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QuickOffice Premier v6.0 s60v3 Symbian OS9.1 Unsigned.Cracked

Quickoffice 6.0 enables remote file access and bolsters enterprise document security on S60 smartphones
It enables users to remotely access, browse and open files stored in Internet cloud services, such as Apple’s MobileMe iDisk, FilesAnywhere and Box.net, etc. The software also allows access to files on corporate drives and servers, including Microsoft™ SharePoint™.

In addition, the 6.0 release includes new security features for using encrypted and password-protected Word and Excel documents. With these additions, Quickoffice continues to drive mobile professional productivity to new levels. Users now have unprecedented document access, reducing the need to store files on the phone while increasing security to protect documents stored locally.

Quickoffice 6.0 also adds several other new features, including a file manager that handles all file types and support for opening, editing and saving back to Zip files. In addition, Quickoffice enables users to view charts in Office 2007 Excel spreadsheets including real-time recalculation. The software suite is optimized for viewing and editing, and includes superior document ’round-trip’ capabilities to retain file formatting and maintain data integrity. Quickoffice has also updated its Adobe Mobile Reader for S60 with the latest Adobe engine, providing faster response and better handling of complex PDF documents.


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34 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    I've tried to install the application using the application installer on Nokia PC suite, and it says that there is a certifcate error. What should I do?


  2. Anonymous  

    wow.. thanks bro..
    didn't expect you to post it so fast..
    Thanks for the post...

  3. Anonymous  

    when i try to install it, there's a message indicating "Update Error".
    What seems to be the problem? Thanks..

  4. Onur  

    abi meraba yüklerken dahili bileşen hatası gibi bi hata veriyo.sertifika sorunu deil onu hallettim.bide quickoffice in önceki sürümünü kaldıramıyorum.o olduğu için yüklemiyo olabilir.kısacası sorunum quickofficenin eski sürümünü kaldıramamak. telefon n73 me yardım edersen çok sevinirim

  5. annabel  

    I also can't get it to install - it gets to the point where it says Allow application to read user data etc, I select continue on my phone to start the install and it then says "update error"

    Any help?

  6. nik  

    not able to install it says install base package first...

  7. Anonymous  

    Great, work perfectly in my N95,
    Muito Bom, Funciona Perfeitamente em meu N95.

  8. nik  

    please help me i have n81(v 20.0.056) whenever i try to install it it says intall base package first

  9. Ashok Soni  

    Well make sure that you have any version installed in your system of Quickoffice, if you dont have any version and you are trying to do that, well mate then you can.. you first install the old version like the base one 4.0 or something, let me know if that's the case...tc

  10. nik  

    i have tried to install earlier version of quickoffice but it says the same install base package first

  11. Ashok Soni  

    can you tell me which version you are trying to install, coz if you are trying to install an updater version, you will surely going to have this problem... mail me at ashok[dot]soni[at]gmail.com.. i will try to help you then...tc

  12. Gauss  

    Installed and works perfectly on my N82 selfsigned :) Thank you so much!

  13. Vasco  

    It doesn´t work on the N81

  14. Anonymous  

    Does NOT WORK
    it says "certifcate error"
    I have the nokia N96

  15. Anonymous  

    Thanks bro...

    Looks okay on my 5320 expressmusic though. Bravo

    Ian Chandra - Indonesia

  16. nozeup  

    does anyone knows how to clean drive c: N818GB, cause I install so many apps that cause my drive c: is full of junk files after I uninstall the apps.....thanks

  17. amir  

    Hi there,

    After installation the fone will restart.

    But after each time my phone restarting there's message showing "installing"

    then follow by:

    "Unable to complete the installation from memory card. To install remaining application go to Application manager"

    Anyone can help me with this, this is kind of annoying.

    BTW, I tried the software and its working fine :) t.q

  18. Hack GB  

    Help I can't instal it (error update)

  19. Anonymous  

    I've tried to install the application using the application installer on Nokia PC suite, and it says that there is a certifcate error. What should I do?

  20. Anonymous  

    How to see the ansvers ot previos posts?

  21. kunalkool  

    while installing it says update error
    wt should i do?
    plz help

  22. zmeu  

    ceritificate error!!!

  23. Anonymous  

    this is waste of i hav tried to install it and it is always certificate error..

  24. Anonymous  

    Hello Hi guys
    if anybody know what is base package Please tell me quick office is not work properly in my N81 8GB .

  25. Anonymous  

    hey guys.. i need some help here..
    when i tried to install it.. it says "certificate error. contact the application supplier"

    what should i do? i have N95. thanks


  26. Anonymous  

    i tried to delete the old Quickoffice in my phone and it says "remove failed"
    why is it like that?


  27. Anonymous  

    i have the same problem ... certificated error

  28. Anonymous  

    Hello there: Are these programs you post original by all means? Are they full licensed? Can I buy one over the web and sent it over to you with registration key or unlock code?

  29. Anonymous  

    Yes, they are full licences, yet illegal as they are cracked however yes you can buy these apps online and send them to anyone else, though you have to buy a code for their IMEI not for yours.. :D

  30. Anonymous  


  31. Anonymous  

    it works on nokia n82. THANKS!!!

  32. Anonymous  

    wow man! thanks!!

  33. Anonymous  

    Hi there, i've tried to install it on my n97 mini but i get a certificate error. Can you help?

  34. prady  

    thank you very much; other cracked version previously installed block me opening file for view stating required license.

    but this work perfectly on my n73.
    good work keep it up

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