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I would like to introduce you Ruhul Amin

I saw many many copies of this blog in the past. But this time, i must confess, i'm really impressed.

I got a comment on Impi Call Recorder post, look what he says (i have rejected this comment, for sure )

Ruhul Amin, an Indonesian copycat, is the owner of an N-Gage blog. I'm not against it. But what 'im against is he has made a real copy of this blog. Same theme, same widgets, same posts., everything is the same. And he is really really a brave man, even he could advertise his blog on my blog by commenting on my posts. Hang on!! I'll show you!

But before that, i want show you him, here is Ruhul Amin, our hero;

Lets start, at first i want to show you header of his blog;

Have you seen it before? Yes, its the same with mine.

Here is the top menu; same design, same things..

Here is post footer, again, its the same, "Help Us Grow And Share This Stuff With Others" ;

Here is the footer, same links,..

But this is my favorite, he has a "Make a donation" page, look what he says;

Oops? These are the donations i got from my fellow donors. And the surprising thing is he doesnt have a real donation page, but i think he's going to make donatin page after reading this post. I know that Ruhul Amin is following my blog.

And here are the facts, stats of his blog :)

Again, same widgets, same things but different stats :)

He has posted 470 posts and got 233 comments. I have posted 345 posts and got 3791 comments so far.

He has 11 subscribers on feedburner, i got 262.

He has 579k alexa ranking, i got 164k (it was 80k last year, when i was posting to this bog regularly). He has 16 sites linking in, i got 73.

These means that if you make a copy of another thing, you wont be succesfull, thanks for reading, and Avoid Imitation!!

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9 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    this indian guy is a real douchebag imo!!

    prolly same guy in the "how can she slap" youtube video



  2. Anonymous  

    My name is dwi maihut.
    U know I have same problem with u, and other real blogger also same problem with us.. I really hate copycate, cause they full copied my blog such as the words, widget, my idea, until my ordinary words above comment form they copied! Real idiot, right?
    U can disable copy text on your blog with javascript, I do it on my blog, and it works to decrease plagiator

  3. Ruhul Amin  

    Huseyin how are you? i work with u..

  4. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    hi dwi maihut,

    i thought about disabling copying text from this blog, but since all my download links are not clickable, my visitors have to copy download links to their adress bar.

  5. Anonymous  

    No no no...! No like that..
    It just disable all activities for copy text on a blog.. Visitor can't blocking text for copying text! Just it! U can search from google.
    I think what u say is disabled right-click or left-click so visitor can't do anything except reading (well it so screaming). I just give u a suggest.. Good luck with your blog, the copycat's post so interest me to coming here, u showing his pic.. wkwkwk

  6. Anonymous  

    immediatly delete this pic and post or u not delete i hack ur site and delete this site be careful...i warning next 24 hours bye...Binpda

  7. Shidi  

    what the hell..
    copycat like him won't go further..
    there's no need to worry about,
    we only support the original author =)
    copycats are SHIT!

  8. Teenagers Kill Legal  

    I support u ...

  9. Anonymous  

    yeah yeah... Indon is copycat country.. So many copycat there..

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