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Hacking S60V3

Here is the best way ever to crack your s60v3 without using PC ,just follow these simple steps :
NOTE : ( tested on N96, N95 8gb, N95, N81 8gb, N81 ,N73Music )

First of all go to your phone app.manager;

Change [ software installation ] to all

Now you must install ( X-plore ) file explorer ,if you already have it skip this step ,if you don't here it is :

X-plore 1.22.rar
NOTE : ( After cracking your system you can unlock
X-plore with 39387 )

Second install these applications to crack your system :

2-Drakkarious 3.01 FP1,FP2 & PreFP1

You will find them inside :
Crack s60v3.rar
rar pass : huseyin

while installing Drakkarious you will get this message :

See Mobile Phone List FP1 FP2 PreFP1

After installing the previous you will get four apps :

Now close any application running
Run X-plore
0(zero) to open configuration and mark :
1-show hidden files
2-show hidden system files/folders

exit configuration
open C: path by pressing right

send X-plore to background
go to CapsOFF and run it
Note : its ok if nothing happen after you run CapsOFF

go to
Hellocarbide and run it
options then chose menu 1
you will get this message chose

Exit Hellocarbide
return to X-plore you will see file named :
hack.rar ) in c: path
open it and then mark the 2 files inside
4 to copy the files
chose (
c:\sys\bin ) folder as destination
reboot ( restart your phone )

Now go to SecMan
chose [
Install root certificate ]
close SecMan

Congratulations!! Your Mobile Phone is hacked and you can install all of the applications here.

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351 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous  

    working 100%

  2. Anonymous  

    and if i want to dehack my phone how can i do it?
    and ant step where :while installing Drakkarious you will get this message : fp1 , fp2 , prefp. I have n95 8gb what i must chose? fp1 and fp2?

  3. Anonymous  

    im trying...

  4. Anonymous  

    its not eorking

  5. Anonymous  

    if i do something wrong , my phone will brake?

  6. Anonymous  

    anyone tried this on n85? cuz i wanna know b4 buying it if it works

  7. Anonymous  

    what is the password for "Crack s60v3.rar"?

  8. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    sorry!! forgot to say, rar pass is huseyin

  9. Anonymous  

    you don't need caps on/off and hellocarbide!
    in secman application you have turn off platform security. After that c:\sys and other system directorys are avaliable in all applications. Then you just copy 2 files into sys folder.
    tested on n73

  10. Anonymous  

    can i dehack my phone after this? and where can i check if it worked to hack it?

  11. Anonymous  

    hay i want to del. this Drakkarious 3.01 FP1,FP2 & PreFP1 when i del from the app.manger tell unable to removeeeeeeee

  12. Anonymous  

    thanx ya man u dertroy many thing too me coz ur application:@

  13. Anonymous  

    I have to do this,if i lant to play the n-gage games?

  14. Anono  

    Alright, so you showed us how to crack the phone.. but from someone new to the n95, WHY would we want to crack it? What goodies are now unlocked because we've cracked the phone??

  15. Anonymous  

    I have tried and almost success. I wanted to ask the method copy file to C:\sys\Bin because in my mobile phone in the folder sys did not have the folder bin. I more the folder to sys not success. requested his help

  16. Anonymous  

    ei, i did all ur procedure correct but when the part that i open the secman app. it does not workit wont open, thnks...

  17. Anonymous  

    Did i have to hack my phone,if i want to play n-gage2.0 games?

  18. Anonymous  

    on N96 is not working ... (as I expect)
    So, stick it to your a,,

  19. Anonymous  

    pls help when i instal app trk program in the he stoped and say can't instal

  20. Anonymous  

    @ Anono :
    If u 'hack' your phone, u can install everything found on the internet for your phone, so you can test if it works well on your phone.
    If u don't hack it, u can buy every program found on the internet for your phone, so u can test if it works..
    My phone is like the first option for 6 months now and it works much better then before the hack, tnx to all the soft/games i can test from this & other blogs.

  21. Anonymous  

    This definately doesn't work on the N96 so how can you possibly state at the top of the guide that it has been tested!

  22. manutdaa88  

    for all who have n95 8gb & n82 & n81 i tried this way on these phones and it works 100%
    but be carfull in doing it and follow it step by step

    huseyin is the man & binpda is the best

  23. Anonymous  

    can you install .blz files??

  24. imaginationer  

    is there a way to let N81 to install blz files?

  25. Anonymous  

    as far as i know blz format is for old n-gage games. You can extract files from it with blzextractor and then copy them into system folder, but that doesn't mean the application would work on s60v3 device, because of incompatible format of executable file and some other thingies...

  26. Anonymous  

    err...do anybody tested it on n79?

  27. Gene Lee  

    okok...i tried installing it in N85 but it still cant work because drakkarious doesnt have N85 so i tried putting FP1 because i assume that N96 is almost the same like N85 but when i tried opening hellocarbide...there is an option but when i click menu1 it just auto exit hellocarbide the hack.rar file appear at X-plore but I couldnt copy the two files into C:/SYS/BIN...so is there anyway i could hack an N85 phone?? Please help..

  28. Anonymous  

    can we install sony erision themes by hacking

  29. Anonymous  

    will this benefit the downloading of N-gage v2.0 games from this site???

  30. Anonymous  

    please help me...cant hack my N96...when i go to the hello carbide,and choose the menu1,the program closed by it self...and the C folder can't be seen...

  31. Anonymous  

    I'm an n81 8gb user with the latest firmware 21.0.008
    Since the latest firmware update my phone is unhackable.
    The steps above are for firmwares with older versions.
    If you have the latest firmware i doubt you can hack your phone.
    What we need is something better than hellocarbide.
    Or a new version of hellocarbide that can bypass all the security measures of the new firmware.
    Sadly, no one still has the answer.
    So, you want to hack your fone?
    Do not update your firmware. Sadly, all upcoming s60v3 fones will definitely have the same security platform.
    Please someone create a miracle.

  32. Anonymous  

    yep...unfortunately i have the same problem..i updated my N81 8GB firmware to the latest version.. 21.0.008 and none of the hack methods are working..BIG MISTAKE.. what can we do? those who have this new firmware.. :(( ???

  33. Anonymous  

    my phone is hacked. but still unable to install app TRK.when it reaches 2 half saying unable to install.PLZ HELP.......

  34. Anonymous  

    i have many problems!! i cant copy those 2 files on c:\sys\bin

    and i cant open secman
    and i cant open capsOFF WHAT IS WRONG i follow that text!!
    and i have Nokia N95

  35. Anonymous  

    it dosn't work with my n81 8gb v21.0.008

  36. Anonymous  

    help i can't find c:\sys\bin

  37. Anonymous  

    on my n96 i cant paste the 2 files on sys/bin

  38. Melih  

    what about N85?

  39. Anonymous  

    does it work on nokia n 79 which is newly released.Please reply.

  40. dk206  


    N80 IE

    ANY HELP/TIPS huseyin???

    (its becus the N80 has a larger resolution....)
    any fixes??

  41. Anonymous  

    IT WORKS on n958GB!!!
    Thx very much

  42. Anonymous  

    will the n gage applicatin work after hacking my n73 music edition

  43. Anonymous  

    something wrong?
    after install secman n patch in my 5320XM
    the game can't be installed
    help me....

  44. Danilo Bests  

    It's perfect. This tutorial is functional! Very thanks dear blogger friend.

  45. Anonymous  

    I import hack software in my phone now my pc suite & data cable not connect in my phone...And when i restore my phone its connect to cable but few minit later its not connect pc suit and also data cable...Now i fece big problem...Please Raju Bhai help me
    Phone...n81 8gb
    My name is Bappy
    email najmulbappy@yahoo.com

  46. Anonymous  

    so..this tut will not work on 5320xm right?

  47. Anonymous  

    i have 5320XM and after googling, i found that this hack only works for firmware 3.08 or below, and can NOT be hacked starting version 3.26.
    I'm remember my version is 3.08 but yesterday I just update it to 4.13 because I want to install Nokia Messanging (push mail). The push mail works fine, but if i saw this tutorial before, i won't update it.
    I want my old firmware back... or i hope someone working on the hack so it can work for this firmware.

  48. Whatever  

    heelooow.... Hüseyin KELEŞ
    can it cause a trouble for my phone??

  49. Anonymous  

    n79 is not working

  50. lanankz  

    please help me.
    i have n95 8gb fw 31.0.015
    how to crack this? please reply to my email at
    thank you very much.

  51. Anonymous  

    plz help me to crack N95 8GB Fw 31.0.015

  52. Anonymous  

    hey i want to dehack my phone pls tell me how coz i cant install any thing evrytime i try it shows file corrupted n m unable to install drakkarius

  53. Anonymous  

    friends this hack is not better becz after doing this still u r unable to install illusion files

  54. Anonymous  

    "tested on N96"

    No. Does not work on N96 at all. You can install X-plore and crack apps and create hack file but cant copy to SYS folder. And It seems BINPDA SecMan doesnt work too.

    Any workarounds?

  55. Anonymous  

    OMG my phone did some stupid things it saw all the .sis .sisx files as corrupted invalid etc. and i couldnt install anything else on an n73 me. dont do it

  56. Anonymous  

    NO sys/bin found and secman din work on N96

  57. Anonymous  

    N96 NO work pls help same problem no sys/bin found and secman no work at all HELP

  58. Anonymous  

    i just tied this on my n95. works like a charm. i loveyou so much right now. n95 users at least u have to try this out. THANKYOU so much

  59. Anonymous  

    I am having N81 of version 20.0.056. i did thw complete procedure and it was complete without errors . But when i install TRK and ngage 2 there are errors..Please hep. I had taken N81 for gaming...please help..please

  60. Anonymous  

    oh yeah.. it's successful.. thanks binPDa

  61. Anonymous  

    nooo dosent work noooo,,, my mobile phone is nokia n95 8gb plz help me how unhack,,, i cant deleted files and install files help me plz

  62. Anonymous  

    dosent work at nokia n95 8gb

  63. Anonymous  

    not workin on my n73..can i unhack it?? the ngage application says installed in app manager but its not on my phone

  64. RIPPER  

    I've hacked my N96 but this way doesn't work.

  65. Mustafa  

    Yo man, we feel very sorry to upgrade our firmware devices (especially for us; N81 users), I've tried this method but I think it does not work for my firmware version (21.0.010), so we really want u guys to work on these new updates and beat Nokia up, guys u r up to it, and we trust u...keep ur work 'till u find something...

  66. Anonymous  

    my phone is 5320
    and i cant install secman
    it said it cant find the metro rtk

  67. Anonymous  

    while installin Drakkarious i gett a error that is'update errror' now what im i supposed 2 do ...i hav a nokia n81

  68. Anonymous  

    merhabe huseyin yav ben telefonu guncelestirdim V31.0.015 yukledim... simdi Hellocarbide aciyorum Menu1 seciyom program kendiliginden kapaniyo... RomPatcher denedim onude tele yuklemiyor bi yardim etsen...

  69. Anonymous  

    Does this work with Nokia 6210 Navigator phones, and if it does can i "unhack" should i change my mind? if it doesn't work is there any way i can make the games on this site work?

  70. Anonymous  

    Worked perfectly N73 ME with the latest firmware (updated it 7/3/2009

  71. Anonymous  

    Dont work 100% on new firmware for N95

  72. Anonymous  

    it doesnt work on n95 8GB with latest firmware is there a....

    does anyone know another solution????

  73. Anonymous  

    I have an N81 8GB v21.0.010
    I'm able to hack my phone and install all N-Gage
    Games I like. The method I used works with all pre-FP1 and FP1 phones. FP2 phones has a new version of installserver.exe but still under a lot of improvements. If you want your phone hacked google it. Look for a file Hello0X ver. 1.03 or 1.04. It's a one step hacking procedure. One thing though you will need to sign it with your own devcert (with 17 capabilities). If you manage to find the correct Raju has a link there where you can request for your devcert by posting your name and IMEI. Hope this will help most of you Guys. Am very thankful I found that site. You can email me as well... cabrera.markanthony@gmail.com

  74. RIPPER  

    Huseyin, if you want I can tell you how to hack a N96, and you can show people. Reply back and I'll tell you.

  75. Anonymous  

    i have n 81 and my phone is hacked. but still unable to install app TRK.When it reaches 2 half it stop 4 a few seconds and say unable to install. I think this is the final step to play n gage games so plz HELP!


  76. Anonymous  

    i have try, but aplication secman does not work in my 5320XM, please help...

  77. Anonymous  

    if u konw how to hack n96 y dont u share with us???

  78. Anonymous  

    its working on nokia 5320 xpressmusic ???

  79. Anonymous  

    hi. ineed some help please when i try to past cprofdriver_sisx.ldd and installserver.exe in c:\sys\bin it says that "can't open file:c:\sys\cprofdriver_sisx.ldd please help me

  80. RIPPER  

    I tried sending a message with the links to download the file, but it doesn't let me.

  81. ukky  

    why i cant install ngage games with .exe ?

  82. Anonymous  

    hi, i have a problem there is no c:\sys\bin

    just sys folder ??
    please help. thanks

  83. Anonymous  

    bro it is not working on N82

  84. Anonymous  

    guzel kardes bu N95 8GB en guncel versiyonu olan v31.0.015 (RM-320)hack lamanin bir yolu yordami yokmu bi yardim et...

  85. Anonymous  

    Please..Do you have any crack to N85?

  86. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    bu yöntemi denedinmi hocam? olmuyorsa yakında yeni bi hackleme yöntemi daha açıklıcam, onunla yaparsın, bu aralar yazarım heralde, sık sık kontrol et ;)

  87. Anonymous  

    when i am trying to install fifa 09.m getting a message of unable 2 install

  88. Anonymous  

    het plz help me.i am not able to install s 60 v3 application after cracking.it says file corrupted to all applications.plz help

  89. Ruben  

    After hacking my phone sucessfuly what apps can i remove that i instaled to hack?^^

  90. Andrey  

    today trying install this on N80.
    Not working totally. after doing all steps, any package that i wish to install(via PCSuite), says (on mobile phone) "File Corrupted".
    After this i cant install any soft... only if delete 2 files copied from hack.rar to /sys/bin
    But after that "Wrong certificate"...
    Not working for me totally :((

  91. Anonymous  

    Not working in N 5320 XM

  92. Anonymous  

    my nokia n81 new vrsion v21.0.010 yar a hack nahi horaha to plz.plz.plz yar koi achi trick batado ?
    plz. help me

  93. Anonymous  

    So does anyone know if this would work on a T-Mobile Shadow?

  94. Anonymous  

    this hack work on n81 new firmware 21.0.010??

  95. Anonymous  

    this crack work on n81 fw: 21.0.010?

  96. Anonymous  

    i got an n91 and i downloaded the x-plorer and when i went to open the drakkarious it says expired certificate. a lil help please i really wanna do this thing

  97. spyrakosa  

    not working on N95-8GB firmware v31.0.015......

  98. Anonymous  

    can you send video
    i have n95 8gig
    my kk102@inbox.lv

  99. Anonymous  

    cant work on N85 ? someone teach me ?

  100. kae  

    how about N85..pls teach me..

  101. Anonymous  

    i have a N78 and i hacked it once with this method.before that all my app. were working allright but after hacking, my x-plore wouldnt work anymore. and i cant install or remove any sis files on my phone.

  102. Anonymous  

    not working on h85 8 gb

  103. Anonymous  

    n85 pls. motco2004@yahoo.com

  104. Anonymous  

    hello help me please i installed secman but is not working when i try to launch it just one wondows open and it's write "secman installer welcome to the installation of .... the process take some time." and so finally noting change and i can't install root certificate. please HELP !

  105. arun  

    hey...thnx a lot for this whole hack thing. worked perfectly on my 5320 xpressmusic. however, all games i installed still say trial in the ngage games menu. why is that?

  106. Anonymous  

    i can't find the sys/bin location. sys doesn't have any folders and i can't create a folder either. my n95 runs on firmware v31.0.017. also when i open hellocarbide and i click menu one, it just shuts down, i don't have to click 'yes' naywhere, (and I think because of this) secman doesn't work (the next step in the tutorial). are you guys working on a new hack for newer firmware?
    thanks in advance!

  107. sAnAiL  

    ripper can you share the hacking process of n96 with us...

  108. Anonymous  

    it work on my 5320... cool man.... walau a... sudah berjaya 成功

  109. moChi  

    on e71, why can't i open secman?

    and why can't i open c:\sys\bin after i click menu1 on hello carbide?

  110. Anonymous  

    i am trying to hack a n85...when instaling the Drakkarious i have both selected but nothing happens??? how can i make it work??? please if someone has an n85 and has done it reply... thanks!

  111. Anonymous  

    guys.. does this hack work on the n82 with v30 or v31 firmware?

    has anybody tried??

  112. Anonymous  

    Hi, could u pls tell me how to run Hellocarbide, beacuse everytime i go to option n select Menu1 while running X-plore in back ground nothing happen infact the Hellocarbide gets terminated. I am using Nokia 5320 with 4.13 software version. please please tell me...
    Thanks & regards.

  113. =art=  

    gud day... just asking why i cant acess the c:/sys/bin... i'm getting error copying the 2 files to that folder... hope you can help me... thanks....

  114. Anonymous  

    i can't find the c:/Sys/bin on my 5320 XM and the secman app even if i have installed it. and i opened it, it is still saying to install the app..what shall i do?

  115. Anonymous  

    All good till i had to copy those 2 files in C:\sys\bin. I don't have a bin folder there... Can someone help me please?

    I have Nokia E71.

  116. Anonymous  

    How can we now remove capps on,capps off,HelloCarbide...I cant remove it??

  117. Anonymous  

    How can we remove Hellocarbide??

  118. Anonymous  

    hey can i dehack my cell because i try opening my other games and i had no reponse...HELP ME!!!!

  119. Anonymous  

    ok ..so whats the advatage of hacking my phone? i mean right now i got a lot of cracked games and apps and its not hacked so if a hackit whats it gona be able to do?

  120. Anonymous  

    I tried everything I mean every bit of this thing but still Why am I not able to play full games on n-gage 2.0. I have N78 Please help me

  121. Anonymous  

    LOL to all the people who are complaining it doesnt work, or that the files and creators are bad at what they have done,

    the instructions are simple, its just you who cant follow them, along with all the other idiots.

    learn how to use a computer first before messing around with your phone, which the N series pretty much behave like a computer.

    LOL AT YOU.. I done this to my N95 8GB. got everything working fine, straight away, NOO PROBLEM!!!!


  122. Anonymous  

    idiot No 121...
    You have old firmware, and you can install this. It doesn't work on latest firmware

  123. LEXEN  

    i have nokia n95. i install the secman application, and when i run it , it says " welcome to the instalation of BLA BLA BLA press ok to continue instalation"
    and when i press ok the app closes and that's all....what can / should i do? PLS HELP ME!

  124. Anonymous  

    i cant create c:\sys\bin folder on my 5320XM...
    Anyone who had already done this on 5320 please guide me..thanx

  125. Anonymous  

    Hello ive just got to the final step of the installation and when i go to open secman. It doesnt open? Please help me. Ive got an N96 by the way.

  126. Anonymous  

    i have nokia n95 v31.0.017 when i am opening Hellocarbide and chosing option then menu1 after chosing menu1 Hellocarbide is despired

  127. ehlski  

    where is the download link???? can u pls post it.... thx

  128. Anonymous  

    Thank you Huseyin for your job.
    I have a N96 and I can not find the folder c:/sys/bin
    even it is not able to create it.
    Please answer, thank you. Greetz from Italy.

  129. lanankz  

    this not work on N95 8GB firmware version 31.0.015.. plz help me to hack this version...

  130. tamboy  

    i have n95 8gb v.31 too and this just wont work. have the same problem with HelloCarbide, it just went off after choosing menu1. and i cant copy those 2 files to c:sys. i hope someone will find a solution soon. thanks in advance

  131. arief_sama@yahoo.com  

    why my phone cant install the applications or games to my phone {n81 2gb} and my phone say "file is error" why??????????????

  132. Anonymous  

    Same as tamboy here, with my n96 16GB... Any help please??

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  134. Anonymous  

    can i hack my nokia 5800 xm with this software????

  135. RIPPER  

    Huseyin, give me your e-mail address so I can show you how to hack N96. I need to send links but this message doesn't allow me to.

  136. Hüseyin KELEŞ  


    i can not write my email adress here, because all of the visitors will se my email, please write as comment, i can see all the comments, so i will write a new post about your hacking method.

  137. Anonymous  

    i have a n82 v30 there is no folder as "bin" in c\:sys it is empty i can't even create such a folder what is the problem please help me

  138. Opadoopaya  

    can't hack N81 with the latest firmware.. 21.0.010 ...

  139. Anonymous  

    tnx. after hack can i uninstall those apps?! p.s. quick office 6.0 aint working, needs to be regged!

  140. Anonymous  

    this doesn't work with the new firmware anymore... does anyone know how to hack the new one? thx in advance!

  141. RIPPER  

    OK, first thing to download takes 24 hours. It's a software to sign certificates.


    You need to type in your IMEI number and the verification code. Then wait 24 hours and do this again. Press enter and some chinese page comes up. You need to click one of the links to download it. Then download this link:


    Afterwards follow these steps.

    1)Sign and install "Map Drives corrected the bug by TEAMXENA1997" into mass memory, but dont launch it

    2)Sign and install "HELLoOX.1.0.2 BY BUGS-OPDA completely corrected by TEAMXENA1997 "into mass memory

    3)Go to the icon of hellOX 1.02 and launch it to begin installation.

    4)At this moment the phone is hacked

  142. Hüseyin KELEŞ  

    @RIPPER: thanx man! i got it, tomorrow i will write a new post about this hacking method, thanx for your supports!!


    not working with n79

  144. Anonymous  

    hey, i follow this method and it work for my Nokia N95. When i follow this method for nokia N81, it not work. When i open Hellocarbide and chose menu 1 and i can't see message 'yes'. I also don't see c/sys/bin. it make me difficult to copy hack file to c/sys/bin. In Secman is also not work. After open it, i can't see any option. just appear 'secman installer...' I want to help to solve this problem.

  145. Anonymous  

    i can't copy those 2 files to the c:/sys/bin
    can't find the folder...

    help me

  146. Anonymous  

    Hello,I'm trying to hack my N95 8G and I need help."send X-plore to background
    go to CapsOFF and run it
    Note : its ok if nothing happen after you run CapsOFF
    go to Hellocarbide and run it
    press options then chose menu 1
    you will get this message chose yes"I'm at this step now,i press CapsOFF nothing hapend,I opened Hellocarbide and pressed options -menu 1 and the application shuts down ,I don't see the 'yes'...when i was trying to copy the 2 files to the c:sys It telling me "can't open file:C:\SYS\CProfDriver_SISX.ldd" and when i try to open the SecMan application I see the welcome screen and pres OK and the application just shut down...can you please help me

  147. Anonymous  

    huseyin, when does the Update concerning the hacking-method of RIPPER come? I am desperately waiting for it because i got an N96 today.
    Thanks for your work! On my (now stolen) N95 8gb it worked without problem :)

  148. stupiak  

    is it working on n79?

  149. Anonymous  

    Just read some posts above dude!
    Obviously it doesnt work.

  150. RIPPER  

    No problem, just returning the favour of all the applications you have here.

  151. daniel.acad@gmail.com  

    huseyin, just wanted to give you some strength from Portugal, also waiting for the miracle cure and hack my n82 with 31.0.016 ver. installed. I have high hopes, thankx for all you have done towards this great community...


  152. Anonymous  

    hey i cant seem to find the file c:\sys\bin on my N81(v21.0.010) am i doing something wrong plz help me out

  153. Anonymous  

    i have n95-1 my firmware v30.0.015
    the patch is not working on ny n95

    hellocarbide is not opened

    help me..

  154. Anonymous  


  155. amerr  

    my phone unable to install Drakkarious 3.01 FP1,FP2 & PreFP1. i choose FP1, but still can't.
    what should i do..

  156. Anonymous  

    hi i have n91 4gb...will this app ngage 2.o work on my fone?coz i want to play ngage games........reply me plz plz

  157. Anonymous  

    im a n5700 user....could my phone use this??

  158. Anonymous  

    why my phone doesnt support ngage 2?
    im n5700 user...plz help me...i cant play n-gage game

  159. Anonymous  

    can you hack n95 with the latest firmware v31.0.017?

  160. argotera  

    hi, thanx first of all. i have a nokia 6110 navigator with formware 6.01 that seems to be compiled on sempt of 08. I followed your instructions exactly, after i did a fresh reset of my mobile, but when it gets to the part of opening the Hellocarbide, when i try to select the menu1 it doesn't ask for confirmation and the application closes immediately (crash?). If i try the next step and try to copy the 2 files. it gives me an error "cannot open c:\sys\cprofdriver_sisx.Idd"

    can you help me? thanx for your time anyway

  161. overloaduk  

    NOT WORKIN ON N85 :(

  162. daniel.acad@gmail.com  

    hi guys, just stopping by to let u know i already hacked my n82 with latest firmware 31.0.016. Has to be with HelloOX signed, just got the "certificate" and "key" from OPDA forums and signed the HelloOX file, transfered the file to my cell and just ran the application. Works like a charm :)


  163. Anonymous  

    after i press menu1 it just closes the program doesn't ask anything

  164. Anonymous  


  165. Paul  

    While installing Drakkarious, halfway through the installation, it says "installation failed" and just stops. I have a N95 8Gb with latest firmware, any ideas?

  166. Anonymous  

    Can you hack the NOKIA 5800 Express Music? By any of the two solutions posted by huseyin or ripper???

  167. Anonymous  

    not work n96

  168. sunny  

    HUSEYIN pls. help me out

    I have n95 8gb v10.0.021.......i hacked it using your method and it was successful

    Bt few days ago i went out of station and my (annoying) little brother messed it all up for me

    He set some kind of password for x-plore and uninstalled secman and he just selected all the options present in hellocarbide

    Now im in a mess...............all i want to do is to de-hack my phone and hack it again.But i cannot uninstall any of the drakkarious apps and also x-plore


    pls get me out of this mess................thnxx

  169. Intisar Reza  

    sry guys i tried my best. it workd on n95 8gb with firmwere but now after updating it to i canot hack it. there is just no destination like sys\bin .moreover when starting hellocarbide & choose menu 1 i dont get any confirmation msg(yes or no) plz help. my applications r crying.:((:((:((

  170. jeffrey H  

    same problem as Intisar Reza on my phone 6210 navigator.

  171. SHYJAL  

    i cannot install x-plore 122.rar in N95 8gb phones

    can any body pls tell weather it willl work or not in N95 8gb phones ?

    If yes any body can explain briefly
    ;;;;;thank you ;;;;;

  172. Anonymous  

    i'm access sys\bin already but can't install trk app, when trk install a haft it says: unable install...

  173. nik  

    how to hack n81 v21.0.010..........plzz tell me

  174. Anonymous  

    it looks like it only works for the older versions..... the new versions are like not yet hack vulnerable...... for now this is useleess to updated firmwares

  175. Anonymous  

    mother fucker what the hell its not running properly

  176. Anonymous  

    Not working on new nokia n95 8Gb software(

  177. Anonymous  

    Ripper, is that site that issue the certs the only one available? I have gone and went back 24 hours later but don't find a download link anywhere after submitting my serial nr...

  178. RIPPER  

    After you enter your code, you type in the word in the box. After a new window should open.

  179. sarjana  

    my nokia n81 was update to leates version..
    so how can't i crecked my devices?

  180. Anonymous  

    Is E71 FP2?

  181. ajirogo  

    I can't open folder c:\sys\bin. I use X-Plore v 1.32. So help me.....................

  182. midnightcasinova  

    Its not working for my N96.....almost nothing is here for n96 unless you hack it...which seems to be impossible...anyone do get a chance to hack n96,please do leave a comment about it...so otherz can hack this fucking device to..tc

  183. midnightcasinova  


  184. Anonymous  

    style the same pb with the n96 please help !!!!

  185. Brett  

    I followed instructions above, and i think everything worked, and I was able to install the root certificate in Secman.

    I've tried to install a few different applications and each one didn't work and said either:

    certificate error. Contact the application supplier


    unable to install a protected application from an untrustworthy supplier.

    I know you get a lot of questions and comments, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

  186. Anonymous  

    where is it , coz sys doesn't have any subfolders.

  187. Anonymous  

    I did it all correctly on my E51 and i can't install/uninstall anything. Could you please tell me how to de-hack my phone?
    pls help me: ricards.ekers@gmail.com

  188. Anonymous  

    huseyin help i can't find c:\sys\bin
    when i try to past cprofdriver_sisx.ldd and installserver.exe in c:\sys\bin it says that "can't open file:c:\sys\cprofdriver_sisx.ldd please help me huseyin
    on my nokia 5320 xpress music..

  189. Dogla12  

    still waiting for this need hacking method..its taking so long 2 come !!!!

  190. Anonymous  

    can i hack n79 v 21 firmware???
    this meethod is not working,,,
    Plz Don't say untried methods

  191. Anonymous  

    I have a nokia n96with the software version of 11.018, can i hack this as the sys is always locked :S can anyone help me

  192. NITIN  

    HELP....hey im using 5320xp .....when i am installing it says please be patient and goes off ..and in hello carbide menu 1 doesnt give me any message...ny solution..HELP

  193. Anonymous  

    hello! can i use this hack for my n82, the version is v20.0.62. pls help!!!!

  194. gayan2009  

    this method is not working on the latest firmwares for n81 (including the 8gb version) tested it and the secman wont open up and the hellocarbide software exits it self after choosing menu one , please help us thankyou in advance .

  195. ┌ ŴăQ㧠┐  

    for God sake " HELP ME " pleaseeeee

    i have done the whole process with me Nokia 3250 completly but when i try to install any unsignes file it says " File Corrupted " also when i try to remove any program it says " Removing Failed "
    What the hell is happening with me :@:@:@
    RIPPER or HUSYIEN can u help me guys?

  196. Shubh  

    Hi Huseyin!Thanks for the great games!
    I have N81 with Software 21.0.010 & i cant hack my phone with Drakkarious or HelloOx!
    When i install ngage games cracked by BiNPDA,it says file is corrupt & when i install trials from official ngage site,they get installed!
    I cant play Ngage except trials!!! :(
    Any idea about this problem anyone??????

  197. Anonymous  

    I can't find c:\sys\bin
    please help me


  198. Anonymous  

    thank you so much for upload all great games!

  199. bruse  

    Please help not working on my N79

  200. bruse  

    Please help on my N79
    not working

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