password

  59. Anonymous  

    how 2 download dr

  60. Anonymous  

    password plesss

  61. Anonymous  

    it's not letting me put it in there :(

  62. Anonymous  

    anyone filifino here?
    pls help me..tnx..

  63. Anonymous  

    its working on my n95 8gb --- Good Work BinPDA all game (which i downloade) working on my phone so far..... very nice job BinPDA

  64. Anonymous  

    Hey, what is the password!!???? I couldnt extract the rar file with pass "huseyin".. What happened??? please help me, I've been sick of this! But, thx for make everything happened for n gagE! thanks very much

  65. Hassan  

    i use n81 2gb~ but i cant play yhe cracked version~ what should i do? please help me

  66. Anonymous  

    it says.. File Is Corrupt

  67. Anonymous  

    am so looking forward for this game

  68. shaun  

    when i tried to install in my n73m it shows file corrupted......plz help

  69. Anonymous  

    how to install it?

  70. wana7262  

    i got error on starting game that "encrypted assets cannot be loaded"......now what to do...?

  71. Anonymous  

    all the games are not working on my nokia 5730 they tell me the file is corrupted
    does anyone know what to do?
    plz help me my email is designated_angel@hotmail.com

  72. Anonymous  

    great game on n73 clocked it aswell but kept it future of 3d gaming

  73. Anonymous  

    This Game is Trial..
    Please gift me for Active Code..
    metal gear solid mobile
    me e-mail h_toyox@yahoo.co.sg

  74. Anonymous  

    there is a problem with the download link , please recreate the link on linkbucks .

  75. Anonymous  

    link still broken :(

  76. Anonymous  


  77. Anonymous  

    link broken

  78. Anonymous  

    Link still broken, and most games on here all corrupted. Bad site, uploader not care, just wasting peoples time. Only upload genuine working 100% games and keep links up, i.e. dont use rapidshare its a piece of shit! use upload.ee or another file host that isnt conning people for money and doesnt delete links fast.

  79. Fahad-Bhai  

    Link not found

  80. Anonymous  

    The link has expired, please repost!

  81. swapnl  

    ho to download please tell me

  82. Anonymous  

    Link Not Found !!! please fix it

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