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Worms World Party N-Gage 2.0 - User Guide

This is the user guide for Worms World Party - N-Gage 2.0 Game. If you havent downloaded the game yet, you can download it and continue to reading the rest of guide.

  • Overview
  • Game Modes
  • Quick Game
  • Custom Game
  • Single-Player
  • Multiplayer
  • Controls
  • Available Weapons and Tools
  • Point Pickups
Worms World Party is a turn-based strategy game featuring up to four teams of Worms battling for control of randomly generated landscapes or custom levels. Each team is made up of four Worms, each of whom is equipped with an assortment of up to 33 weapons and tools. Some of these weapons will be limited, while others will carry infinite amounts of ammo. Crates of random weapons are dropped into the level from time to time. Collecting these will increase the amount of ammo a team has for that specific weapon. Each team will take turns to pick off the enemy. A turn has a limit of 45 seconds. Within this time frame, the Worms will be able to move and then use one of their weapons to harm the enemy. Worms die when they lose all of their energy or they drown in the murky depths. The winning team is the one that manages to survive all of the mayhem and have at least one Worm left standing victorious.

Game Modes

Quick Game
The Quick Game mode will take the player instantly into a battle featuring the player and one AI team. The landscape terrain and Worm placement will be randomly generated as will the landscape’s graphical theme. The player will have access to all but the rarest of weapons (such as the Donkey, Homing Pigeon, Old Woman, and Ming Vase).

Custom Game
The Custom Game option allows players to tailor the game settings exactly how they want them. This option gives the player control over the following:
• Water level
• Terrain graphics theme
• Level terrain (either cave or open landscape)
• Random objects (mines/barrels)
• Bridge probability
• Object probability
• Difficulty scheme
• Game settings
• Weapon settings

The player may also choose to fight against up to four human players (indicated by Worm heads next to the team names), or four AI players (indicated by numbers next to the team names), or any combination of these.

The single-player game can be played through either Quick Game or Custom Game modes. This
features the player playing against a number of AI teams in a battle for the level.

Worms World Party supports both Hot Seat multiplayer on the device with up to four people, or online multiplayer through N-Gage Arena with up to four players. The multiplayer game works the same as the single-player campaign with Worms fighting to become the last remaining team.

• Controller Key: Move Worm
• Gaming Key A or Key 5: Fire/Select items
• Gaming Key B or Key 0: Jump/Alternate fire
• Left Selection Key: Pause/Options
• Right Selection Key: Action menu

Available Weapons and Tools
The following is a list of Weapons and Tools that are available to the player in the game

• Bazooka
• Homing Missile
• Mortar
• Grenade
• Cluster Bomb
• Banana Bomb
• Dynamite
• Air Strike
• Shotgun
• Uzi
• Fire Punch
• Holy Grenade
• Donkey
• Mine Strike
• Homing Pigeon
• Old Woman
• Dragon Ball
• Mine
• Sheep
• Super Sheep
• Kamikaze
• Baseball Bat
• Ming Vase
• Prod
• Blow Torch
• Ninja Rope
• Girder
• Jet Pack
• Teleport
• Skip Go
• Surrender
• Pneumatic Drill
• Parachute

Point Pickups
Worms World Party has the following six Point Pickup features:
• Quicky: Win a quick game
• All Worms Standing: Win a quick game with all your Worms still alive
• Flawless Victory: Win a quick game where all your Worms keep full health
• Double Kill: Kill two Worms with one shot
• Triple Kill: Kill three Worms with one shot
• Go Online: Play an online game

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