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Best Blacklist v2.01 S60v3

Smartphoneware Best Blacklist v2.01 S60v3 SymbianOS9 Keygen-HSpda

Automatically rejects unwanted callers. Real-time incoming number analysis and instant reject. Easy to configure and use. Your phone will be always busy for unwelcome calls!
Best Blacklist highlights:

* Real-time incoming number analysis. When you have an incoming call BlackList application instantly detects incoming number and uses unique algorithm (reverted binary tree) to analyse it and determine if the service has to reject it or not. Regardless of how many numbers/contacts it has to analyse it rejects the call if needed in some microseconds, before your phone starts ringing and disturbs you.
* Just busy. Because of real-time number analysis and almost instant call reject all unwanted callers won't even know that they are blacklisted, they will just hear busy tone all the time.
* Scheduler. Scheduler makes BlackList your completely automated personal secretary. The service can reject everyone except family member at night, accept only co-workers at business hours on working days, etc.
* Real interaction with built-in contacts. When you set up your black lists you can add here contacts from your contact book (not just import phone numbers!) and even more you can insert here groups of contacts. Just create in your built-in contacts application some groups like Family, Spammers, Co-workers, etc and add these groups to as many lists as you need without adding tons of contacts to every list.
* Service based application. BlackList is professionally made application and consists from configuration application that you can start like any other application and service module (always-in-memory process). When you have configured the settings you can activate the service and close the configuration application. The service will do all job using really small amount of memory, system resources and absolutely transparent to user. Just configure and turn it on one time and you can forget about it and forget about all unwanted callers as well.

User Guide:

Lists and Correspondents

You can create as many lists as you need and activate the one that suits your current situation.

Only one list can be activated at one time. You can activate/deactivate any list using "Activate/Deactivate" commands. Currently active list is marked with . If no list is active then the service will perform no call filtering action.

There are 2 types of lists:

* Black list. If activated it will reject only the correspondents listed in this list.
* White list. If activated it will accept the correspondents listed in this list only and will reject everyone else.

- Empty "white list" - will reject all incoming calls.
- Empty "black list" - will accept all calls.

You can add as many correspondents as you need to every list.

* Contact. You can select contacts from your contacts book. All phone numbers that the contact has will be blocked or accepted (depends on the list type)
* Group. You can select groups of contacts from your contacts book. All contacts that the group has and all their phone numbers will be blocked or accepted (depends on the list type)
* Phone number. Type here any custom phone number.
* Unrecognised number. Represents all callers who hide their phone number or their phone number were not recognised by network.

When you finish setup you can turn the service ON to start filtering all incoming calls. When the service is ON BlackList configuration application is no longer needed and you can close it in order not to waste the memory and resources, the service will stay in memory and will do all job.

When service is activated you can see brief status of service activity in application status line. Like "Rejected 3 / 4" - means 3 calls have been automatically rejected from 4 total incoming calls.

Please note: service activating could take some time (some seconds) as it has to prepare and organise all your data (fetch all phone numbers from listed contacts/groups of contacts, etc) to be able to analyse incoming phone number during a call in real time.


Scheduler is a very useful function of BlackList application that can switch your lists automatically based on defined time schedule. For example Scheduler can block all calls every day after 23:00 except the ones from very close family members, at 9:00 it can allow everyone to call you except some numbers you have blacklisted. During working days when you are on working place it can allow only "work" calls, etc

You can create as many scheduler "rules" as you want. If you don't want some rule to be enabled you can disable it (without deleting it) and when next time you need it you can enable it again (no need to create it again).

Call forwarding

Imagine the situation you are on business conference and want to accept some "work" calls only and don't want to be disturbed with the rest of calls. But you don't want to lose them! You can manage such situation easily with BlackList application. Just set up BlackList to accept needed calls only and use Phone built in "Call divert" options. To reach "Call divert" options, please start the system application "Settings" and select "Call divert" item here. This command allows you to configure Call forwarding service of your network operator directly from the application. Turn "Divert if busy" ON and set up here your secretary/voice mail/etc phone number and your network operator will automatically forward callers rejected by BlackList application to the specified number.

Handy log

You can always take a look what numbers were rejected by the application. To see rejected calls log select "View log" command from menu. Here you will be able to see all such calls sorted by time and call back the rejected caller from this view.

What's new in v.2.01:

* Switch between main view and log with joystick left/right
* Option to show log entry details to see telephone number added
* Send SMS from LOG view added
* Pressing green (call) key in log view calls back the selected entry
* German version added. Now available in English, Russian, German and Chinese.

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Download Smartphoneware Best Blacklist v2.01 S60v3 SymbianOS9 Keygen-HSpda
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